Craps for the Low-Roller Beginner

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Craps – if you don’t know the odds, the bets, the terminology, which bets go where and which bets stay longer than one roll, it can be very intimidating- even if it always seems that the craps table is having the most fun.  What you need is two great guys and craps players to help you through it. You need “Craps for the Low-Roller Beginner.”

The Craps table can be a very confusing place to the beginner!

The Craps table can be a very confusing place to the beginner!

Thanks to Mark & Dr. Mike, from one my favorite podcasts, “You Can Bet On That,” I now can enjoy craps (low-roller craps, that is).  They were great teachers.  I strongly suggest their podcast “You Can Bet On That” – a podcast for the Recreational Gambler.  See my previous post about them here.

A little known e-book, a free PDF file by Todd Gades, is a great resource. He describes himself as “….not a professional gambler and does not claim to make a living from playing craps.”  He hopes to simplify the game as well as provide techniques for playing craps smartly so that anyone can play the game and have a good shot at coming out ahead.”  His e-book is called “HOW A MATH NERD PLAYS CRAPS” and is a great overview. And now for the main presentation, Craps for the Low-Roller Beginner.

The Presentation – Craps for the Low-Roller Beginner

I will set it up as a 2-level strategy.  First, Level 1 is what to do and what happens on a one-roll game.  Next, Level 2 is what to do if the game continues after the “come-out roll.

Level 1:

Bet minimum bet (hopefully $5) on the pass line. You’re actually betting that the shooter will  win with a 7 or 11. The “come out” roll is the first roll by the shooter .

Craps Table

First bet is Pass Line.

Step 1A – If a 7 or 11 is rolled, you win at 1:1 (even money).  You bet $5, made an additional $5. The same shooter now starts a new game.  Repeat Step 1A

SEVEN On the first roll is good, you win. But any seven on the roll after that is bad.  It’s a seven-out, you Lose!

Step 1B – If 2,3, or 12 is rolled, it’s “Craps” – you lose your $5 bet, and we start another game with the next shooter. Again, repeat Step 1A

The Point

The “4” becomes The Point from the shooters first roll. Note the white “puck” sitting on the number 4.

The POINT – Craps for the Low-Roller Beginner

Result 1C – If a 4,5,6,8,9,or 10 is rolled, things get interesting, or confusing, depending on the level of craps you play.  (But we’re still in the low-roller, beginning stage, so we’re hoping it goes from confusing, to interesting!)  The “point” is the next number rolled next if it’s a 4,5,6,8,9,10. The shooter’s goal is now to roll that same number again before he or she rolls a 7.

Result 1C continues as the shooter rolls.  New numbers can be established. The same shooter rolls until the point is rolled or a seven is rolled to start a new game. Now return to Step 1A.

True Odds

True Odds Bet goes behind your Pass line bet.

Level 2:

Your next bet actually includes two bets – odds on the point, and a come bet.

Step 2A – The Odds Bet. – This is the only bet in the entire casino which has 0.00% house edge – that’s right, no house edge!  So, you make this bet by putting more chips behind your pass line bet in the unmarked area of the felt. Just tell the dealer you want odds on the point, they’ll place it for you.

Here’s a neat rule for odds bets – if the point is an odd number, make the odds bet even.  The  casino sets the maximum odds that can be bet. It ranges from 2x to 10x your bet. If it’s an even number, make it and odd amount.  Odd is Even, Even is odd.  For example, if you’re betting a nickel ($5) on the point and the point is 5, or 9, bet $6 odds.  If it’s 4, 6, 8, or 10, bet another nickel ($5).

Another great thing about odds bets is you can also increase or decrease your odds at any time or even take them completely off the table.

Come Bets

Come Bets

Step 2B – Place a bet on the come.

Shooter rolls again.


Result 2A – If a 7 is rolled, you win that bet, but lose the point & the odds bet. Now go back to Step 1.  Time for a new game.

Result 2B – Whatever the point was (either 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10), if that number is rolled, you win the point. Here are the true odds for the POINT number:

You also win the ODDS bet, you know that additional bet behind the POINT?! The odds bet can be 2x, 3x, 10x – basically it’s up to the casino.

When the shooter throws a point or a seven-out, the whole process starts over again.

Conclusion – Craps for the Low-Roller Beginner

There, simple, right? I hope Craps for the Low-Roller Beginner has helped you jump into a craps game, maybe for the first time.

Well, at least it’s a little less confusing, and you can play without embarrassment. Just keep in mind that a “craps-friendly” buddy will enhance that initial experience.

If you’re lucky, you just might meet some new friends that will help.  Thanks Mark & Dr. Mike.


Casino City – A Wealth Of Casino Information

There is so much casino info on the internet to sort through. Today’s post reviews a website that I found 7 years ago when NETG first started. Today we review Casino City – A Wealth Of Casino Information.

Casino City has four main categories.

1) Casino & Gaming Directory is a global directory of over 6,500 casinos and other gaming properties. News on all the major casino meccas is featured. Las Vegas, Macau, Reno, Biloxi, Atlantic City, and of course New England. In addition to national coverage, the directory is global with the likes of Canada, Asia, and Europe.

2) Gaming Business Center – caters to those who work in the industry or who are interested in the casino business. The Casino City Press has gaming directories and almanacs. Explore gaming properties and their executives with the Gaming Directory Online service. It’s a ” Who’s Who” directory of gaming executives. It even includes over 14,137 Casino Vendors.

3) Internet Gaming Directory covers online gambling sites, ranked by popularity, as well as a directory of 5,180 online slots and our poker dictionary.


CasinoCity Times

4) CASINO CITY TIMES  gives you the hottest tips and best playing strategies for your favorite games. Thousands of articles from over 50 top gambling authors and experts are all new need for the best gambling advice. There is a great weekly e-newsletter you can sign up for. And it also includes a section they call “Gaming Gurus.” An all-star cast of gambling experts have numerous excellent articles covering everything any one would wonder about. Just think getting your questions answered by the likes of Frank Scoblete, John Gronchowski, John Robinson, Jerry Stickman & Henry Tamburin.

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John Grochowski - the Casino Answer Man

John Grochowski – the Casino Answer Man from Casino City Times

So, take a few minutes and check it out. The info at Casino City Times is a gaming info delight.

That’s all for now! Casino City is a Royal blast!


Advice From the OBLIVIOUS Gambler – The Snarky, Sarcastic Version.

VERY IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER – Advice From the OBLIVIOUS Gambler is a snarky, sarcastic parody concerning the rationalizing of habits by ignorant recreational gamblers. It’s BASICALLY MEANT FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT AND MY THERAPEUTIC RANTING.

Gamblers around me at the casino drive me crazy. This post includes snarky, sarcastic Advice From the OBLIVIOUS Gambler. At these times, I become a “cup-half-empty” kind of guy.The Dark Side rises and I just want choke them like Darth Vadar so they will stop talking.

The things  I hear at the casino really “crushes my quads!”  (Taking deep breath………) . Ok, i’m better now.

Recreational gamblers are often uninformed. Subsequently, better gambling strategies and advantage gambling tactics are not part of their gambling repertoire. As my mother-in-law used to say, “Whatever floats your boat.”

However, I can’t tell a lie. When I hear players spout off their lack of understanding, mired in their myths, it really “agitates my aces.”  (Taking another deep breath, uttering the mantra “embrace the math, not the myth; embrace the math……)

BACK TO Advice From the OBLIVIOUS Gambler

This post was inspired by Ryan Craggs who wrote an article for Yahoo Travel called “The 30 Worst Decisions You Can Make in a Casino.”

So, if  you care about playing longer, and  losing less you already understand the sarcasm.  For the most part, if  you want to give yourself the best chance at winning, then this article is for entertainment means only.  For me, it is more therapeutic.


What if you make those decisions because it doesn’t matter to you.  Not in a negative way, the reading and practice involved takes the fun out of it for you. Consequently, tier status or if you have a host isn’t enough of a concern. And Freebies? – they’re nice, but maybe you’re content with $10 free slot play. Maybe it’s all about socializing with your friends – going clubbing and paying $10 for a Bud Light.

So, here is my variation on Ryan Craggs article.  By the way, I mean no disrespect to his post.  Please read Ryan’s article and all those other articles about what not to do when you’re at the casino.

Advice From the OBLIVIOUS Gambler – The Snarky, Sarcastic Version.


Yes, remember anyone can just walk into a casino and win! Never mind that casino “house edge” that so many people talk about.  Some one’s got to win, and you have as good a chance as the next guy to have blind luck hit in your favor. Besides, I have a friend who’s cousin’s aunt’s nephew never loses in this casino.  NEVAH!  And he doesn’t even know how to (24)

THERE IS NO NEED TO TIP MY WAITRESS or DEALER. I work just as hard as they do!

I’m entitled to free drinks when I gamble.  That’s $1 more for my quarter Video Keno game. Hey, they get paid by the casino. I need to keep all my winnings.

KNOWING WHEN TO PLAY MAX BET at slots Isn’t  IMPORTANT.  Slots are all programmed anyway

I never play MAX BET. Getting that progressive jackpots is basically your time or not your time.  MAX BET is just their way of getting your money quicker. Besides, I just like the symbols on this slot. It’s entertainment, and it’s in a section that I can get free drinks easier. (See previous suggestion)th (25)

I don’t care if it’s 6:5, 5:6 or 867-5309 BACKJACK3:2, 6:5, what does it matter?  

Supposedly, I lose $3 on each blackjack, and increases the casino’s edge. Who cares, it’s about the camaraderie, the fun, the drinks, and the social atmosphere of beating the house……right? I play 6:5 BJ because it “really doesn’t matter.”

(NETG aside – WHILE ON THE TOPIC OF BLACKJACK…. NOT HITTING ON 16 (two 8’s) vs. DEALER’S 10, SPLITTING 10’s, and TAKING INSURANCE – you don’t really care about losing? How about giving the house even more edge. If the table is “hot,” bet on your gut-wrenched hunch. Remember it’s all about the camaraderie, the fun, the drinks, and the social atmosphere of beating the house……right?)

Playing with house money? I thought it was the Players?


When I hit once, or twice on whatever game i’m playing, I’m in a ZONE – I need to keep playing.  (NETG – Just a word of caution from Mr. Craggs, “There are roughly over 1,500 casinos in the U.S. alone. They’re proven moneymakers. Sure, you can win money, but if you play long enough, you won’t.”)  Hey, if I in the ZONE, and I’m ahead, I’m playing with the casino’s money.  It’s like I’m playing for free – play on!

Casino Redemtion / ATM machineI g0 TO THE ATM FOR MORE MONEY, after my bankroll is gone.  I can get those losses back, no problem.

Sure, I know about that house advantage, but this losing streak can’t possibly continue. I’m due. Need more money.  I’ll get it back.


The other day I heard that “some slots pay better if you play two credits, not three” and “that some video poker machines don’t pay out for anyone.  If it’s cold, don’t play it.” By the way,”don’t double down here, this casino has the cards rigged. That’s how they make their money.  You, too, can be helpful (NETG – and intensely disliked) by giving information like this.


That slot machine is about to hit. You know they go in cycles. Those cycles are programmed to pay out. I saw the same thing happen to that same machine yesterday.the guy playing it left and the next lady hit the jackpot after three pulls. So, you stay so that NOBODY gets YOUR JACKPOT!th (26)


It’s just Big Brother watching me.  You know darn well the casino connects you to all sorts of inter-web stuff.  Better to be anonymous, (NETG – so they can’t give you comps, points for dining, tickets for concerts and special gambling offers – you know, things you’ll feel guilty about later.) Besides, if they know I’m winning, they will change the payout on the machine while I’m playing.



That’s all for now.