MGM Springfield Shows Progress & Promise

MGM has opened its first building in Springfield for its $1 billion casino & resort. About 50 employees moved into the casino’s new administrative office this week. The building will eventually house some 300 corporate and human resource workers, as well as a training school for prospective casino workers. This prompted us at NETG to … Continue reading MGM Springfield Shows Progress & Promise

Tipping at the Casino

Recent postings on tipping at the casino has inspired me to point out typical practices and etiquette concerning casino tipping. First, my own opinion is that tips are earned for good service.  Tips are not an entitlement.  A smile goes a long way towards a tip. That being said, those that work in the casinos, … Continue reading Tipping at the Casino

What Makes a Good Poker Room?

I'm not much of a poker player.  I love home games, dealer's choice, low limit games - just as long as the most I can lose would be equal to the cost of a McDonald's Happy Meal. But it's the casino poker room that we wondered about. Four New England casinos have poker rooms. By … Continue reading What Makes a Good Poker Room?