The Fathers of Casino Gaming

Today’s post on Father’s Day, we look back at the Fathers of Gambling – those who either invented a game or made it prominent in the industry’s casinos.  Some were inventors, some were just the first or the best at it. Here are some important Fathers in the development of casino games :

The Father of the Slot Machine – Charles Fey 

1895 was a year of slots invention when Charles Fey represented his own brainchild called Liberty Bell. It is significant to know that the popularity of the slot machine was so astounding that allowed the inventor to open the factory of slots manufacturing in 1896. The first slots were designed and manufactured by Fey himself. They were soon placed into the local gambling establishments on the basis of the 50 rent percent. Hence, in addition to being the first inventor, Charles Fey was recognizable as the first proprietor of the slots.


Charles Frey and a picture of the famous “first” slot machine the “Liberty Bell.”

A little know fact is that in 1901, Charles Fey added a Draw feature to his very popular Slot machine. This allowed some of the drums to be held when taking a second spin. This feature greatly increased the popularity of the Slot machines and turned them more into a skill-based gambling machine, and this development set the stage for the future history of video poker.

The Father of Card Counting – Ed Thorpe

It was during his tenure at the MIT that he came up with the thought of using his knowledge of mathematical principles to come up with a model that could help decrease the house advantage. Former mathematics professor Edward Oakley Thorp brought card counting to modern Blackjack in 1962, when he published his book, “Beat the Dealer.” Although it has been succeeded by other methods since it was introduced, Thorp’s Ten Count System is regarded as the first mathematically proven system for card counting made available to the general public.

Ed Thorp’s ground-breaking counting system.

The Father of Modern Craps – John H. Winn

It was American dice maker, John H. Winn, who developed the rules further to allow betting for or against the shooter, thus becoming the father of modern Craps. His influence on the game brought us the game as we know it today, a full table setup in the air-conditioned comfort of a casino.

The Father of Roulette – Blaise Pascal 

So, how did he get that title as the father of Roulette? At 16, Blaise Pascal actually presented a paper about geometry that blew away the best math minds in Paris during that period! He ended up making many math formulas and ideas that are still used today. More importantly to us, he was also the inventor of probability which led to his connection with Roulette. A friend of his, Chevalier de Mere posed a question to him about gambling. Blaise Pascal created a formula to show the probability of two people winning in a casino game, and this has become the essence of probability theory! So, when Blaise Pascal was trying to invent a perpetual motion machine, he invented Roulette instead!

The Godfather of Texas Holdem Poker – Benny Binion.

Benny Binion went to Vegas after the Second World War. Little did anyone know he would change Sin City forever. His motto “If you want to get rich, make little people feel like big people” quickly turned the Horseshoe into one of the best casinos in Las Vegas. But the biggest achievement of his marketing genius was the invention of the World Series of Poker. He, more than anyone else, was responsible for putting the game of Texas Holdem Poker on the world map.

Some recent Fathers (Inventors) of games you may play in a casino:

  1. Sam Torosian (Father of Pai Gow Poker) was the owner of the California Bell Casino in Bell, California, near Los Angeles, in 1985. Sam Torosian had a brilliant idea: he took certain ideas and methods of play from the game of Pai Gow and mixed them with elements of poker to create a brand new casino game: Pai Gow Poker. This new casino game was a perfect blend of old and new, East and West, luck and strategy, and it was an instant hit
  2. The casino variant of Three Card Poker was first “invented” by Derek Webb in 1994 and patented in 1997. He had a vision for a game that combined the excitement of poker and the speed of regular casino games.
  3. The first person wanting to take credit for the invention of Caribbean Stud Poker is noted poker author and poker player David Sklansky. He claims to have invented a game known as Casino Poker, which is fundamentally the same as Caribbean Stud Poker, albeit it with the dealer exposing two cards instead of just the one and also without the progressive jackpot feature which Caribbean Stud Poker players know and love today.  But the beginnings of this island card game is cloudy at best.  Matter of fact, there are many variants on the origin of the game.
  4. Let It Ride – The game was invented by Shuffle Master founder John Breeding, with the goal of fueling demand for the company’s shuffling machine.

I’m sure there are more, but for now we tip our NETG hat to the father’s of gaming.

That’s all for now.



7 Most Viewed “Casino”Posts in August at NETG

It’s been a few weeks since we looked back at previous the week’s previous posts and highlights.  So, this morning, I will highlight the best of August, in case you missed anything on vacation. But first, some gambling humor:

In Vegas, I got into a long argument with the man at the casino roulette wheel over what I considered to be an odd number.” —Gambling Joke By Stephen Wright (courtesy of )


7)Slot Machines – When to Play Max Bet

One of the most debated topics regarding slot machines, and video poker, concerns max bet, specifically when should I hit that bet max button. Max Bet or Maximum Bet is the highest amount of coins or credits you can play in a single spin.



6)Casino Comps & Your “Average Daily Theoretical

Ever wonder how the casino you visit decides on what comps to give you? My comps continued to be menial – “minion’s comps” I call them until I found out about Average Daily Theoretical – the average amount that a gambler losses per day for a certain gambling activity…..


5)Three Suggestions to Slot Machine Players

Have you wondered why it seems harder to win at your favorite casino?  Here are three tips.


4)Massachusetts More Worried, Not Mohegan Sun, About New England’s Casino Share

Still getting noticed after posted two years ago.  For related posts, check out: Massachusetts, MGM Springfield, is Still Worried About Their New England Casino Share


#3)Daily Bus Transportation to Our New England Casinos

It seems getting to our 7 casinos in four states is on the minds of our followers.  It will only get more involved with the addition of MGM Springfield & Wynn Boston Harbor!


#2)COMPARING ALL 7 NEW ENGLAND CASINOS – From our Menu Pages & Archives



5 Things You Need to Know About New Foxwoods Rewards Club

Have a great week. – Binbin


16 Casino Do’s & Don’ts

Casino Entrance sign

So, your friend or family member offers to take you to a casino for your very first time.  But, never having been before, you haven’t a clue about what to do when you get there.  So, here are some quick suggestions for you newbies out there, or maybe a refresher course for the rest of you.

1) Know how much money you can wager and lose.  Yes, that’s right, lose.  Know your Bankroll. Approach it as entertainment first. Remember, if you’re not an Advantage Player looking to make a living, it’s (33)

2) Know the rules of the games you might play.  If you can, get a free app on your smart phone or tablet and play a little before you go.

3) Decide if your trip is for gambling only, or it’s to enjoy all that the casino experience can  offer. You can spend sometime dining, shopping or watching live entertainment. These are good activities too. Just don’t gamble in casinos to make your trip productive.

4) Sign up for a rewards card.  You may get a free slot play bonus, or get freebies for eats later on. You could get free tickets to a concert, and if you play enough to raise your level of card, you could get additional things from a special parking area for your card level, to entrance into a VIP lounge.  th (26)

5) Be contented with small casino wins. First timers usually lose more in casinos. Breaking even in casinos is generally considered a win.

6) Check the local newspaper for advertisements, or check the web on the best deals in casinos.  netime-logo NECANETimeGambling often lists promotions and New England casino news on Twitter and Facebook.  Sign-up bonuses, double points, giveaways, dining deals – they’re all for the taking.  Go where the whole experience will be great, not just the gambling.

Don't be a Griswold

Don’t be a Griswold

7) Don’t believe in superstitions like “hot machines” or “it must be time my luck changed’ or, “surely it can’t be red again” because each bet is an event of it’s own, with no connection to the previous event.  As soon as you realize this, the easier it will be for you to understand the gambling experience.  Repeat after me – “The House has the advantage.”  Good! Now go out there and enjoy it, win or lose. Be prepared ahead of time and be knowledgeable.

8) Don’t drink a lot of alcohol when gambling.  Excessive alcohol will inevitably cause you to accept losing beyond a “healthy situation.”

9) Bring a watch and your cell phone.  There are usually no clocks or windows in most casinos, and if you get separated from your party, you might need to contact them. Wrist devices like FitBit or Apple Watches can signal you with incoming messages by vibrations or sounds that you can feel or hear above the caucophony of  noise in the casino and prove invaluable.

10) Casinos convert your cash into chips at the tables. Simply said, this is so you lose the sense that this is really money. Remember chips ARE money.
11) Don’t be afraid to ask staff for help.  Remember, the casino is built on getting you there (or should be) and so there are many people who are there simply to help you as a hospitality (1)  Don’t be shy.  If you are new (or not) to the game, please ask the dealer for advice. They want you to win! The more you win, the more likely you are to tip, however tip for their helpfullness and entertaining personality – they have nothing to do with your winning.  Don’t worry about taking a little longer. Everyone starts as a beginner, and most will appreciate your attempt to make the correct play.
12) Don’t hand dealers chips or cash – they are not allowed to handle it directly.  The “Eye in the Sky” is watching your play and their work. Put the chips or cash on the table. They will not accept it any other way.
13) If you smoke, be aware of those around you. If you are a non-smoker in a smoking part of the casino, be flexible.  Reach a common ground that you both can be comfortable (16)
14) Take a walk around when you arrive.  In this day and age, make sure you know your nearest exits if new to that property. Get acquainted with your surroundings. Casinos can be difficult to navigate through.  That’s the way they want it. You get lost because you’re supposed to, then you grab a seat at a slot machine or blackjack, and voila! You drop some cash gambling.  If you’re new stay with your party.
th (2)

Tip your waitstaff, especially if you request specific items.

15) Carry dollar bills for tips. In most casinos, complimentary beverages are served, but the wait staff is usually expecting a small tip.

16) Be aware of the casino’s rules concerning using your phone for taking pics.  Each casino has different rules and it is important for player to be aware of them.  Hey, SELFIE-ADDICTS – Taking pictures in a casino or talking on a cell phone can get you into big trouble if it breaks the rules.  Some casinos allow some picture taking, like when a jackpot is hit. But don’t be surprised when you asked to put your phone away. SELFIE STICKS aren’t tolerated by both the casino staff and the patrons.  Remember, many visitors would prefer not to be in anyone’s picture – especially those Advantage Players that make a living in anonymity.
Finally, have fun.  It’s social, it’s entertainment.  Let’s just leave it as that.
That’s all for now.
Binbin – Highlights of Last Two Weeks

August has arrived, is it the end of summer?  

Well, let’s take you back a few weeks to the best received posts from the past two weeks, with a gambling riddles intertwined…… courtesy of from


July 20th – MGMSpringfield Resort Success is Crucial For Springfield

A comparison post, MGM Springfield two years ago and the present.

What did the dealer say to the deck of cards? ……..”I can’t deal with you anymore.” 

July 24th – Comped Drink Systems Is a Good Change  

Video Poker Bar

While all the other changes by corporate bean counters has me pulling out the little hair I have left, paying for drinks through play is not so bad in this blogger’s opinion.

What does a BlackJack player eat for dinner…..Whatever his comp card allows him to! 

July 25th – Wynn Boston Harbor Drinking Hours Extended With Opposition

My, My………we have seen the influence of MGM on the Massachusetts legislature and the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, now the other casino giant has gotten it’s way through the back door.

Whats the difference between online poker and live poker?…….You can cry after a bad beat online and no one will laugh at you. 



Aug 1st – Gambling Losing Streaks




Finally, a quote from Paul Newman  “If you’re playing a poker game and look around the table and can’t tell who the sucker is, it’s you”

Have a great week!


Craps Players Have the Most Fun – 5 Reasons

The Craps table can be a very confusing place to the beginner!

The Craps table can be a very confusing place to the beginner, but it always sounds like the players have the most fun.

Ever play slots next to the craps tables?  How distracting…..all that noise…..and smiles…..and camaraderie……and fun…….and, hmmmmmm?

It always seems like it’s a band of warriors, or a team winning against the champs. A group of Davids trying to bring down Goliath together, and whether they do or not,  the banter, the laughter, and the joy of making that long roll supersedes all losing.  Together they have made the good fight.

There’s got to be more to it, right?

Let’s inspect this more deeply….. here are five reasons craps players have more fun than any other table games.
1) It’s not just about a beating the house, it’s beating the house TOGETHER! The community, the friends – the kind you bring or the kind you make, and it’s not only OK to vocally yell for their success, it’s encouraged.  Even the dealers at the table seem to get into the fun, or they should – it’s encouragement personified – a battle together against the casino.

Fun at craps

2) It’s about tolerance.  Yes, there are those nay-sayers that believe in the anti-point – the “Don’t-Pass” bettors. But, if they behave, even they are allowed to bring their bad karma to the Spartans fight for the point to be made.

Don’t Pass Bet in Craps. Not the favored bet on the table.

3) It’s about the “stick man” – a dealer that actually announces what’s happening.  A craps stickman is the casino staff member who calls out the dice rolls and then returns the dice to the shooter. It’s like having your own color commentator.  Wouldn’t that be cool to have behind you at a VP machine (“four to a Royal…. three of hearts, no Royal, side out”   ……hmmm, maybe not…..)

Stickman to the left, boxman in the center, dealer to the right makes for a well-oiled machine.

4) It’s about playing at different levels of proficiency. For a game that looks so complicated – it’s really not hard. And while asking for advice at other table games usually results in grunts and grumbling from players and dealers alike, your new friends are more than happy to help you.  Go with a buddy who does play craps is even more fun.  “Pass line” – that’s all a craps newbie needs to know to join the fun.  All that other stuff on the table? There’s Plenty of time to learn about that.  K-I-S! (Keep It Simple)
5) It’s about throwing the dice – to throw the dice means you control the fate of the table.  As Star Trek’s Spock once said, “”With great power comes great responsibility” – but don’t let that bother you. On no other table game do you have the control – YOU’RE THE ONE TO THROW THE DICE!  The roulette dealer never let’s me turn the little ball in the wheel, and the BJ dealer doesn’t even let me touch the cards, never mind deal!  (Yes, I know you hold the cards in single deck BJ, but try finding it.) In New England, both Mohegan Sun, Foxwoods, Maine casinos and Rhode Island’s Twin River have real craps tables.

Shooting the dice everyone gets the chance.

Many casinos give free lessons.  Want to practice, or learn on your computer / iphone – there are programs and apps galore.  Here are some places to start:

Websites: Gambling Teachers –

Software: WinCraps (Online Casinos also offer free craps play)

Books: “Craps: Take the Money and Run” by Henry Tamburin &

             “Craps Made Simple” by Tomas B. Gallagher

Apps: “Aw Craps!”

Craps Dice

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…….keep those dice a-rollin……..
That’s all for now.

NETime Gambling’s Sunday Summary

It’s been a few weeks since we looked back at previous the week’s previous posts and highlights.  So, this morning, I will highlight the best of May, in case you missed anything. As always, I include some pics or humor or thoughts for the day.


Monday, May 1st – 13 Essential Gambling Websites

Mark Gruetze

Mark Gruetze of the Tribune-Review, or Trib-Live, posted an article about websites for Gambling fans. NETG highlighted his picks with a few additions of our own.

Monday, May 8th – Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast

A great podcast. His purpose is all about maximizing the experience for the recreational gambler.  “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Monday, May 15th – New England Casinos Increasing Hotel Rooms By Over 30%

There are only 3 Resort/Casinos that have hotels connected – Foxwoods (2266 rooms), Mohegan Sun (1600 rooms with the addition of the Earth Tower), Hollywood (152 rooms). Within the next two years, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine will add hotel rooms increasing the total number of casino hotel rooms by over 30%.

Connecticut State Capitol

Thursday, May 19th – Connecticut’s Third Casino – Four Links to the Latest Spin

More updates concerning the battle of CT’s third casino, from different points of view.

Tuesday, May 23rd – Mohegan Sun – Stadium Table Games Report

I made a short visit to Mohegan Sun Sunday to play and review stadium gaming, where 30-40 players can play at individual stations at the same time, but with only one dealer per game needed……

Plainridge Park Casino

Plainridge Park Casino

Tuesday, May 30th – Plainridge Park Casino Exceeding All Expectations

Plainridge Park continues to improve its footing in the New England Casino landscape. From its opening two years ago to now, Plainridge Park, in Plainville, Massachusetts, has pushed to make the first Massachusetts casino a successful one.

Finally, at the beginning of June:

June 2nd – Craps Quiz – How Much Do You Really Know?

Speaking of craps…….



It’s 8:00 AM at a gambling casino. Two bored dealers are waiting around for someone to walk up and try their luck at the craps table. A very attractive lady comes in and wants to bet twenty-thousand dollars on a single roll of the dice. The dealers agree.
She says, “I hope you don’t mind, but I feel much luckier when I’m bottomless.”
With that she strips naked from the waist down, and rolls the dice while yelling, “Mama needs a new pair of pants!”
She then begins jumping up and down and hugging each of the dealers. “YES! I WIN! I WIN!”
With that she picks up her money and clothes and quickly leaves. The dealers just stare at each other dumbfounded. Finally one of them asks, “What did she roll anyway?”
The other answers, “I don’t know. I thought YOU were watching the dice!”


Have a great week. – Binbin


Mohegan Sun – Stadium Table Games

I made a short visit to Mohegan Sun Sunday to play and review stadium gaming, where 30-40 players can play at individual stations at the same time, but with only one dealer per game needed.

Casino Game Evolution

One of the first Electronic Blackjack Multiple Player games. Still can be found at Twin River Casino.

In many ways, casinos seem to be the same as they were 30 years ago – table games, chips, slots, etc.  But it has been a slow, continuous change not easily seen by the gambling eye.  Some changes have been for the better.  Remember when Ticket-In, Ticket-Out (TITO) was considered blasphemy because players supposedly wanted to use coins instead of paper, and wanted to hear the sound of coins dropping into coin bin? Until I looked down and saw my hands covered in filth from quarters, I thought so, too.  Now? – TITO is just fine, thank-you.

Table games continue to evolve.  New games are introduced, variations of old games continue, and additional side bets are invented.  But who knew a hybrid form of table games would become so popular.  Electronic table games began to be seen as soon as video slots became popular with the appearance of blackjack as an option.  Soon, experiments with group roulette blackjack & bubble craps were seen in the casino.  However, the latest evolution of electronic table games seems to be taking casinos and their patrons by storm across the country, and that was what I went to experience.

John Grochowski wrote in an early article of E-TableGaming for CasinoPlayer,  “It’s a matter of evolution, not revolution—they’re not threatening to take over anyone’s table pits, but they provide a way to bring more table-style games to more players, and player acceptance is on the rise.”  The Casino Answer Man’s article can be found here – E-Table Evolution.

The games available at Mohegan Sun are produced by SCIENTIFIC GAMING called Hybrid Fusion.  It features a live dealer and electronic betting interface, with a multi-game feature. This allows for up to four games to be played at once. This particular set-up included two blackjack games, one roulette and one baccarat. Each chair in the Stadium Gaming area of the casino (it takes up quite a bit of real estate) has its own interactive video display. Wagers are placed through the screens as live games are dealt by actual human dealers, nearby.

For another interesting article about stadium gaming, as well as a great podcast, visit Vegas FanBoy for his article,  Stadium Gambling: It’s a Big Footprint, but is it a Big Step Forward?

Five Advantages for Casino & Players:

  1. Stadium Gaming has obvious advantages for the casino. It takes just a few members of the casino staff to serve all those players, dealers for each game and a floor manager. Low cost, high return, just the way casinos like it.
  2. Planned time with friends can easily turn into a solitary evening since finding tables with multiple open seats can be nearly impossible. The “arena” makes strides to provide sufficient space for groups. While it’ll be hard to find an entirely vacant row, even scattered seats still allow for bands of gambling friends to win and lose together. Additionally, pairs can enjoy gambling side by side on different games.
  3. The arena is designed for a more social experience – is that millennials I hear  rustling in the background, eager to gamble with their buddies? And rumor has it that one game expected to be found soon would be enjoyed by groups of 25 to 75 year-lds.  The development in the future might include tournaments, tutorials, and yes – even Bingo.
  4. Every bet can be tracked, leading to player rewards data on table games as accurate as casinos collect on slot players. There’s no need for the pit supervisor to track buy-ins and estimate average bet and table speed to calculate a player rating. The data is collected automatically.
  5. Players control their own pace, and can opt out a hand anytime. For some, it’s a natural bridge between fully electronic table games and live table games. It also bridges the gap for players who prefer the solo experience, such as video poker, slot, and keno players by playing table games by oneself.
  6. Multi-station electronic configurations add potential for games with lower betting minimums. A casino that can’t justify $5 minimums at live tables might be able to swing it if one dealer—whether live or in a video representation—is serving 100 or more wagering terminals.

Mohegan Sun Experience

Mohegan Sun was the first casino destination resort in North America to offer their players the Scientific Games Corporation Stadium Blackjack game on the company’s Fusion Hybrid electronic table system which connects four live-dealt games to Mohegan Sun’s three on-property casinos.

How Blackjack Is Played

The game features shared starting hands for all players, followed by independent decision-making by each player as the hand progresses. For example, the usual procedure of receive a card, see the dealer’s up card, then receive a second card is still true.  However, after that, to stand or hit, surrender, double or split, remains the personal players decision. Then, “community cards” are dealt, one at a time until all players decisions are made. Finally, the dealer plays out his hand as the rules allow.

BlackJack Rules

I was pleasantly surprised by the BJ rules.  All were 3/2 (yeah, not 6/5 or even money!).  Splitting, surrender and doubling rules are typical and match the casino rules.  Three side bets are included. Undesirable rules includes: 1) dealer hits on Soft 17. 2) no double after splitting. Not a bad play, not great, but definitely beats 6/5 for a BJ.


All in all, it was fun.  Not having to put up with pompous “know-it-all” or obnoxious drunks was another positive.  But it does lack the camaraderie found at a traditional blackjack table.  Depends what atmosphere floats your gambling boat.  I found it to be very user friendly. It is easy to switch between games on a wide screen that’s easy to navigate.  If you know how to play the table game, it only takes a quick look to find the buttons needed such as table status, countdown, wagers and results.

Foxwoods is rumored to be the next New England casino to introduce stadium gaming in the Great Cedar Casino where the 360 slot area was.  Most likely, it should be added to the Fox Casino, where one of the best night-clubs on the East Coast resides.

I can’t see this being used for video poker, some other table/carnival games, and standard craps.  Then again, I was against TITO when it first came out, so let the evolution continue!



3 Card Poker – A Primer

Three Card Poker was invented in England in the mid 1990’s by Derek Webb. It was originally called Casino Brag, since it was inspired by 3-card Brag, adapted to create a casino game in which players bet against the house rather than against each other. The name Three Card Poker was adopted when this game was introduced to America.

3 Card Poker’s popularity has separated it from the other fringe “carnival” type games.  It seems you can find it in any casino with table games.  There are usually more than one table, second to blackjack in popularity.  Why? it’s  easy to play, is a lot of fun and is one of the least intimidating table game. Here’s a primer.


thThe game is played with a single deck of 52 cards. Three cards are dealt to each player who has placed an ante bet and three cards to the dealer. After viewing his three cards the player must decide to either make a play bet, placing an additional amount equal to the ante bet, or fold, losing the ante bet.  Following this decision, the dealer’s hand is revealed and there is a showdown that depends on if the dealer’s hand “qualified” as follows:

    • If the dealer does not have Queen high or better, the ante bet is paid even money and the play bet is returned.
    • If the dealer does have Queen high or better and the player’s hand beats the dealer’s hand the ante bet and play bet are paid even money.
    • If the dealer does have Queen high or better and the player’s hand is equal to the dealer’s hand the player’s ante and play bets are returned.
    • If the dealer does have Queen high or better and the player’s hand is worse than the dealer’s hand the ante and play bet are lost.

    3-card Poker

    3-Card Poker Table

  1. An additional bonus is also payed on the ante bet irrespective of dealer’s hand or outcome of the hand if the player holds a strong hand 
  • Even money for a straight
  • 4 to 1 for three of a kind
  • 5 to 1 for a straight flush

Pair Plus Payout

There is also the Pair Plus wager, special side bet, is based on whether or not you will be dealt a pair or better.  The result of a Pair Plus® bet depends only on the three cards dealt to the player – the dealer’s cards are irrelevant. The Pair Plus® bet is lost if the player does not hold a pair or better. Winning hands are paid as follows:

  • Even money for a pair
  • 4 to 1 for a flush
  • 6 to 1 for a straight
  • 30 to 1 for three of a kind
  • 40 to 1 for a straight flush

A winning Pair Plus® hand is paid out even if the player folds, though in fact this situation rarely occurs, since with any such hand the correct strategy is to place a Play bet.

In most casinos you can bet on either of the games but some casinos require you to make an Ante Bet in order to bet the Pair Plus portion of the game.

Important things to know about 3 Card Poker

  • This is a fast-paced game
  • The strategy is simple for the Ante portion of Three Card Poker. You should fold if you have a hand lower than Queen – 6 -4 and you should continue and make the Play bet if you hand is higher. Yup, that’s all!
  • The hand rankings are not the same as the other poker games. Because only three cards can be dealt to any single player, the poker hands that they must create should be made up of three cards only, and thus have a slightly different hierarchy.  The main difference is the juxtaposition of the flush and straight. Here are common pay tables for the bonus “Pair Plus” ante – some better than others:
Common Pay Structures
Hand Type A B C D
Straight Flush 40-1 40-1 40-1 40-1
3 of –a kind 30-1 25-1 30-1 30-1
Straight 6-1 6-1 5-1 6-1
Flush 4-1 4-1 4-1 3-1
Pair 1-1 1-1 1-1 1-1
House Edge 2.32 3.49 5.90 7.28

For all of the mathematical breakdown, go to the Wizard of Odds website below, or click on the link to the right.

3 card poker – 6 card bonus

Three Card Poker 6 Card Bonus (TCP) is a Three Card Poker game that utilizes a player-dealer position. As in other games featuring a player-dealer, the players play against another player who will collect all winnings and pay all losing wagers to the extent that their wagers covers. The 6 Card Bonus is an additional optional bonus bet for Three Card Poker. The rules are as follows:

1. A player shall only place a 6 Card Bonus wager if he/she has also placed an Ante wager prior to the initial deal.

2. 6 Card Bonus wagers must be placed prior to the initial deal.

3. See the collection rate schedule for restrictions on the amount that may be wagered on the 6 Card Bonus Bet and any collection fees that may be taken.

4. The 6 Card Bonus wager considers the three cards dealt to the player’s hand and the three cards dealt to the player-dealer’s hand. A player then uses any of those six cards, regardless of the number of cards used from their hand or the player-dealer’s hand, to make the best possible five card poker hand.

5. If the player’s hand qualifies for payouts, the player is paid according to the posted pay below by the player-dealer.

6. If the player’s hand does not qualify for payouts, the player-dealer collects the 6 Card Bonus wager.

7. The player-dealer will pay all winning 6 Card Bonus wagers and will collect all losing 6 Card Bonus wagers.

8. The 6 Card Bonus wager may win or lose regardless of the outcome of the Ante wager. The 6 Card Bonus wager shall not be forfeited if the player folds their hand and does not place a Play wager.

9. Once the player-dealer’s wager has been exhausted, the wagers not covered by the player-dealer will be returned to the players.

10. Winning 6 Card Bonus wagers pay as follows:

3 card poker 6 card bonus

For those poker players and enthusiasts who are in search for something new but still want the same exciting aspects and elements of the poker game, why not try three card poker?  Lowest limits in most casinos are $5 ($10 for both ante bets).

That’s all for now



Casino Gambling Challenge – How Much Slang Do You Really Know

7525251_origSo, you say you’re a knowledgeable gambler?  Well, I have found 20 slang words used in the casino by players, dealers, and pit bosses – some simple, some rather esoteric. Let’s see what you know.  I dare you to take this challenge and comment to us at NETime Gambling on how well you did.

imageAnswers Tomorrow at 1:00pm, EST.  I made it easy – matching!  But, there are more answers than questions, so make sure you check all possible answers A-Z.

Note – it’s easier to take the Challenge on a tablet, or at the website NE

_____1. an Ante         A. a bet in poker placed before player sees any of his cards. Arm          B. a player who is skillful in throwing the dice 

_____3.The Blind      C. casino lingo for 10 dollar bet.

_____4.a Buck            D. a forgotten table bet originally wagered by the player.

_____5.a Copy   be broke or totally out of money

_____6.Down to the Felt     F.a Video Lottery Terminal

_____7.Grease           G.losing player

_____8.a Mechanic   H.a bribe

_____9.Barber Pole   I. a bet required to start at hand in card games.

_____10.a Bug              J.refers to a $100 bet

_____11.Cracking the Nut   K. a slang word for a dealer who cheats

_____12. a Fish             L. a drunk player.    

_____13.a George         M.sign above roulette table showing previous wins

_____14. Martingale    N. a net profit after all gambling expenses deducted.

_____15. a Pidgeon       O. more than one denomination/color in a stack of chips

_____16.a Railbird        P. the Joker card.

_____17.Spinner           Q. term for a winning session

_____18.a Tom              R. a generous tipper to table dealers 

_____19.a Skin or Skoon     S. an observer who hangs around a gaming table

_____20.a Ploppy         T. a player who is not knowledgeable about the games.

U. a wagering system where the player doubles up after every loss.

V. irritating player who has high expectations for casino comps and benefits while not deserved.        

W.a non-tipper.        X.a single dollar.        

Y. means a player and a banker have a similar two-card or  five-card hand especially in Pai Gow poker.

Z. a newer player who is not practicing sound strategy nor making correct decisions, however is not above coaching other players about what they should do







New Hampshire Adds a New…….Casino?

New HampshireNETime Gambling has not covered gambling in New Hampshire. Why, because getting casino gambling in the Granite State has been on again, off again since the blog was started some four years ago.  Who knew, under the radar, there was a secret in New Hampshire that most us didn’t know!

Well, we did, but on such a small scale that it seemed unimportant.  But, while lawmakers refuse to join the New England Casino Expansion race, gambling is still growing in the Granite State.

downloadA casino facility has just opened in Nashua. Jennifer Currier’ article on entitled “Gambling Expands in NH with New Nashua Casino” describes the opening, and how this new casino would be the 10th gambling property in New Hampshire.  The new Nashua, NH casino, The Boston Billiard Club & Casino, says it will include 15 poker tables alongside five pit games including roulette, blackjack, Mississippi Stud, Let it Ride and more (Doesn’t seem like a home poker to me) in accordance with the Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission.  Click on the link above for more info.

Hampton Falls Poker Room, New Hampshire

Hampton Falls Poker Room, New Hampshire

Previously, NETG posted it’s first look into New Hampshire’s poker rooms in Poker Update – Healthy in the Northeast, Including New Hampshire?.  At the time, it looked like similar operations to California’s Poker Rooms before Casino Gambling was allowed, only on a much smaller scale. But now offering Blackjack & Roulette as well?  How does this happen in a state without the legislature legalizing casino gambling?

According to, “charitable gaming in New Hampshire includes poker, bingo, Lucky 7, raffles, games of chance and card rooms. The only form of legal electronic bingo gaming is handheld electronic bingo cards. Bingo, and Lucky 7 have been legal in New Hampshire since 1949 and games of chance since 1977.”


When Rockingham Racing ended, a void was filled with more charitable casinos.

The New Hampshire Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission is responsible for the enforcement of applicable laws and regulations of charity games. In 2011, HB348 was signed into law by the governor. This legislation requires primary game operators conducting games of chance to use video monitoring in all areas where money is handled, including table games and the cash office. Also, language was included to make it a felony to defraud charities of any monies legally due from charitable gaming.

Here’s the basics:

  • 55% of the revenue generated by these facilities goes to operating and management costs
  • 10% is paid back to the state
  • the remaining 35% gets donated to local charities.
  • Players are limited to any single of $4. Poker is a bit more complicated, with a $5 cap per hand, and each player cannot put more than $500 into the pot.
  • Players keep their winnings.
The new Nashua casino opens in 5 days.

The new Nashua casino opens in 5 days.

It seems gambling is alive in New Hampshire and growing.  But don’t think this will lead to legalized gambling and a casino or two.  The legislature understands that adding legalized casinos with all the fixings would compromise the Charity Gambling Law in NH, with many needy charities loosing out to the new legislature, most likely due to casinos demanding that the law in changed or stopped in the interest of the brick-and-mortar casinos.

So, maybe New Hampshire is content just the way it is – for now.

That’s all for now.


Poker Based “Carnival Games” on the Casino Floor

casino-table-gamesThere is an unprecedented need for new table games in the market. These new table games are often called “carnival games.” These games are not for the serious player — the backbone of traditional table games consists of blackjack, roulette, baccarat and craps.  Three Card Poker, Caribbean Stud, Spanish 21, Super Fun 21, Ultimate Texas Hold’Em – so many table games, so little time & money. The variations of poker based “carnival” table games continue to grow.

“Carnival games” simply means games “other than the common and standard casino games, “novelty side game” that aren’t part of the standard casino offering.  Three-card poker is not listed below because it has reached a level of play and expectancy to the standard games of craps, blackjack and roulette.

Since it’s the time when the Global Gaming Expo, or G2E, is opening (this week) for its annual conference and show in Las Vegas, there will be many a table game inventor showing the next best table game, hoping for a company try it in the casinos.

So, what are the games that have made it to the casino floor?  You see them as you walk around, but look closely and you will see many variations, side bets, rules and progressives added to the old favorites.  This list will just concentrate on games based on poker.  Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and Craps are not listed here.  See if you’ve seen, played or wish to play the following “carnival” games.


Caribbean Stud Poker Table

Caribbean Stud Poker Table

Caribbean Stud Poker – Caribbean Stud Poker Progressive is a five-card poker game played head-to-head against the dealer, in which the dealer must have an ace-king or better to qualify. If the dealer does not qualify your ante bet automatically pays even money. If the dealer qualifies, the best five-card hand wins. The house edge, with US game rules, is  5.224%.*  Other hybrids include Caribbean Stud Poker and Caribbean Hold’Em

Four Card Poker – The game is similar to Three Card Poker but as the title suggests, four cards are used instead of three. Also, there is no dealer qualifying hand and the player can raise up to three times his ante. However, the dealer gets one extra card to form his best hand. Four Card Poker uses a standard 52-card deck. There are three ways to play. The game allows the player to wager against the dealer, to wager only on the value of his own hand against a pay table, or to wager both against the dealer and on the value of his own hand. Four Poker is a new poker variation marketed by Shufflemaster.

letitridetableLet It Ride – Yes, you can still find this early poker variation – and people still play it! Let It Ride is one of the most unique games in the casino because players do not play against the dealer or any other player. It’s based on the five-card stud poker game. The house edge is close to 3%*

Pai Gow Poker – An American derivative of the Chinese domino game of Pai Gow, It is believed that the game originated in the late 1800s when the Chinese helped build the U.S. railroads.  The game is known for a slow rate of play and lots of pushes, resulting in low risk game. While a game of skill, most hands are obvious how to play, and it is not difficult to learn proper strategy for the rest of them. Every player plays against the same dealer hand, which causes the table to often win and lose together, resulting in a fun and social game.

Pai Gow Poker Table. The key is how you set up your

Pai Gow Poker Table. The key is how you set up your High & 2nd Highest Hand against the dealer’s hands.

Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus – Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus Poker is a community card poker game with an objective to make the best five-card hand using any combination from the person’s two-card hand and the five community cards. Players are strictly playing against the Dealer, not other Players.  At the start of the game, Players have the opportunity to participate in an optional bonus wager which may be placed against a posted pay table. The outcome of the bonus wager has no bearing on any other wages placed by the Player.  Other variations include Texas Hold’Em Bonus, Ultimate Texas Hold’Em, and Texas Choose’Em.

Mississippi Stud Table layout.

Mississippi Stud Table layout.

Mississippi Stud – Mississippi Stud Progressive is a five-card poker game where you compete against a pay table, not against the dealer, and you win if your hand is a pair of jacks or better. The top payout is 500 to 1 for a royal flush and it pays on all bets! Mississippi Stud Progressive also features a progressive bet that pays up to 100% of the jackpot. The game is simple to play. Wins are based only on the player’s final five card hand. The skill is in deciding how much to raise, or fold, as the cards are revealed.

Other games not covered but gaining popularity include EZ Pai Gow Poker, Super Fun 21, and Crazy 4 Card poker.

* All house odds Come from the Wizard of Odds and Michael Shackelford.

I hope this was useful, if only very superficial.  The key is to know the rules BEFORE you go play these games.  And always check the Wizard of Odds for the best strategy.


Blackjack Variations

blackjack-humorI play blackjack, but it’s not my go-to game. I’m a low-roller, basic strategy kind of player.  So, when I started looking at blackjack variations, I was amazed by the list.

So I found a great website that lists most of the blackjack variants you can find in the casinos – both brick-and-mortar as well as online. seems to be a wealth of information, including articles about “how & When” to do things, card counting, online blackjack and is a great teaching source.

Back to the list of Blackjack variants that come right out from post called, “Blackjack Variations That Are Popular.” The article includes links with more information on each game.

Cats Playing Blackjack

Cats Playing Blackjack – I just love this.  No idea which variation they are playing.

The following list includes those that can be found in brick-and-mortar casinos. Those only online are not included.

  1. Bonus Blackjack – Bonus Blackjack is played exactly the same as standard blackjack, but with an optional side bet that gives the player a chance to really cash in on a blackjack. As it is only ever played with two decks, bonus blackjack is one of the most popular blackjack variations amongst card counters and professional players.
  2. Blackjack Switch
    Blackjack switch table and deal.

    Blackjack switch table and deal.

    Blackjack Switch has quickly established itself as one of the most popular blackjack variations found in casinos. While generally played the same as blackjack, the twist is that each player plays two hands and has the chance to switch their cards after the initial deal.

  3. Double Exposure Blackjack – it is one of the few blackjack variations that actually increase the odds for the player. Because of this, it is quite rare, as most casinos would rather not let players play blackjack variations where they are able to win more money. So if you ever do find one of these tables, sit down and play.double-exposure-blackjack_sa
  4. Free Bet Blackjack – According to Michael Shackelford, aka the “Wizard of Ods, “The twist to this one is the player doesn’t have to risk his own money when splitting or doubling (most of the time). It is like playing with a generous boyfriend at the table who makes all the supplemental bets for you and lets you keep the winnings. What is the catch?  if the dealer gets a 22, all bets left standing push.freebet-blackjack
  5. Pitch Blackjack – You already know Pitch Blackjack, even if the name is new. Pitch Blackjack is simply blackjack played with one or two decks, and gets its name from the pitching action the dealer uses to deal the cards. Online poker variations of Pitch Blackjack are typically just called single-deck blackjack
  6. Spanish 21 – There are a few twists to Spanish 21, the first being that it is usually played with a four deck shoe of cards. spanish-21-logoThese decks are what is referred to as a Spanish deck, meaning all of the tens are taken out. Some of the payouts are varied as well- all blackjack hands are paid on 3:2 odds no matter what the dealer has. Doubling down is allowed at anytime, including for split pairs. In fact, a player can double down anytime, not just on the initial two cards. So if you already took a card into your hand, you can still double down, though the rule of only one additional hit after doubling down would still apply. There is also a great rule called “double down rescue”, which is unique only to Spanish 21. Double down rescue means that a player can invoke the early surrender rule on a hand that they doubled down on. They would then lose only half their bet instead of all of it if they were to lose.spanish21_02
  7. 21 + 3 Blackjack – The “21 + 3” blackjack side bet is based on examining the player’s two cards and the dealer’s up-card. If the three cards form a flush, straight, three-of-a-kind or straight flush, the player wins. In the original version, the payout for each of these was 9-to-1.


    21 + 3 Table layout and Bonus paytable

  8. Blackjack Surrender – This is called an Early Surrender. The second option takes place after the dealer has looked at his cards to reveal if a Blackjack hand was dealt. This is called a late surrender. In both circumstances the dealer takes your surrendered cards, along with half of your bet.