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Have you always wondered what life in the high-roller suites was like?  I have…….I could only imagine what it would be like to betting thousands of dollars on one hand of anything, with a dealer, butler, and host by my side.  My only extra request might be to have all 31 flavors of Baskin & Robbins’ ice cream – or all of Ben & Jerry’s.  Not much to request, right?

I had different plans for today’s link, but when I saw this on Twitter, I had to share it.  Brandon Presser wrote this article for Bloomberg, and he describes his experience as “A stint managing premier client relations at the Cosmopolitan revealed secrets that probably should stay in Vegas.”  I couldn’t stop reading it!

This is for all my podcasting friends who are Las Vegas nerds like me. After reading this article, I’m convinced that some things should definitely stay in Vegas. 

Real requests like a chinchilla-fur hammock, Louis XIII cognac, priced at $4,300 a bottle, or sending butlers to such glamorous places as In-N-Out Burger and Target. It’s a fascinating read. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

“Ten Things I Never Knew About Las Vegas Until I Ran a High-Roller Suite”

by Brandon Presser



Don’t Let Casino Trickery Turn You Into An Irresponsible Player

Oh, those who think that casinos should run their business and still let everyone win – and still pay the bills! Human beings are becoming so entitled. If you ask casino patrons on a bad streak, they will say the casino is up to something – they aren’t winning – and it’s the casino’s fault.

Listen, casino gambling is a recreational activity, with the vast majority of games offered having a skewed advantage to the house – we all know it, we just sit at that slot machine, riding that trip down the river of denial.

An article by Dr. Harrigan, the lead researcher and contact person for the University of Waterloo Problem Gambling Research Team. His primary research interest is in gambling addictions with a focus on why so many slot machine gamblers become addicted. In his article, he deals with many factors that the “Casino Industry” is basically trying to make addicts out of all of us – real, concerning, and a serious topic for potentially addictive gamblers.

So, how do casinos entice the individual gambler into gambling more? One way, to reference Dr. Harrigan’s article, is that the casino is not truthful about how much the slot machine pays. I’ve got news for you – hold on to your hat – that’s why it’s called “gambling!”

Big Win – Everytime?

Dr. Harrigan’s article says “…..on modern slot machines, half of ‘wins’ are actually net losses. An example would be a $1 bet with a 30¢ payoff. This is a loss of 70¢, but the machine shows bright graphics and makes sounds announcing a win. Researchers call these events Losses Disguised as Wins (LDWs) and have clearly shown that players experience these as actual wins, giving the players the (incorrect) positive feelings that they are winning.”

No kidding. The invention of video slots gave the impression of lots of small hits instead of waiting longer for bigger hits in reels. Bonuses also play in this game – individual hits can be small more often due to the chance and volatility of hitting a bigger bonus. We all wait to hit THE BIG ONE! Lotteries, the worst odds of all, wouldn’t be so popular – but we want the chance to hit the BIG ONE! In the longer run, the real problem is that the payout percentage continues to be lower throughout the country. Why? Because as a culture, we still intend on being constantly entertained, so it doesn’t matter to most players. We know the games pay less – but we like the fun, so we play them anyway. Why would so many people settle for 6/5 blackjack? or 6/5 JOB Video poker? Or Keno?

Caveman Keno

Here are two rules to live by as a casino visitor:

  • The responsibility on which casino games to play rests solely on the shoulders of the gambler.
  • Gamblers that play often be responsible enough to KNOW the best games, best strategies, and the pitfalls of high casino-advantage games.

So, be aware of the “tricks” (or maybe they are just good business practice) and take responsibility for your gaming. If it’s not fun anymore, contact GA, tell the casino to not allow your entrance (which casinos do to help addicted gamblers any time you feel you can’t control staying away) and seek help.

It’s not a black and white situation. It is neither solely the casino’s fault or the addict’s – it’s a gray area, more complex than any single blog could summarize.

So, be careful, be smart, be knowledgeable, and go to the casino with a money management plan for your visit every single time. This way you limit the “trickery” of those casinos, and also help to either leave with money, or at least lengthen your bankroll’s life.

That’s all for now.


“Recreational Gambling” – The Monday Link


Recreational gambling – frequent gambling trips with the intention to enjoy the casino visit with the hope of coming out ahead.

Today we introduce an interesting article about Recreational Gambling.  While there has been some connection to problem gambling, recreational gambling can be fun without the problem.

A little about our author – The Inveterate Gambler has had a keen interest in casino games and the casino industry for more decades that he likes to remember. Craps, Blackjack and some Pai Gow Poker are his games of choice. He also enjoys playing in the home poker game were wild cards and luck overcome skill. He has no interest in slots and if there were no table games he would never set foot inside a casino. He is an expert on the Atlantic City scene. Like Batman, Superman, The Green Hornet, and a host of his other comic book heroes, The Inveterate Gambler must keep his true identity secret.  He wrote this article for TravelZork,  a group of writers that possess an individual, personal, and passionate touch that brings the best travel and Vegas information and resources to the web and beyond.

“Recreational Gambling – A Fun Way to Spend Money”

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