Karaoke & Trivia Nights at New England Casinos

imagesOk, you know who are!  You’ll request the latest tune on the charts, or even something like “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey and wait for your turn so 20 minutes late you can dazzle (or not) an audience of friends and strangers.  Well, there are places in New England Casinos that enable (oops) I mean encourage you to show your inner Katy Perry or Jason Mraz.

Here is an update on Karaoke from April:

Foxwoods –

Wednesdays at The Scorpion Bar Karaoke at 10PM,

Acoustic Karaoke with Mark Beauchemin Wednesdays at 8 p.m. at Hard Rock Cafe

Mohegan Sun –

Comix – #TBT Live Karaoke at COMIX Mohegan Sun – Thursdays at 9:30

Karaoke with DJ Turk at The Lansdowne Pub, Thursdays, at 9:00pm

Newport Grand – on Tuesday Nights & Wednesday nights, 8pm in the Cocktail Lounge – Sing for fun & gift cards!


Ok, so you are not in the social singing thing – but trivia competition?  Yes, you’re there!

Here are Trivia opportunities in New England’s Casinos to show how smart you are:

Hollywood Bangor, ME. – Hops House 99 Trivia Night every Thursday at 7:30, with drinks specials beginning at 7:00pm.

Newport Grand – in the Cocktail Lounge, most Thursday nights – 7:30 pm 

Mohegan Sun – Arooga’s Grille House – Thursday Nights, at 5:30pm


New Slot Machines, Part 2 – Everis Giving Module and IT

Slots have come a long way from the 60’s. Here are the Beatles playing in Las Vegas.

At first, only a few American companies made slot machines that covered the casino floors. In the 1970’s, before video slots, International Gaming Technologies (IGT), Williams and Bally’s were predominant, especially IGT with their video poker machines.  Random Number Generators were new, and Double Diamond reel slots hadn’t been seen yet (introduced in 1990).

Fast forward to today, and many new companies have emerged from all over the world to share the casino floor. The biggest new names have included Australia’s Aristocrat & Ainsworth, Japan’s Konami, Aruze (started in Japan, but now built in Japan, Africa, Australia & America), Italy’s Spielo (partnered with IGT), and Austria’s Novamatic. For a full list with links of slot making and software providing companies, both brick-and-mortar & online casinos, visit VegasSlotsOnline.com.


In 2014, slots maker Multimedia Games was acquired by a casino payments processing specialist called Global Cash Access. They re-branded the operation as Everi Gaming the following year. You have played Everi slots, maybe not even knowing. Everi introduced slot tournament banks that have been used at Foxwoods and Resorts Atlantic City, to name a few. The ‘TournEvent’ system is a bank of machines where players can compete against each other in a slots tournament which is personalized to them. This system has flourished and the company now have a yearly grand tournament which recently broke the Guinness World Record for largest slot tournament! Ever play Carnival in Rio, Haunted House or Starry Night? – all Everi.  Their latest slot can be seen popping up in casinos in New England – Penn & Teller.

BestOnlineCasinos.com describes their latest success in this way: “Themes for Everi slots range from the traditional Asian and Egyptian titles, though mystic and high-energy games and right through to some light-hearted and humorous titles. Many of these games have bonus features on second screens, though I would not rate them as overly fancy of complex slots. As a live casino slot specialist, the focus is always on keeping a balance between solid game play, big win potential and keeping things varied enough to keep players engaged. The fact that these slots are popular in so many casinos shows that their formula has been a success.”

Jackpot Jump can be found in most casinos as of last year.

Recently, they announced the debut of the revolutionary new Everi Cares™ Giving Module. Designed to make social consciousness a convenient priority on the casino floor at the time of a kiosk-based voucher redemption, Everi Cares Giving Module allows players to easily donate funds to fully vetted charities and enables casinos to give back to their communities, enhance their own corporate responsibility programs, and better engage with players looking to donate to charities. While helping to decrease the amount of abandoned vouchers, it also helps the profile and awareness of local charities, helping to create a closer community bond.

Incredible Technologies

Incredible Tech. Super Sky Slots with hand touch technology.

Eat Em Up progressive slot

Since beginning in 1985, IT has varied operations from writing lines of code for pinball games, to making their mark on popular culture with hits like Golden Tee® Golf.  Lately, their success has been entering the casino gaming market. But it was only since 2055 that IT started expanding to become a licensed manufacturer of Class-III electronic gaming machines.

Today ITS have their amazing video slots in casinos in 17 States, as well as around the world. These games are bright and bold – and many include innovations in the game play which are at the cutting edge. For fresh and innovative live casino slots with genuinely different game-play options, ITS games are certainly worth a spin. While other slot makers are adding new free spin or pick-em games, Incredible Technologies have scatter pays slots, mirror-reels and angled-pay lines.

New favorites include Money Roll, Super Sky Wheel, and one of my favorites Eat ‘Em Up, a progressive slot with the tall infinity platform cabinets.


Our next post on slots will be about the latest reel slots that are knock-offs of popular video slots.  Reels are making a comeback. But for now, try the newest slot by Everi & IT.


New Slot Machines, Part 1 – 5 Latest Licensed/Themed

While casino owners try to figure out how to get younger players gambling in their properties, a lot of attention is still turning to the current evolution of non-skill slot machines. Older machines are remade into different versions, like all those Buffalo slots, new models are still being produced, even with the casino industry’s lament over slot revenue decrease.

One thing they tend to forget – playing slots that don’t suck the bankroll’s life out of you quicker and quicker won’t bring more players!  And all the other fees introduced with less connection to the players expectations won’t bring players knocking down the casino’s doors either – but that’s another topic for another day.

Today we take a brief look at the Licensed / Theme Slot Machines newest slot machines you can find now in casinos across the country. These games feature licenses from famous movies, video games, television shows and comics, allowing you to enjoy your favorite franchises while playing.

Is it big business? – you bet!  Players tend to gravitate to licensed slots that incorporate the theme of a favorite TV show or movie. Eriq Gardner from the Hollywood Insider explains. “Ever since a Wheel of Fortune slot machine took the industry by storm two decades ago, manufacturers have been gravitating to licensed properties. That’s meant bonus income for Hollywood studios (and the stars, who get a piece of the action if their faces are used) that can range from $1 million to $20 million, says gaming analyst Todd Eilers. In all, casino gaming manufacturers spend up to $200 million annually to land rights to popular brands like The Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons because a recognizable image can make all the difference on a casino floor.”  He continues “…..Beyond royalty payments (even a contract that grants a few dollars per machine per day can translate to six figures annually for popular games), stars also benefit from a promotional boost. The licensing agent calls it “revenue-generating brand awareness,” particularly for personalities that have a presence in Las Vegas, like Britney Spears, Celine Dion and Cirque du Soleil (who all have branded games on the Strip): “Anyone with a Vegas residency needs to get into the space because there’s a natural association. How many people walk by a game and are reminded, ‘Oh yeah, I do want to see a Cirque show’? It’s not just free advertising — it’s advertising that someone’s paying you for.”

The Latest Licensed Slots

The Mariah Carey video slot is a five-reel casino slot machine with one of the brightest cabinet displays on the gaming floor. The whole machine is decked out in a purple and neon blue color scheme designed to attract attention. You’ll also get to enjoy plenty of her songs during play, with various videos of her performances appearing during special features. Carey fans will probably enjoy, but if she turns your stomach, this probably isn’t for you.  For all the fanfare, this should be a quick visitor to the casino floor.

Elvira – Aristocrat helps to celebrate Elvira’s 35 years as America’s favorite sultry but spooky icon. This is a high volatility game with seven possible bonuses, including rolling reels, the “Boob Tube Pick Bonus,” “Elvira’s Big Wheels,” and Double D Vision 3 with jiggling boobs as the symbols stop. Full of innuendo, it’s fun but isn’t good for a long play – even though it has many “entertaining” features.

National Lampoon’s Vacation, made by Scientific Gaming, features the comical characters and hilarious footage from the comedy about the classic American family road trip. Included in this game are a host of comical and engaging game features such as a wheel bonus which awards credits, a 2x multiplier or sends the player on an adventure into the Walley World free spins feature or the Griswold family vacation bonus. The vacation bonus awards credit prizes or the opportunity to play one of six bonus games, such as the vibrating bed bonus, skinny dipping bonus, jump the rail bonus and the auto bonus, all based on signature funny scenes in the movie.  This slot machine seems to be a lot of fun and should be a hit on the casino floor.

Three Amigos & Three Amigos Ride Again is an entertaining new game based on the 1986 hit American comedy, The Three Amigos!, featuring the hilarious characters—Lucky Day, Dusty Bottoms and Ned Nederlander. made by Ainsworth, the latest version “Rides Again” slot includes eight free games with multipliers, reveal symbols and retriggers. At the beginning of the free games, five wheels spin to reveal a feature enhancement. The game also has 10 free games with multipliers and held wilds with bonus retriggers as well as a Progressive Piñata feature.  Max bet will access the progressive jackpots.

Sienfeld – Five HD video screens, wide-area progressive, numerous bonus features such as the Soup Nazi, and the Festivus Bonus which uses IGT’s Motion Gesture Technology, first seen in the Willy Wonka machines of the same cabinet.  Featuring the four main characters of the sitcom, it looks like a lot of fun.


AINSWORTH GAME TECHNOLOGY – King Kong, King Kong Skull Island, The Magnificent Seven Reloaded.

ARISTOCRAT TECHNOLOGIES – Tim McGraw, Game of Thrones II, The Big Lebowski, The X Files, Candy Land, My Cousin Vinny

EVERI HOLDINGS – Penn & Teller, Casablanca, Underdog, Casper the Friendly Ghost,

GAMECO – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

IGT – The Voice, The Ellen DeGeneres Show Sharing the Love, The Goonies,  Baywatch 3D, Betty White.

SCIENTIFIC GAMES – The Bachelor, The Godfather, Johnny Cash


Tipping at the Casino

Recent postings on tipping at the casino has inspired me to point out typical practices and etiquette concerning casino tipping.

First, my own opinion is that tips are earned for good service.  Tips are not an entitlement.  A smile goes a long way towards a tip.

That being said, those that work in the casinos, whether they are waitresses or dealers, have job similar to the waiters and waitresses that serve you every day at your favorite restaurant or your favorite bartender at the local bar – these people work in the service industry. As service providers, the majority of their income, up to sixty-six percent, is actually earned by tips and not their base wage.

Blackjack Table

Blackjack Table

Table Games

The following are tipping guidelines for table games.  It is my opinion that part if the dealer’s service responsibility is providing a good time, or at least a efficient run of the game.  I don’t tip “Debbie” or “Donald” Downers.  But, as long as the game is being dealt in a professional, pleasant manner, it is appropriate to tip your dealer periodically regardless of whether you’re winning or losing. Besides, having the dealer on your side can certainly help.  Many dealers will look out for your bets if you even place a bet for them, including them in the game.

Blackjack – A good rule of thumb and proper tip etiquette is to tip the dealer about one chip worth five dollars during each session. A session is the amount of time that a dealer works the table before their replacement steps in. Some blackjack players set aside as much as ten percent prior to starting gambling.

Craps – Again, like blackjack, it is custom to give the dealer a minimum of one chip worth five dollars during the session that they man the table. Again, a side bet of as much as ten percent can be set aside to compensate the dealer.  Personally, I feel craps is a tough game for dealers and takes a special person to follow all the action, especially on a busy table.  That should weigh in on your tip considerations.

Poker – Tipping etiquette for poker is much like blackjack and craps in that most players give their dealer a minimum of one chip worth five dollars during the session that they deal. Depending on the amount you win, you can give the dealer an extra ten percent but do not tip more than twenty-five dollars.

Roulette – While at the roulette table, the tipping rules are pretty simple. Keep your tip around one chip worth five dollars for each session.

Slot Attendants

Slots and  Video Poker

Even the slot machines, which are played independently of any dealers, may require tipping. If you hit the slots big, feel free to tip the casino worker up to five percent but no more than twenty-five dollars.

Rob Wiser from Strickly Slots points out that “Don’t forget the waiters and waitresses. The one person you should always tip every time—without fail—is your beverage server. “Complimentary” means the drinks are free, but it doesn’t mean the service is. Most players aren’t aware that when you stiff a cocktail waitress—or get up and leave before she can bring your order—she technically has to pay for that drink. To put it simply (the actual formula is rather complicated), each time a waitress orders a drink from the bartender to serve to a customer, the drink is recorded in the computer, and she is responsible for paying the IRS tax on that drink.

Service with a smile.

Beverage Service

When the drinks are “free,” a dollar per drink is a good tip. Whether it’s a glass of champagne or a bottled water, every beverage counts as one. This is why you should tip regardless of the type of drink, and tip for each one. If you request a glass of ice with your Diet Coke, $2 would be an appropriate tip, since it’s technically two drinks and they’re taking up that much space on her cocktail tray.”

Tipping beforehand can be a smart move with cocktail service. You’re letting the waitress know right off the bat that you’re an appreciative customer, and she’ll likely give you the fastest service possible. But beware, it doesn’t always work the way you’d like.

Dividing the Pie

Rob Wiser reminds us that, “In most casinos, dealers pool their tips and split them. If you want to know whether your dealer gets to keep tips, or has to pool them, just ask. Some players will tip a bit more generously knowing that the money is going directly into their dealer’s pockets.

Pooling tips is a policy that makes sense for casinos. Otherwise, the dealers working at the high-limit tables would rake in huge bucks—some high rollers are known to tip thousands of dollars—while the dealers at the low-limit tables would barely make a living. Pooling tips encourages all of the dealers, no matter what area of the casino they’re stationed in, to be courteous and professional.”

However you approach tapping at the casino, tipping is a very personal choice; there’s really no “correct” percentage, as there is with a restaurant bill. Consider what the service industry says: the word “Tips” stands for To Insure Proper Service.

If you get the proper service, give the proper tip.  Simple.





2 Casino Games To Make Your Group’s Celebration More Fun

A group party at the Craps table.

Whether it’s an adult birthday, a bachelor or bride-to-be party, or a special night out with your friends, sometimes just letting loose in the casino without a plan just doesn’t cut it.  When a group is celebrating at the casino, sometimes, they have to make the fun themselves, or at least embellish it.  Whatever plans you make, the larger the casino means the more opportunities for crazy activities.

A few months ago, my wife and I were speaking to friends of ours at one of our favorite watering holes – the Mohegan Sun Racebook. Our friend Pam was telling us about a “girls night” at the casino she had planned. It seems that girls night out at the casino has gained popularity over the years. And when it comes to pre-wedding and birthday celebrations, the local casino offers a great time.

Bar crawls, adult productions, and taking part in amenities such as the spa are commonplace but successful activities. Maybe finding free table game instruction as a group, or play table games like craps is what you like. But I have two different activities that you may love to try.

Casino Scavenger Hunt

One casino party activity she put together that I thought was rather creative and fun was the “Casino Scavenger Hunt.”  This is really great to use with casino “newbies.”  Groups separate into teams. Then go about the casino finding everything on the list – some easy, some hard. Of course, pairing this with a bar crawl isn’t a bad idea either. This particular scavenger hunt list included:

  • Slot Machine with a dragon on it
  • Someone smoking a cigar
  • A menu with the word TUNA in it
  • Someone hitting a handpay jackpot
  • A bride to be
  • Three napkins from 3 places where you had a drink
  • Waitress with nothing but water on her tray
  • A guy with a beard
  • a red bra
  • The number 23 showing on the roulette screen as being hit
  • and more

They had fun not only finding everything, but competed to be first to find all.  Then discussing what they saw and experienced was even more hilarious.

Slot Races

One of the podcasts I listen to is 360Vegas Podcast, with Mark, Keren, & Tony.  It’s a great podcast, opinionated, and downright risque at times.  The hosts have a lot of fun producng this great podcast enhanced with pics that accompany the many Las Vegas and gambling topics they discuss.

Twice a year now, they have a get-together in Las Vegas called 360VegasVacation.  One of their best activities is called Slot Races.  The minute I heard about it, I knew it would be a great activity for these types of celebrations.  Here’s how it works, directly from Mark himself:

Slot Races

  • Need multiple 3 reel, one-arm bandit slot machines with bet 1 button
  • Everyone agrees to put the same amount in, say $20
  • The first to lose it all calls out they are done, at that time the other players cash out and give what they didn’t lose to the person who lost it all first


  • Must hit the bet 1 credit button 3 times (to get it to max bet), then pulled the handled.
    • Can’t hit the max bet button
  • Jackpot Exemption
    • Since the game requires you to play max bet, there is a chance someone could win a large jackpot.  In those cases, we made the following rule.
    • Anyone give up at anytime before the winner is declared.  Doing so will require you to give the entire buy in amount to whoever wins.

Special thanks to 360Vegas for sharing their fun idea. Try either one to make an ordinary night even better.  These activities don’t even need a special celebration, and can take up time without spending a lot of money.

Got another idea?  Share it with us at NETimeGambling.com. 





“Millennial Obsession” Casinos Ignoring Previous Generations

Where would we be without selfies & photo-bombs? Maybe doing something useful or not annoying others?

I’m already tired of hearing about it – millennial this and millennial that…..

Hey Casino Industry – the “boomers” and previous generations are still out here filling your pockets. The least you can do is multi-task and make all of your visitors happy.

What generation do you fall into?

What generation do you fall into?

What generation do you fall into? What generation do you fall into?
Recent articles by Phillip Marcelo from the Associated Press and Daniel Smythe of WPT Magazine were informative and entertaining,. with many great points concerning ways casinos are trying to lure the 20-35 year olds into the casino. A 2015 article by the Wash­ing­ton-based Mar­keting Re­search Asso­ciation suggesting current versions of slot machines are “widely viewed” by millennials as “antisocial, non-intuitive and generally boring.” Ok, I get that. Many Gen X’ers felt three reel slots were the same way.

In their articles, they basically listed the many ways the industry is changing to cater to that generation born between 1984 and 2004. Well, consider these:

80 years old!

Fact #1 – 70 IS THE NEW 40! – Boomers are living longer and are more mobile and interested in leisure activities that any generation before it. “65” is not drop dead age any more, “65” and way older now means “what would I like to do to enjoy my life” age! We’re here, we love GOOD gambling, slots, REAL table games, and great entertainment. We are the ones filling your upscale “hoity, toity” overpriced restaurants. We’re also the ones bringing our family, our grand-kids, and our work buddies to see concerts, eat donuts, breakfasts and buffets. Unless you start changing out all the slots for comfy chairs, social media areas and the “oonce, oonce, oonce” of DJ’s all over the place, we’ll still visit. By the way, that’s GOOD gambling, with GOOD odds, Friendly “live” Human dealers, and GOOD Dining & Entertainment options.

Fact #2 – SHOW ME THE MONEY! – Isn’t this younger generation that you’re banking on the one that has benefited the least from the country’s economic turn-around from the 2007 recession? Isn’t this the next generation to owe more in college loans than any previous generation? Isn’t this the generation that has less money in their pockets for leisure activities, like gambling? Give them what they want and enjoy the most – clubs, drinks, entertainment and social opportunities. Stop overhauling the casino for those who won’t go in it in the first place.

Fact #3 – It’s about money! News Flash! Many casinos are worried about slot revenue, but not necessarily worried about the players. Since corporate America took over the gambling industry, their concern is making a profit, (as all capitalists do). After the conditions of state regulations, payment agreements, financial support to neighboring communities, and taxes, the casino bean-counters still need to show a profit. The number of people of any generation visiting casinos isn’t dwindling, it’s increasing, ever since 2007. The problem for the casino industry is that the path of the money invested into a casino is changing and much more diverse. Casinos (and states that work with them) can’t depend on the gambling revenue anymore, so they’re panicking. Changing the gambling options in a casino is like Nike making a shoe for everything – hiking, cross-fit, cross training, walking, running…. some will buy it, but most will look for the best shoe that suits them for their particular interest and ignore the compromised “one-fits all” brand. Diversity is important, but one big mixed hybrid won’t cut it.

Mohegan Sun Poker Room

The Mohegan Sun Poker Room in the Casino of the Wind.

Fact #4 – POKER INTEREST – the addition of Poker rooms in Casinos is not due to millennial interest in poker – it’s due to televised tournaments 5-10 years ago. You could find them any time of the day, on multiple channels. Then, due to federal pressure concerning online poker and it’s advertising, companies like ESPN chilled on their coverage. It dwindled, then experienced a resurgence again, which I believe can be attached to two things:

  1. the interest in Daily Fantasy Sports and
  2. more states that have increased legal online poker in their states.

Poker has always been in America’s blood – played as we know it since the Civil War and the introduction of the 52-card deck. To think it’s a young man’s game must make the Benny Binions of the world frown in disgust.

Video Black Jack with “live” dealer

Fact #5 – VIDEO TABLE GAMES – casinos are introducing “Video Table Games” with lower limits for Millennials so they can socially gamble as a group spending less money. But who’s kidding who? How about these reasons for casinos introducing these games:

1. It costs the casino less not having to pay for an employee to deal
2. The odds are usually stingier – especially craps, where odds bets amount are limited to 2X, and blackjack with some BJ paying even money.
3. It lures novice gamblers to spend their money while not knowing basic strategies and betting high house “sucker” bets.

The bottom line of this post is that while casinos are trying to look ahead and be relevant for the newest generation of gamblers, don’t forget the rest of us, because we are still your bread & butter. Casinos are many things to many people of all ages. Consider us all as clients for a return visit.


The Facts About Video Blackjack vs Traditional Blackjack

Blackjack Table

Blackjack Table

There are four physical formats for playing blackjack in casinos:

  1. the traditional live table game with live dealer
  2. stadium game play, with a live dealer, but played with community cards by many players
  3. electronic blackjack, played by up to six players around a blackjack table with a video dealer
  4. video blackjack on a solitary machine, usually the same terminal with video poker, keno, and a few slots.

IGT video blackjack

Is it better to play video blackjack at a video poker terminal or to shimmy up to the table and play the game the way it was meant to be played? (at least before 6/5 BJ and all the enhanced house edge rules.)

It really depends on what you are looking for in your blackjack experience. There are some players out there that refuse to play a video blackjack game. (To be honest, I’d rather play keno than video blackjack.) Some players feel video blackjack can’t be trusted. But, there ARE reasons to play video blackjack?  Let’s compare:


LOWER MINIMUMS – Video blackjack machines often have a lower minimum bet as little as $1. Compared to traditional tables, even $5 seems low, especially on weekends where limits can start as high as $15 – $25.

BETTER RULES – Video blackjack games can have better rules than any live blackjack game that can be found in the same casino. Check the rules and you may find standing on all 17’s, offering surrender, doubling after the split and split up to 3 hands, better rules than many traditional games offered in several casinos.

BETTER COMPS – Comps, the free perks casinos give to players, are calculated higher for machine players. Some casinos won’t even rate you if you play under $25, and those that will rate you will give you very little in the way of comps, and making some promotions available to you that only apply to slot machines since your play on video blackjack machines will count as a slot machine.

NOT A SOCIAL PLAYER – Many of us have played at those serious tables of NFB (No Fun Blackjack).  The dealer might be grumpy, the players may be serious strategy or card counters, and heaven help you if play the wrong way (according to basic strategy).  Some players can be very intimidating, if not down-right nasty.  It is a belief that the wrong play will effect the other players’ hands.  Over time, this has been proven not to be true.  Your next mistake may actually help them win – but you;ll never hear a thank you for that.

DISADVANTAGES TO PLAYING VIDEO BLACKJACK – Now a word of caution from our friend, the Casino Answer Man John Grochowski:

CHECK THE PAYOFFS –  “Given basic strategy for a single-deck game, the house edge is about 2.5 percent. If you got the full 3-2 payoff on blackjacks, it would be a 0.24 percent game, but even-money pays on two-card 21s add 2.27 percent to the house edge. That’s equivalent to a slot payback percentage of 97.5 percent, so yes it’s a higher payback than on penny slots. Returns vary from game to game, casino to casino and jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but penny slot paybacks almost always are less than 90 percent.

FASTER PLAY – A word of caution: video blackjack plays a lot faster than table blackjack. The video game doesn’t need time for dealing cards to other players, settling bets, stacking chips in trays, buy-ins and cash outs of multiple players, shuffles or cuts. As a video player, you can play just as fast as you can make decisions and hit the buttons. At a full table, you might play only 50 to 60 hands per hour. If you’re betting $10 a hand, you’re risking $500 to $600. At your video blackjack game, it’s easy to get in 500 hands per hour. Even with $1 bets, you’re betting $500 per hour.

Your hourly wager total is right up there with the $10 table players, and you’re playing against a house edge that probably is much higher than the table edge. On a six-deck game where the dealer hit soft 17, you may double on any first two cards including after splits, may split any pair up to three times and blackjacks pay 3-2, the house edge against a basic strategy player is 0.62 percent. If your budget extends only to $1 bets and you’re going to set a low loss limit, then you can have some fun at the blackjack machines. But for extended play, the table usually is the better play.


A fun time was had by all!

While video blackjack has more of a beginner following, there are certainly advantages to a live dealer and live action.

DRINK SERVICE – If you would like good drink service, you will get served more drinks in the table games pit than you will in the slot area where video blackjack games usually are located.

BETTER COMPS FOR HIGHER ROLLERS – If you are going to average $25 or more a bet then you will get noticed in the pit and you are likely to get better comps.

COUNTING CARDS – If you are going to count cards it will be much easier to do so at the table games. It is impossible to count cards on some blackjack machines. A full table game of blackjack will likely be faster than a video blackjack game because novice players are more likely to be on the machines.

SMOKE FREE TABLES – If smoke bothers you then table games might be best for you too. Casinos will often make a table smoke free upon request. That cannot be done in the slot area.

SOCIAL – Table blackjack games also tend to be more social than video blackjack machines. No, it’s not the fun commeradeie of the craps table, but with the right people, it can bring a bit of “the players vs. the casino” excitement.


The machines that can be played advantageously are multi seat machines where blackjack pays 3 to 2. Some video poker machines such as Game Kings and Game Makers have a heads up blackjack game on them. These are terrible blackjack games. These games typically pay even money on blackjack. They typically do not allow doubling after the split either. Some of these machines do not allow doubling at all. It is best to avoid these games. Some multi seat games are single deck games that pay 6 to 5 on blackjack. Avoid these single deck machines as well.


There are advantages to playing both live and video blackjack. Each player has their own goal as to what they would like to get out of a blackjack game. Blackjack can be fun whether it is a video blackjack game or a live blackjack game; it is up to the player to decide which they enjoy more.er hour. Even with $1 bets, you’re betting $500 per hour.



7 New England Casinos by the Numbers

NewEnglandFINALEver ask the questions:

Which New England Casino has the largest casino?

What tables games are offered at X, Y, & Z casinos?

How many dining facilities are there at “such-and-such” casino?

Does “such-and-such” casino have non-smoking areas? Where are they?

These and more answers to your questions about New England Casinos are now at your finger tips.  One click and a link to your favorite New England Casino(s) will give you the numbers of whatever you’re looking for.
Hotel, Gambling, Dining, Entertainment and Retail Facts of All New England Casinos are provided here to answer questions pertaining to all seven casinos.
Click on each Link below to see the statistics of each casino, or click on the summary of all seven for an instant comparison.

Connecticut Casino Facts (Mohegan Sun & Foxwoods)

Rhode Island Casino Facts (Twin River & Newport Grand)

Massachusetts Casino Stats (Plainridge Park)

Maine Casino Facts (Oxford & Hollywood Bangor)

All NE Casino Facts

As in all pages of information such as this, numbers may vary slightly or even change as time passes.

Your help is needed!  If you find added table games, dining info, or changes of any kind in any of this information, say hello and send us a comment.  Let us know!

Your NETG Staff – Bin, Miguel, & Bert.

Halloween 2017 at New England’s Casinos

Yeah, I know – Halloween is a popular event (I refuse to raise it to Holiday status). At Connecticut’s two casinos, Night Clubs have the best parties this weekend to get that Halloween freak on.


AVALON Halloween Open Costume Party

with Special Appearance by Brody Jenner Saturday, October 28th 2017

Open costume contest at VISTA

Two winners, one male and one female, will win Best Overall Costume with a prize of a $100 gift certificate towards their next VIP table. October 28th, 9:00pm. Face paint and masks are prohibited on the gaming floor. Must be 21+ with a valid ID. Admission subject to management discretion.

80s Rock Star Halloween Costume Party at The Lansdowne Pub

Saturday, October 28th 2017, 9:00pm. Come dressed as your favorite 80s Rock star



Scorpion Bar Costume Party

Free Before 10pm, Oct 27, 9:00PM Kick off Halloweekend at THE SCORPION BAR. Throw on your best/scariest/funniest costume and party with music by John Cardona.
PLEASE NOTE. For your safety, there are some items that guests are prohibited from bringing inside of the Fox and Grand Theaters. Please click here for the full list.

Halloween Party with Clinton Sparks

Shrine, TICKET PRICES, $20, Friday, Oct 27, 9:00PM
Open Costume Party, Music by Clinton Sparks, a multi-platinum, Grammy nominated producer/songwriter for Lady Gaga, Akon, Pitbull, Ludacris, and more.PLEASE NOTE, For your safety, there are some items that guests are prohibited from bringing inside of the Fox and Grand Theaters. Please Check Foxwoods website.

Halloween Party with Paola Shea at SHRINE

Open Costume Party.  Saturday,  Oct 28, 9:00PM. TICKET PRICES -$30.  PLEASE NOTE, For your safety, there are some items that guests are prohibited from bringing inside of the Fox and Grand Theaters.




10 Casinos in New England by 2020 – An Update

Everyone likes to speculate about the future – at least I do when it comes to the future of gaming in New England. It’s time to bring out my inner Zoltar and look ahead.

The stage has been set for the opening of full blown casino gambling expansion in New England by 2020. While there may be changes along the way – there always seem to be – the final New England Casino Portfolio should look like this:

Maine – 2 Casinos:

Hollywood Casino, Hotel & Raceway in Bangor, ME. Owner – Penn National
Oxford Casino, Oxford ME. Owner – Churchill Downs LLC.Hampton Inn at

New Hampton Inn across the street from Oxford Casino.

The Oxford casino will see expansion with Hampton Inn on Route 26 across from the entrance and it’s own hotel and expanded dining & gaming by the summer of 2018.  The treacherous cross over RT 26 from the Hampton Inn is also getting altered for safety reasons.

Massachusetts – 3 Casinos:

Plainridge Casino (Slots only) & Raceway, Plainville, MA. Owner – Penn National
Wynn Boston Harbor, Everett, MA. Owner – Wynn Resorts

rendering of entranc at Wynn Boston Harbor

Rendering of entrance at Wynn Boston Harbor

MGM Springfield, Springfield, MA. Owner – MGM Resorts International

A possible 4th Massachusetts Casino was slated for Taunton, MA.  First Light Resort, Taunton, MA. Owner – Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal NationTribal Council. The First Light casino, hotel and entertainment complex was to be built on a 151-acre industrial park that’s part of the Cape Cod-based tribe’s recently designated federal reservation. First Light at this time is being weighted down in a lawsuit brought on by a group of Taunton residents wanting to overturn the U.S. Department of Interior’s decision to declare land in trust for the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, which it plans to use to build the $500 million casino in the city. At this time, NETG believes it will not be completed any time soon. With the delay, First Light is hopelessly behind Wynn & MGM Springfield.

First Light

First Light Resort Casino, Wampanoag Tribe, Taunton May never see completion.

Rhode Island – 2 Casinos:

Twin River Casino (with expanded Hotel), Lincoln, RI. Owner – Twin River Management Group
Newport Grand, Newport, RI Closed for new Tiverton Resort, Tiverton, RI. (Move to Tiverton is expected by 2020) Owner – Twin River Management Group.

Proposed Tiverton Casino

Connecticut – 3 Tribal Casinos:

Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashatucket, CT. Owner – The Mashentucket Pequot Tribal Nation
Mohegan Sun Resort Casino, Uncasville, CT. Owner – The Mohegan Tribe of CT
MMCT Pequot & Mohegan Casino Venture, East Windsor, CT.

Proposed MMCT joint venture casino between CT’s Mohegan & Pequot tribes

The third casino in CT, by MMCT, is held up by the Bureau of Indian Affairs concerning a casino off tribal lands. It will be built, however.

A 4th Casino is being pushed on Bridgeport, CT by MGM.  It’s future is dim at best.


Zoltar is tired and I’ve run out of nickels.  Time to sit back and let the future unfold.


Referendum for Maine’s Third Casino Arriving Soon

A rendering of the proposed York County Casino, courtesy of the Portland Press Herald

According to  Scott Thistle of the Portland Press Herald, “a relatively small number of voters will decide whether to expand Medicaid and approve a casino in York County in November…..But if 2017 ends up looking anything like 2011 – the last year voters had no statewide races to decide except ballot questions on casinos – then less than half of the state’s registered voters will cast ballots.”  There is still a question whether the Pro Casino will get permission for absentee voting, and reeking havoc with the low voter turnout.

Overall voter turnout in 2011 was 43 percent, as voters decided against two casino ballot questions for Lewiston and Biddeford.

Shawn Scott, on the right, with attorney Courtesy Herald Press

It seems like the casino thing in Maine is like washing your hair – mix shampoo in hair, rinse out shampoo for clean hair, and repeat. However in Maine, they are always seemingly rinsing out the dirt from Shawn Scott & Co.

Economic experts continue to be skeptical about the York County casino bringing more than 2,000 jobs and $45 million in annual tax revenue to the area.  After all, the building of Oxford Casino included the prediction of $60 million in annual tax income, but has only produced about $32 million annually.

And then there is the referendum that is written to allow only one person, Shawn Scott, to apply for a permit to build a casino at an unspecified location in York County. Scott is an international gambling entrepreneur who won voter approval to add slot machines to Bangor’s struggling horse track in 2003. He then sold those rights to Penn National – which still operates what is now Hollywood Casino – for $51 million as regulators scrutinized his businesses and associates.  For a related articles, click on Maine’s Third Casino A Bad Bet  and Maine’s Third Casino – The Ultimate Scam Allowed by No Legislative Policy

Hollywood Casino, Bangor MaineThere are some who consider Hollywood Bangor a rousing success, and a great example of how casinos can help communities keep taxes down, create new jobs, spur tourism and economic development and generate additional funding for critical education, health care and agriculture priorities.  But, this is the same property that was asking for property assessment reduction in a dispute with the city of Bangor? The lower assessment that resulted from those talks stemmed largely from Hollywood Casino’s declining revenue since the opening of its main competitor, Oxford Casino. Rousing success?  Hollywood has had its slow times over the years.

Progress For Maine wants casino legislation

So, NETG still thinks that a third casino closer to Wynn Boston Harbor (Oxford & Hollywood are more north) will not be able to compete and will not do what the pro-casino group Progress for Maine wants.

Here’s the rundown on the vote:

Maine Question 1, the Casino or Slot Machines in York County Initiative, is on the ballot in Maine as a indirect initiated state statute on November 7, 2017.

“yes” vote supports this initiative to authorize the Maine Gambling Control Board to accept an application for a license to operate slot machines or a casino in York County, Maine.
“no” vote opposes this initiative to authorize the Maine Gambling Control Board to accept an application for a license to operate slot machines or a casino in York County, Maine.

The third casino’s window in Maine has closed. Another option for expanded gambling is needed to take the place of a full casino in southern Maine.



PAC-MAN Battle Casino Slot – Back to the Future

What’s new is old and what’s old is new again.  To try to get the millenials into the casino, the gaming industry is trying everything and  anything, including bringing PacMan back to a whole new generation of gamblers.

Gamblit vending areas at G2E in Las Vegas 2017

Skill-gaming pioneers Gamblit and Japan’s Bandai Namco, who owns the rights to the legendary arcade game character, have bonded together to bring PacMan to the casino floor.  After a very successful unveiling at the G2E this past week, it is scheduled to be rolled out to casinos in early 2018 in the latest bid to woo millennials with the joys of skill-based gambling.

PAC-MAN Battle Casino pits two to four players for against each other to play for cash prizes, while employing a similar financial and mathematical model to traditional slots.  It cannot be played alone, which is one point against. Unlike slots, however, Gamblit games are designed to be sociable and more in tune with the games the millennial generation likes to play.  This game looks like a new age coffee table.

Gamblit’s PacMan

According to Casino.org, “What makes Battle Casino unique is that it’s one of the first instances of skill-based video game gambling. While slot machines have adopted video displays, they’re still mainly games of chance. Success in Battle Casino is entirely dependent on one’s skill as a Pac-Man player.” Based on what we already know about this new player-versus-player gambling machine, will it lead the 20-somethings into the casino, or will it entice the already gambling baby-boomers. Time will tell.

Casino.org continues, “The player’s job of controlling Pac-Man has not changed, either. That yellow, 2D circle must be maneuvered around the classic game board, chomping on dots and evading those vibrant, computer-driven ghosts. Delectable fruits appear center stage to boost a player’s score, while swallowing up a power berry allows Pac-Man to gobble up his spectral rivals.”

Pac-Man Skill Gambling Game

Courtesy of Gamblit & Casino.org

So, do you think you’ve still got what it takes to devour dots, berries and ghosts better than your friends. Are you good enough to take home the cash pot?

I guess we’ll have to wait until next year to find out.  In the mean time, try iGaming’s Asteroids in Mohegan Sun or Pharaoh’s Secret Temple and Nothin’ but Net at Foxwoods by GameCo.



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