Region C – Southeast Mass License Update

As of this weekend in Massachusetts, there are three Region C (Southeast) applicants – four if you count the Wampanoag Tribe.  Above you see a great illustration of existing, licensed and possible choices for the one Region C casino, thanks to Massachusetts Gaming Commission and provided by the Providence Journal.
According to the State House News Service, while the Massachusetts Gaming Commission has signed off on licenses for proposed casinos in Everett and Springfield, as well as a slots parlor in Plainville scheduled to open in June, they do not necessarily have to approve a casino for southeastern Massachusetts.

MashpeesUncertainty has surrounded Region C, since the Mashpee Wampanoags are still waiting to see if a federal application for taking land into trust for the tribe will be approved, allowing them to set up a resort casino in Taunton.  If that does occur, which the Wampanoags have been waiting for since the Casino Law passed, the size and scope of their casino, the timing of border states expansion of casino gambling, and economic recovery in the region could cause the MGC to not accept any licenses for Region C.

Developers are seeking to build resort casinos in Somerset, Brockton and New Bedford.  The MGC voted to give two of the groups — the Somerset and New Bedford camps — extensions until May 4 to file applications.

In case you have lost track of the players and places, here’s a review:

Mass Gaming & Entertainment, the company seeking to build a casino in Brockton, has filed a “substantially complete” application, meeting the commission’s deadline. Mass Gaming & Entertainment, which is affiliated with Rush Street Gaming, already has a host-community agreement with Brockton and a referendum vote scheduled in that city.

KG Urban Enterprises, which is seeking a casino on the New Bedford waterfront, has been in the game since the day the legislation passed in 2011. They are seeking help from Foxwoods to Run their casino.

Somerset on the Move LLC, is now working with Crossroads LLC, a company that had a failed bid in Region A.

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The Massachusetts Voting Dust Has Settled – A Quick Look The Present Future of Massachusetts Gaming


Thank goodness November 4th is over. One more political ad in TV and I felt I would throw the damn thing out – but because that would mean no Big Bang Theory, I’ll just keep my TV and be glad we’re done with those things.

But, New England Casino Gaming has had quite a lot of  news and there are many repercussions due to all that News on November 4th.

So what happened?  What does it mean?  And what has happened since?

Well, here is an overview of what will probably fodder (hmm, interesting word for all these topics) to cover in the coming months.


MASS – Welcome to casino Gaming in the Bay State – Massachusetts voters on Tuesday upheld a 2011 law that paved the way for legal casino gambling in the state, voting down a referendum that would have overturned the measure and stopped two planned casinos.

SPRINGFIELD, MASS –  voted “overwhelmingly” against the repeal. I guess they were in favor of MGM is building a resort casino in their city.



With a switch in governors occurring in January, Stephen Crosby, who heads up the five-member commission overseeing the state’s gambling industry plans to stay where he is., saying he wants to see the casinos authorized by the 2011 state law built.

The commission also voted to push back by two months application deadlines for the Region C license, citing uncertainty that had been created by the unsuccessful ballot question and ongoing questions about whether the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe has the ability to build a casino in Taunton.

The third and final resort casino license remains a major question mark. Many suitors, no clear cut movement between Foxwoods’s casino for Fall River, or other suggested casinos in New Bedford and Bridgewater.  Gambling regulators reopened bidding, setting the new deadline for Dec. 1. The commission hopes to award the license by August 2015.  Two federally-recognized American Indian tribes are developing plans to open gambling halls in southern Massachusetts. The Mashpee Wampanoag tribe is proposing a $500 million resort casino on 150 acres in Taunton. The tribe has reached an accord with the state on its plan, but still, critically, needs federal approval to take the land in trust. Meanwhile, the Aquinnah Wampanoag tribe on Martha’s Vineyard is trying to build a gambling hall filled with electronic betting machines on a remote part of the resort island. The state, however, argues in a federal lawsuit that the tribe long-ago forfeited its rights to open a casino. Continue reading

Mass Casinos in Southeastern Region C – News & Implications

Taunton Sign

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Anybody following the story of The Great Casino expansion of Massachusetts, knows that the voters of Bay State will now have a chance to repeal the casino law of 2012.  The law authorized casino-style gaming and its repeal could affect the rights of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe who has a Class III gaming compact that was approved by the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs).

It’s not clear what will happen to the agreement if the referendum passes — tribes to engage in the same types of games that are legal in a state. The tribe’s right to offer Class II games, such as bingo and electronic forms of bingo, would not be affected either way. Continue reading