The Monday Link – Atlantic City’s History Of Second Chances & Salt Water Taffy


Dr. David Schwartz is a historian, Director of the Center for Gaming Research & instructor at UNLV, and former casino employee who writes about casinos, gaming, tourism, & Las Vegas. I first heard of him listening to one of my favorite, and the original, Vegas podcast “Five Hundy by Midnight.”  I also listened to him on the old Vegas Gang podcast and actually met him at VIMFP (vegas internet mafia family picnic), a get-together of Vegas Nerds, one of the original gambling meetups.

Dr. Dave Schwartz, Professor at UNLV

But nothing got my attention from Dr. Dave more than his books. “Roll The Bones” (The History of Gambling) & “Grandissimo” (about Vegas entrepreneur Jay Sarno) should be staples in anyone’s gambling resources.  Check out our NETG posts about them: “Roll the Bones” is a MUST READ! & Another Must Read From Dr. David Schwartz – “Grandissimo”

After visiting Atlantic City twice in one week, wouldn’t you know I would come across an article in Forbes which Dr. Dave now writes for and is the pick for our Monday Link. Mr. Schwartz was born in and grew up in Atlantic City. His perspective on AC’s many upturns and downward spirals is always genuine and thought worthy. Enjoy his latest article in Forbes entitled:

Atlantic City’s History Of Second Chances & Salt Water Taffy


Here ARE A few of HIS books – Tales From The Slot Floor is his LatesT

GrandissimoTales from the PitBoardwalk PlaygroundRoll the Bones Casino Edition



Two Recent Books For Any Gambler’s Library

Two authors have recently published books with the gambler in mind.  Both are giants in their fields – Dr. David Schwartz, professor at the UNLV Center for Gaming Research; and Bob Nersesian, expert in gambling law.

BOOK #1 – BOARDWALK PLAYGROUND – The Making and Unmaking of Atlantic City

Dr. David Schwartz has been mentioned here on other occasions. Click on the following previous posts:

Another Must Read From Dr. David Schwartz – “Grandissimo”

“Roll the Bones”

"Boardwalk Playground," by Dr. David Schwartz

“Boardwalk Playground,” by Dr. David Schwartz

Well, he has done it again.  This time writing about some of his back east roots in Boardwalk Playground.  Boardwalk Playground shares a hundred stories of Atlantic City’s high spots and low points of the past century and a half, with an emphasis on the hospitality business that evolved into casino gaming—and is evolving again. With sections on the city’s history, its classic hospitality, personalities, community institutions, and casino resorts, this book is essential reading for anyone who wants to know what gives Atlantic City its unexpected allure.

The hundred stories of Boardwalk Playground show Atlantic City from its awakening as a tourist destination in the 1860s to its lowest point a century later, its gambling-fueled rebirth to its current crossroads. It provides a personal, thoughtful view into a city that continues to fascinate the world.

BOOK #2 – The Law for Gamblers: A Player’s Guide to Legal Survival in the Casino Environment

Bob Nersesian has made a career out of suing casinos and their security for assault and battery on behalf of customers.

510N3KQIaQLThe Law for Gamblers brings together decades of experience from the world’s pre-eminent gambler’s advocate, providing perspective gleaned from defending hundreds of casino-related criminal cases. With detailed discussions of subjects that include gambler taxation, the use of aliases, Indian gaming rules, and casino credit, and even hiring an attorney when necessary, The Law for Gamblers provides anyone who sets foot in a casino easy access to understanding their rights. Additionally, the collection of case law and statutory points of view within is unparalleled in the rapidly expanding area of gaming law.

I recently heard Bob describe parts of his book on Gambling With An Edge – a podcast for Advantage Players, hosted by Bob Dancer & Richard Munchkin. (which I highly suggest.)

These two resources will be both entertaining and valuable additions to any gambler’s library. Both are available at Amazon and as e-books.

Now, get reading!


Black Friday Is Here! – 9 Gift Suggestions for the Gambler in YOUR Life

images (3)Black Friday is Upon Us!  It’s time to shop for your favorite Gambler!

What do gamblers like to get? – Jackpots, Progressives, Bonuses, Comps, FRB (Free Room & Board), Free Dining, Free Slot Play……….

Ok, so you can’t buy those things those things.  But here are gift suggestions for the gambler in your life:

  1. Casino Gift Cards – most casinos offer gift cards.  images (2)These gift cards could be used for such things as dining, clothing, drinks, show tickets, but they can’t be used for gambling purposes, such as   slot, table, or any gaming wagers and are not usually redeemable for cash. The following New England Casinos offer Gift Cards, click on them to go to the gift card links – Hollywood Hotel, Casino & Raceway, Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mohegan Sun Resort Casino
  2. Casino Gift Cards Outside of New England – Any gambling destination (Viva Las Vegas!) will have gift cards available at many types of venues.  The best places to start would be the industry leaders –  MGM, Caesars, Stations, Wynn, and Boyd to name a few.
  3. Zazzle – an online company with thousands of products to “let you add your personal touch to any part of your life.”  they have hundreds of Gambler’s Gifts.  th (1)Click on Zazzle and check it out.  Some gift ideas include neck ties, shirts, mugs, hats, and assorted gambling items, most of which you can personalize.  A similar online shopping site with gambler’s gifts is CafePress.

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