The TOP 10 Most Bizarre Casino Players – The Monday Link

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Today’s link comes from a great website – It’s a unique website team that’s led by Heather Ferris, CEO & Founder of Vegas Aces Services, LLC. Heather has over 15 years of experience in the casino industry. and is an adjunct professor at UNLV.

Vegas Aces Services, LLC is an innovative team of educators, developers and market specialists who love to have fun. As Nevadans, they have a unique perspective on gaming and how it benefits local communities, with over 10 years of experience in the casino industry, business operations and design industries.

Available resources at Vegas-Aces include charts, guides, flash cards, and game instruction manuals for players as well as dealers! They even have their own memes, like the one below:

Enjoy today’s “Monday Link” from, influenced by Lewis Carroll’s characters from Alice in Wonderland:

The Top 10 Most Bizarre Types of Casino Players




Blackjack – Which Casino Format is Best For You?

Blackjack Table

Blackjack Table


  1. the traditional live table game with live dealer
  2. stadium game play, with a live dealer, but played with community cards by many players
  3. electronic blackjack, played by up to six players around a blackjack table with a video dealer
  4. video blackjack on a solitary machine, usually the same terminal with video poker, keno, and a few slots.

IGT video blackjack

Is it better to play video blackjack at a video poker terminal or to shimmy up to the table and play the game the way it was meant to be played? (at least before 6/5 BJ and all the enhanced house edge rules.)

It really depends on what you are looking for in your blackjack experience. There are some players out there that refuse to play a video blackjack game. (To be honest, I’d rather play keno than video blackjack.) Some players feel video blackjack can’t be trusted. But, there ARE reasons to play video blackjack?  Let’s compare:


LOWER MINIMUMS – Video blackjack machines often have a lower minimum bet as little as $1. Compared to traditional tables, even $5 seems low, especially on weekends where limits can start as high as $15 – $25.

BETTER RULES – Video blackjack games can have better rules than any live blackjack game that can be found in the same casino. Check the rules and you may find standing on all 17’s, offering surrender, doubling after the split and split up to 3 hands, better rules than many traditional games offered in several casinos.

BETTER COMPS – Comps, the free perks casinos give to players, are calculated higher for machine players. Some casinos won’t even rate you if you play under $25, and those that will rate you will give you very little in the way of comps, and making some promotions available to you that only apply to slot machines since your play on video blackjack machines will count as a slot machine.

NOT A SOCIAL PLAYER? – Many of us have played at those serious tables of NFB (No Fun Blackjack).  The dealer might be grumpy, the players may be serious strategy or card counters, and heaven help you if play the wrong way (according to basic strategy).  Some players can be very intimidating, if not down-right nasty.  It is a belief that the wrong play will effect the other players’ hands.  Over time, this has been proven not to be true.  Your next mistake may actually help them win – but you’ll never hear a thank you for that.

Stadium Gaming Blackjack

This a hybrid that that crosses all lines  First, for solitary players, being social at the table isn’t necessary. You still have a live dealer, so it’s slower than video BJ, but still faster due to automatic payouts  Having other games immediately available gives more variety and not having the pressure to play every hand. Skipping hands, or socializing with friends around you it a less-stress situation and more fun. Stadium gaming can be lots of fun with friends, something a live table game can provide also. Besides blackjack, bacarrat and roulette are also usually provided. New England casinos that offer Stadium Gaming include Mohegan Sun, Foxwoods, Twin River Casino & Hotel, Tiverton Casino and Hotel. Plainridge has table game terminals, but is not allowed live dealers as a slots-only facility.

RULEs and Rewards

Points acrued at a standard table game is basically earned according to the the following:

  • Amount of Wager per hand
  • Time spent at the table
  • Table game house edge being played
  • Average hands played per hour.

But any video format, including stadium gaming, is more like slots and video poker, where your play and your points are decided by the casino software and a firmula


CHECK THE PAYOFFS –  “Given basic strategy for a single-deck game, the house edge is about 2.5 percent. If you got the full 3-2 payoff on blackjacks, it would be a 0.24 percent game, but even-money pays on two-card 21s add 2.27 percent to the house edge. That’s equivalent to a slot payback percentage of 97.5 percent, so yes it’s a higher payback than on penny slots. Returns vary from game to game, casino to casino and jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but penny slot paybacks almost always are less than 90 percent.

FASTER PLAY – A word of caution: video blackjack plays a lot faster than table blackjack. The video game doesn’t need time for dealing cards to other players, settling bets, stacking chips in trays, buy-ins and cash outs of multiple players, shuffles or cuts. As a video player, you can play just as fast as you can make decisions and hit the buttons. At a full table, you might play only 50 to 60 hands per hour. If you’re betting $10 a hand, you’re risking $500 to $600. At your video blackjack game, it’s easy to get in 500 hands per hour. Even with $1 bets, you’re betting $500 per hour.

Your hourly wager total is right up there with the $10 table players, and you’re playing against a house edge that probably is much higher than the table edge. On a six-deck game where the dealer hit soft 17, you may double on any first two cards including after splits, may split any pair up to three times and blackjacks pay 3-2, the house edge against a basic strategy player is 0.62 percent. If your budget extends only to $1 bets and you’re going to set a low loss limit, then you can have some fun at the blackjack machines. But for extended play, the table usually is the better play.


A fun time was had by all!


DRINK SERVICE – If you would like good drink service, you will get served more drinks in the table games pit than you will in the slot area where video blackjack games usually are located.

BETTER COMPS FOR HIGHER ROLLERS – If you are going to average $25 or more a bet then you will get noticed in the pit and you are likely to get better comps.

COUNTING CARDS – If you are going to count cards it will be much easier to do so at the table games. It is impossible to count cards on some blackjack machines. A full table game of blackjack will likely be faster than a video blackjack game because novice players are more likely to be on the machines.

SMOKE FREE TABLES – If smoke bothers you then table games might be best for you too. Casinos will often make a table smoke free upon request. That cannot be done in the slot area.

SOCIAL – Table blackjack games also tend to be more social than video blackjack machines. No, it’s not the fun commeradeie of the craps table, but with the right people, it can bring a bit of “the players vs. the casino” excitement.


The machines that can be played advantageously are multi seat machines where blackjack pays 3 to 2. Some video poker machines such as Game Kings and Game Makers have a heads up blackjack game on them. These are terrible blackjack games. These games typically pay even money on blackjack. They typically do not allow doubling after the split either. Some of these machines do not allow doubling at all. It is best to avoid these games. Some multi seat games are single deck games that pay 6 to 5 on blackjack. Avoid these single deck machines as well.  Believe it or not, some video blackjack terminals include even money in blackjack.

One more word of caution concerns multigame machines.  Usually, the rate of  comps depends on the game of with the tightest house edge, and that includes the rest of the games on that machine-including the rest of VP, Keno, Slots and yes, Blackjack. Find video blackjack on machines with poorer VP pay tables to ensure the highest amount of earning comps.


There are advantages to playing both live and video blackjack. Each player has their own goal as to what they would like to get out of a blackjack game. Blackjack can be fun whether it is a video blackjack game or a live blackjack game; it is up to the player to decide which they enjoy hour. Even with $1 bets, you’re betting $500 per hour.



Christmas Gifts for Your Gambler

images-1“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year….”    

It’s time to shop for the gamblers in your life!

What do gamblers like to get? – Jackpots, Progressives, Bonuses, Comps, FRB (Free Room & Board), Free Dining, Free Slot Play……….Ok, so you really can’t buy those things.

Tomorrow in our “Monday Links” weekly post, we will give you some fun links for Cyber Monday and for all your Christmas shopping for the gambler in your life.

Today, its all about gift suggestions you can buy.  Here we go…..

Casino Gift Cards – most casinos offer gift cards.  These gift cards could be used for such things as dining, clothing, drinks, show tickets, but they usually can’t be used for gambling purposes, such as slots, table games, or any gaming wagers and are not usually redeemable for cash. Some ARE redeemable for FreeSlot Play.

Casino Gift Cards Outside of New England – Any gambling destination (Viva Las Vegas!) will have gift cards available at many types of venues.  The best places to start would be the industry leaders –  MGM, Caesars, Stations, Wynn, and Boyd to name a few.

Zazzle – an online company with thousands of products to “let you add your personal touch to any part of your life.”  they have hundreds of Gambler’s Gifts.  th (1)Click on Zazzle and check it out.  Some gift ideas include neck ties, shirts, mugs, hats, and assorted gambling items, most of which you can personalize.  A similar online shopping site with gambler’s gifts is CafePress.

A Framed Print – For anyone who loves Las Vegas, frame a picture of your gambler’s favorite hotel, or view of Las Vegas. Below is an example from “Las Vegas Skyline at Night.” A picture of the Las Vegas Strip, or Downtown Las Vegas.  Maybe a historic canvas, or even one of “Old Blue Eyes” himself, Frank Sinatra.  If you have that picture of his/her first jackpot or royal flush, frame it in a small little frame for a stocking stuffer.


Jewelry – yes, from cuff links and money clips, to ear rings and necklaces. Ever heard of Etsy? They are a newer company that has an array of gifts for gamblers, including lots of designer “bobbles & beads” for the well dressed gambler of either gender. They also have patents for printing, such as a vintage slot machine on a T-shirt.

Some of the many Jewelry choices at Etsy

Some of the many Jewelry choices at Etsy


Speaking of  Stocking Stuffers – key chains, rewards club card holders, little hand sanitizers, smart phone charger…..anything that will fit in a Christmas stocking!  Be creative.  Scratch TicketsHow about a roll of 5 $1 bills to tip the servers at the tables or the machines. Of course, the Scratch Off Card is a great stocking stuffer, but a little low on the creative side. Let your creative juices flow with stocking-stuffers. With many casinos offering USB power at tables and machines, a simple phone to USB connection is a great idea.

Feel Good Gifts – Many of the bigger casino resorts have spas where a gift card can be purchased for a massage, or any other relaxing treatments. Give your gambler a chance to get out of the hustle & bustle of the casino and enjoy a wellness break. Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun, MGM Springfield, all have wonderful

A Magazine Subscription – Casino Player covers the entire country and has articles that touch every facet of gambling, including travel and destinations.   Slot Player, an affiliate of the same company, does the same, but with more of a slant toward slot players.  Both can be found here. For poker/card players, Bluff, Card Player, and WPT Poker are great

Buying for Table Games Players / Home Poker Players – Whether it’s a steal on Ebay, an overlay at Kohls, or a real expensive RUSTIC POKER TABLE table at Americana Poker Tables, there’s a price for everyone.

Kohls Table Games overlay

Kohls Table Games overlay

Finally, a great website for anytime of the year is the Gamblers General Store.  It’s the Worlds Largest Casino Supply Superstore with Gaming Equipment and Supplies, Playing Cards, Casino Dice and Cards, Custom Clay Poker and Casino Chips, Money Wheels, Prize Wheels, Raffle Drums, Poker Cards and Tables, Bingo Supplies, Books, Clothing, Souvenirs and More!logo-279x100

So, have fun buying for the gambler in your life.  I hope this helps you get ideas started.  Happy Holidays!