Strange Bedfellows in Massachusetts Casino Process?


Steve Wynn Addressing Massachusetts Gaming Commission







A few days ago, I posted that Mohegan Sun’s proposal seems to be the one most supported by surrounding communities. The possible problems facing Wynn Everett for the past year included:

  • building on a previous landfill
  • the parcel of land straddling the Everett / Boston line, causing a little host-community war between the both city’s mayors, and of late
  • an owner of part of the land included in the proposal not interested in selling his portion due to rumored criminal interest

Now, the city of Boston is calling for state gaming leader Stephen Crosby to take himself out if the decision process concerning who gets the eastern Massachusetts casino license, saying he has made prejudicial statements about the city’s host community status  that have created a cloud over the process.

Crosby was accused of criticizing the City for asserting its host status and cites the pending lawsuit against Crosby by Caesars Entertainment that accuses him of favoring the Wynn casino application for an Everett site owned in part by Crosby’s former business partner.

Does Crosby cut more slack for the universal Mr. Wynn. Remember when Wynn himself criticized the Commission saying “We’re scared to death,… Not that you won’t pick us, but that you will, and there goes a billion-three or a billion-five.” Not only was Wynn concerned about was the possibility of receiving sanctions should he be found guilty by the Massachusetts Commission moving forward of any business improprieties in Macau, but he wanted the legislature to change tax laws concerning jackpots and when taxes should be paid on them.

How could Steve Wynn be allowed to be so critical, rude, and bossy? Is there something, or somebody, protecting Mr. Wynn’s proposal?

So, Mr. Crosby, is there anything that we should be aware of before this continues?

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2 thoughts on “Strange Bedfellows in Massachusetts Casino Process?

  1. binbin415 says:

    Thank you for your insights and kind words. I’m very glad you enjoyed my post.

    I agree how little history matters when it could be the best teacher of all.

    Thank you, Sarah


  2. Sarah says:

    You know it’s the same with everything in life.
    You would think history teaches us anything, but that’s so rare.
    Disagree if you will but the world is changing, and we have no control whatsoever over it.
    For instance, imagine Barack had enough balls to put Vladimir to his place, but it seems like it’s not happening, welcome world war.
    A very deep post, thanks!

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