Casino Projects – Wynn Boston Harbor, Mashpee First Light and Brockton Fairgrounds, oh my! – Part #1

Let’s take a look at the early state of Massachusetts’s Casino “Explosion in the East.”  Today’s post is all about the “Shoe City”, Brockton.

Proposed Brockton Casino

Proposed Brockton Casino

Today’s post is all about the “Shoe City”, Brockton.  Steve Crosby, Chairmain of the MGC, recently said that the Massachusetts Gaming Commission will hold its final hearing on plans for a Brockton casino on March 28 and may have a decision by the end of April.  The hearing and deliberation process could lead to a license for Mass Gaming & Entertainment/Rush Street Gaming, a team planning a commercial casino at the Brockton Fairgrounds.

Brockton casino site

Brockton casino site

Rush Street Gaming has now been waiting for over a year to hear which way the final license approval will take. Continue reading

Massachusetts Casino Industry – NETG’s “Binthsayer” Predicts The Future of New England’s Casinos

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The “Binthsayer”

As I was having breakfast this morning, I was wondering what to post about today.  Nothing came to mind….until I checked my news alerts.

The Sky Is Falling On Massachusetts’s Casino Industry!!!

Numerous articles posted and rehashed concerning the destiny of the Massachusetts Gaming Industry – oh the horror, oh the humanity!

Melodrama & hyperbole aside, allow the “Binthsayer” to predict, dispel, and cut to the reality the Massachusetts Gaming Menagerie.

Here we go.

  1. Massachusetts will not have a full slate of casinos until 2018 – True.  MGCNo extra tricks that Mr. Crosby has up his sleeve won’t change the traffic construction in Springfield and won’t clean up the mess in Everett (both outside and within the Wynn property) to start before then.
  2. Plainridge Park Casino is positive sign. – True, 392168-entering-plainridge-park-dc214but by 2017, the new flavor in New England will wear off, and it will be a nice little “box of slots” competing with raised competition in CT, RI and ME.
  3. Steve Wynn’s Everett casino project, after facing hurdles of legal suits, Massachusetts gaming “quirks” and toxic waste will pull out of Massachusetts. – False – VERY FALSE!
    Wynn, Everett Mass

    Wynn, Everett Mass

    Look, as much as I despise his arrogance, he is an astute business man and a visionary.  He knows the future success that the Boston market will bring.  Like it or not, Steve Wynn is here to stay.

  4. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) might not back any of the proposals in Region C if they decide the market will become oversaturated. – False.  The MGC is drooling over the initial success of Plainridge Park and certainly will want more. They now feel Massachusetts is going to be Casino Mecca in New England.  Region C will see a casino in either New Bedford or Brockton.
  5. The Mashpee Wampanoag tribe will eventually establish a casino in Taunton.Mashpees The future is murky here. This is the only answer I seek that eludes my crystal casino ball. New BIA recognition changes could nix the Taunton casino all-together.
  6. Aquinnah Wampanoag tribe, will establish a Class II casino in Martha’s Vineyard. – False.  It will open a bingo hall, but that’s as far as it goes.
  7. MGM will change and down-scale its Springfield project due to increased CT competition on the border – NOPE.  imagesYou mean to tell me one of the largest and most succesful of Casino Companies in the World is intimidated by another casino in Connecticut?  Pshah…..if they make changes to their original design, it will be due to other factors such as historical buildings, the new traffic construction, or simply changes to support current trends.
  8. Will there be a new casino in Connecticut – Yes.  But if so, it might open the door to more competition for that site, raising havoc with the tribal slot %pact with the state. It might open the door to privatized casino companies vyinmg for that casino, since it would be the first off tribal land.
  9. Will there be new casinos in Maine? – Nope
  10. Will there ever be a casino in New Hampshire? – (chuckle) When pigs fly!  pigs_fly_tujs



There you are.  Now everyone can relax. the Binthsayer has predicted to New England Casino future.  Sit back and enjoy the entertaining next two years of the a new soap opera happening before our eyes.  Let’s call it “The Old, and the Arrogant”……. or maybe “As the MGC Turns” or “Casino Revenue is a Many Splendored Thing””…….i got it,

“Steve Wynn’s Place!”

Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn


The Binthsayer is now tired with so much investigation into the future.  Must rest.

That’s all for………..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



Strange Bedfellows in Massachusetts Casino Process?


Steve Wynn Addressing Massachusetts Gaming Commission







A few days ago, I posted that Mohegan Sun’s proposal seems to be the one most supported by surrounding communities. The possible problems facing Wynn Everett for the past year included:

  • building on a previous landfill
  • the parcel of land straddling the Everett / Boston line, causing a little host-community war between the both city’s mayors, and of late
  • an owner of part of the land included in the proposal not interested in selling his portion due to rumored criminal interest

Now, the city of Boston is calling for state gaming leader Stephen Crosby to take himself out if the decision process concerning who gets the eastern Massachusetts casino license, saying he has made prejudicial statements about the city’s host community status  that have created a cloud over the process. Continue reading