Stony Creek Open at Foxwoods

At first, the entrance is greets you with with a stunning house-like entrance, welcoming you into a friendly world of local craft beer. Once inside, a number of areas are available to sit and socialize with friends. We decided to belly up to the bar.

If this was just about the beer, this review would say that Stony Creek offers a great variety of craft beer brewed at Foxwoods as well at its first brewery in Branford, CT. But, this new pub at Foxwoods is much, much more.

The Full Pint – Craft Beer News reported, “The brewery is Stony Creek’s second brewing operation following their flagship Branford, Connecticut location. With two floors, 7,100 square feet and seating for over three hundred guests……Both floors of Stony Creek Brewery offer distinct experiences. The ground floor is designed as an ode to Stony Creek’s New England heritage which also includes a spacious beer garden and a brew deck with a view into the brewhouse, giving guests a first-hand look at the beer production process.”

The Beer


Yes, those are stouts! Amazing taste.

Bert ordered Sun Juice, a smooth wheat beer with orange peel, grapefruit peel, coriander & chamomile.  This is a great alternative to an IPA craze. They have a number of excellent IPA’s like Cranky, a West Coast IPA with citrus and tropical notes. I went with a flight of four beers. The star of the show is Stoney Joe, a golden mocha stout – that’s right golden.  But even more outstanding is Nitro Stoney Joe, only available at Foxwoods or Branford. (Cans of many other brews can be bought as well.) 15 Stoney Creek brews are on tap.

The Staff

Katie & Kristy , our fantastic bartenders

Probably one of the most enjoyable parts of our visit was meeting its staff members.  Our two bartenders were an incredible help with knowledge and description all of the beers. Want to taste before ordering?  No problem – they want you to taste and be sure to order something you like.  Brewmaster Andy Schwartz leads the team.  We were able to speak to Johnny Haines, in charge on this day, who was very complimentary to Foxwoods in the way the two businesses have worked together. As an example of the great hospitality, he stopped his very busy work load to speak to us, ready to answer questions we had. John informed us a top Foxwoods chef designed the menu. Foxwoods prepares all of the food served.

The Set-Up

There are two floors, each with a different perspective – East Coast (the laid back area) / West Coast (aggressive area) and different variations of the same food.  Wings, flatbreads, and sandwiches are offered on both floors, but each floor offers them with a different cuisine.

The second-floor design has a Southern California-themed beer and cocktail bar, a stage, and an overlook area. On the lower floor, there is a raised platform with Adirondack chairs to people watch in the casino.

NETG recommends this for a break from the casino, or  just a break from life . It’s a great place to meet friends and enjoy quality beer. See you at Stoney Creek at Foxwoods – look for guy with the NETimeGambling tee – that’l be me.



2 thoughts on “Stony Creek Open at Foxwoods

  1. binbin415 says:

    Thanks for the info, Bonnie. I’m sure there are some bugs to fix after opening. I’m going to Foxwoods Thursday to play some Pai Gow with Vito, so I’ll bring some of this up. The whole food experience does seem bizarre. I’ll let you know how Thursday goes.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Enjoyed your review. My husband and I visited this past Saturday afternoon. We also sat at the bar. I had the Foxwoods IPA and thought it was decent. My husband tried one of the stouts and he really liked it. The bartenders were friendly and helpful. Music was a bit too loud for our taste.

    We decided to order some food and this is where the review goes downhill. They had the menus at the bar, but you have to go to a separate window to order the food. Menu was somewhat limited and a bit overpriced, but we decided on a sandwich and an order of chicarrones. I placed the order at 4:45 and was able to use rewards points. I was told that I would get a text when the food was ready. Headed back to the bar to enjoy my beer. At about 5:10 I went back to check on the food and was told it wasn’t ready and that it comes from room service (?) and she would check on it. I went back to the bar and ordered a second beer. About 10 minutes late I went to check on the food again and was told it would be up soon. Finally about 5:30 she brought the food over. Apparently, they get the food from the Veranda Café kitchen and it has to be sent up. I can’t say that it was worth the wait, it was OK. I’m not sure if this is a temporary situation, or if this is how they will always serve the food. The bartender said they are trying to replicate the Brandford location where they have food trucks. Not sure why they feel like a casino location has to be exactly the same as Brandford. I got the sense they only want to serve beer and not deal with food. They did say that you can bring in your own food, so next time we would go that route if we want to eat.

    All in all, I think it will be a great place for a beer and break from the smoke and gambling, and a place for groups of people to hang out. Just don’t plan on staying for dinner!

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