Sugar Factory American Brasserie at Foxwoods – 2 Dining Reviews, Part 1

Writing a review of the Sugar Factory at Foxwoods was more challenging than I first thought it would be.  We made plans to visit not once but twice, and checked other reviews – and that’s where the confusion started…..

Sugar Factory is not your mom and pop’s ice cream stop or candy store.  It was started by Charissa Davidovici, founder of Sugar Factory in Las Vegas, who took a simple idea for her passion for candy and baking, and created a growing empire for herself.

Couture Pops at Sugar Factory can cost up to $30 and include handles and celebrity endorsements.

Charissa is quoted by Jennifer Chan of ENews! as saying “One of my biggest goals was to have an item that people could take home and always remember Sugar Factory, and realized a lollipop would be perfect! From there, the famous Couture Pop was born, as was the Sugar Factory brand. ” Seven years later, Sugar Factory has expanded to locations world-wide. Each location either has a retail store, cafe, chocolate lounge, full restaurant or party room.  We will be reviewing the restaurant and party room at Sugar Factory, Foxwoods Resort Casino.


After researching previous reviews about the Foxwoods location, Bert, our dining consultant, and I were wondering “what have we got ourselves into?” Complaints included staff rudeness, complacency and pushiness .  In some instances, staff was cited as rather passive in their concern for their patrons.  Long waits for food were mentioned, and that some items came to the table unlike the picture in the menu.

I began to think this place was long on hype and short on substance.  We decided it was time to visit & review the restaurant.

VISIT #1 – Dessert

Visiting Sugar Factory at Foxwoods can be pretty overwhelming, even if it’s just desserts your looking for.  It’s important to know it was midweek and mid-afternoon when we were seated.  We had a reservation (which I highly recommend no matter when you visit) that was looked over a minute for a few parties, but we were seated soon enough.

The restaurant was highly decorative and attractive. Chandeliers made it bling. The seats are somewhat close, but it makes it easier to ogle at the concoctions being served to those around you.  Staff was attentive and friendly.

The Menu “Book.”

The menu reminded us of Cheesecake Factory’s giant book, (yes book) of menu items and you have to really take a few minutes to find the kind of food you’re looking for.  we suggest you ask for a menu to browse while waiting to be seated.

Our choices were 1) the Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Sandwich ($11) with Peanut Butter Cookies, Chocolate Ice Cream in the middle garnished with Chocolate Chips and 2) the Chocolate Blackout Old Fashioned Sundae ($15), with Dark Chocolate Ice Cream, Chocolate Chips and Chocolate Gelato with Chocolate Brownie Chunks and Crunchy Chocolate Candies, topped with Hot Fudge, Whipped Cream, Dark Chocolate Shavings and Chocolate Sprinkles.  It is meant to serve two people.

The PB Cup Ice cream sandwich did not look like the menu, but did not disappoint either.  While it was tasty and larger than expected, the bottom peanut butter cookie tends to soften and fall apart due to the chocolate ice cream.  Good if you like that sort of thing. We rated it a good dish, and also could be shared by two.  The menu is SO extensive, we would probably try something different next time.

WARNING: Every dessert seems to have scoops, I mean SCOOPS, of whipped cream.  If you have an allergy, or would prefer not to have it, tell them ahead of time.

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich up front, the Sundae for two in back.

The Sundae was very good, especially for you chocoholics out there.  The best ice cream was the dark chocolate, which was provided a great contrast to the other ice creams. The sundae had just the right amount of brownie chunks. I thought this was a winner! Let the sugar coma begin!

Service continued to be good and the wait for our desserts was an appropriate time.  The final price of $30 for dessert seems extravagant, but that will be discussed in our visit #2.

After our first visit, I would recommend Sugar Factory at Foxwoods.  But, remember, you’re not going to Chili’s or TGIFridays. The atmosphere and the “over-the-top” effort with the menu is something you will pay additional for.  After all, it IS part of a resort!  By the way, if you really have a sweet tooth, they do offer the King Kong Sundae for $99. See the pic below – serves 12!

The King Kong Sundae

The sites of goblets and insane shakes did give us the idea of bringing a large party for visit #2 – so much food, so much to judge!

Check in tomorrow when we re-visit Sugar Factory at Foxwoods for dinner, Sunday night, with NINE people!

(cue scary organ music)





2 thoughts on “Sugar Factory American Brasserie at Foxwoods – 2 Dining Reviews, Part 1

  1. binbin415 says:

    Definitely sounds like fun. King would have been proud.
    On the other hand, poor customer service is never acceptable. It’s something they will have to improve upon.

  2. pdandrea2017 says:

    Definitely not the best treatment of customers, we have been several times and they are consistent. Why keep going back? They are over the top and we occasionally like to see what is over the top. King kong sundae, hmmm…. Let’s just call it a ‘homerun’. We treated 12 adults and still had almost half left.

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