Wynn & MGM – Industry Giants: Arrogant Bullies or Just Acting Badly in New England

“Two guys walk into a New England bar….you’d think the second would have seen it.”  Old joke, I know.  But it fits as you will see at the end of this post.

New England

New England

There’s an old saying in New England about those of us who have lived her and grown up here all our lives. “We don’t accept friendship easily, but when we do, it’s everlasting.”

It’s true that a stereotype of New Englanders is that we can be disagreeable, tending to be suspicious & cautious until we get to know ya.  Trust seems to take more time here in the northeast than other places, but if trust is gained, it’s everlasting. Maybe it’s the tough winters, the three days of spring, the long humid summers, followed by a never-ending falling of leaves, leaves and more leaves.

Fishing in Rhode Island

Fishing in Rhode Island

Whatever is the cause – the weather, the blue-collar history of hard work in textile and fishing industries – when people move here to do business, they need to do their homework to earn our trust.

So in walks two big-wigs from the west.  They are convinced that a) no one knows the gaming industry better than them, and b) they are the kings of manipulation, unstoppable, having their own way, no matter what us peasants in New England want. It is an arrogance that has romanticized the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to the point that Steven  Crosby and his cronies are willing to give Murren & Wynn carte blanche! Continue reading

Gambling Addiction: AG Healey & the Massachusetts Gaming Commission – Real Concern or Political Hooey?

healey-web-sm           MGC

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has been against casinos in Massachusetts from the beginning.  So, why would she stop now at building a reputation as the “Tough Anti-Casino AG.”

Recently, she recommended the implementation of certain provisions aimed at protecting state residents from spending “considerable amounts of money” at the proposed four casinos/slot parlors, which the Massachusetts Gaming Commission approved last week.

Attorney General Healey called for regulations that would minimize the negative effects of casino gambling, yet, isn’t this what Massachusetts wanted – to steal the Mass gambler’s bucks being spent in other surrounding states.  In other words, spend the same amount, but just in Massachusetts and certainly no more than what you’ve been spending.  (Although, I’m sure the Mass Legislature won’t give back the revenue of those in financial ruin.)

It is true that Mrs. Healey has been consistent with her viewpoint, but is the Massachusetts Gaming Commission consistent in theirs?  I believe there are certain comprimses that the MGC will make as long as the money stream starts flowing in the upcoming years.  Is the MGC really as concerned about gambling addiction and crime as AG Healey?  You decide with the following. Here is what Attorney General Healey has recommended so far, and what the MGC has done with them.  You will find a few NETime Gambling viewpoints following: Continue reading