Stadium Craps and Status Mayhem

Staus Mayhem offered more to me than the excitement of a higher tier. But it was the new stadium gaming area at Mohegan Sun that got me involved. So here’s my report on Stadium Craps and Status Mayhem at Mohegan Sun.

I Only Went For the Status Mayhem Promotion

Have I ever told you how much I love to gamble early in the morning? (“Mornings In the Casino Are the Best for Me.”) Well, it was just how I wanted to be. Upon arrival, I found that the first multiplier was 2X – not enough for any play. So, I took my advice and took a walk with my Dunkin’.

But, Then I Stumbled Upon Something New at the “Sun

The slot area at the Hall of Lost Tribes entrance has been untouched for years. My wife has played the same vintage Cashman slots for over ten years. But, to our horror, a few weeks ago, it was decimated! It was about to be turned into an expanded stadium gaming area.

No One Around, Just the Staff & Me

The Stadium gaming Craps was ready for its maiden voyage – and I was about to be the skipper. Stadium Craps and Status Mayhem at the Sun was turning out to be the theme of the day. It was all set up, and the baccarat and blackjack tables were running with a few people playing. As I walked by the craps table, one of the dealers asked me if I wanted to shoot craps. It was a 2X status multiplier, so I said sure.

I was surprised to know that it was up and running for the first time, and I could be their guinea pig! I was about to be the first to roll the dice on this table.

Stadium Craps and Status Mayhem at the Sun
NETimeGambling represents. I rolled the very first dice for stadium gaming.

I tested it with James from Mohegan Sun (great guy) for the next hour and had Scientific gaming technicians, dealers, pit bosses, and even someone from the gaming commission! We found glitches with hardway bets, and I suggested that 25 seconds was too long to wait for the next roll. They changed it to 20 seconds and agreed with me! I thought I was such a big deal.

About Scientific Gaming’s Stadium Craps

Here are some of the Electronic Craps Games you will find in casinos these days:

  • Interblock Automated Craps – Players wager based on vibrating dice popper in middle. No shooter
  • Roll to Win Craps tables – craps table but wagers made digitally, dice rolled on digital “felt” surface, made by Aruze Gaming America
  • Shoot to Win Craps – one of the first, by Aruze. Similar to Interblock, only large, edge-rounded dice. No shooter

Scientific Gaming, or SG, now offers Stadium Gaming. In addition, the all-new Quartz™ Hybrid player terminal allows players to play blackjack, baccarat, roulette, 3-card Poker, and yes, Craps!

List of games. 3 Card Poker is listed above Craps.

How It Works

There is only one dealer – the stick person. They collect the five dice to pick from, serve the dice, register the number rolled, and collect the dice for the next throw. It takes about 40-60 seconds, including the 20 seconds for inputting your bet and depending on the shooter’s speed. Without a shooter, the dealer uses a round container similar to that in Sic Bo.

The difference? No chips, all digital and cashless.

Stadium Craps and Status Mayhem at the Sun
Craps Table up front, with the shooter, pit boss, and stickman.

The table has the same feel as a traditional craps table. It also includes the usual wagers found in craps. The stadium craps at Mohegan Sun also include two popular side bets, the Fire Bet and the Repeater Bet.

I played in the afternoon after the staff had worked out many of the glitches. It was fun but slow. You can expect up to 5X odds. Very little in terms of status or momentum points can be earned.

The biggest problem will be setting up a process that allows shooters much like a regular table. With so much area to watch and not knowing who is playing what, giving an equal chance for being the shooter will be interesting. They were trying to go around the area before repeating the shooter.

Stadium Craps and Status Mayhem at the Sun
Craps screen

CLICK HERE to see a video from SG for an additional glimpse of the Stadium Craps.

Status Mayhem Report

It was a great day to start early. After the first 90 minutes of 2X, it was 5X for two hours, 3X, 4X, 2X, and 5X before I left at 4:30 pm. Fewer players in the morning than expected. It started to get busy around 2:00 pm. I still think it’s a great promotion. 2X coincided for breakfast and lunch – perfect!

But Wait, There’s More

As I walked around, I noticed lots of work going on at the Bow & Arrow Bar.

Stadium Craps and Status Mayhem at the Sun
Bow and Arrow Bar, no big screen on the wall, no furniture, closed for renovations.
Next to Bow & Arrow, it looks like a big desk.

Could this become FanDuel’s new home? In only one month, the state of Connecticut would like to be opening approved sports betting and iGaming platforms. So either FanDuel will be in the Bow & Arrow area in the Earth Casino, the closed-up Casino of the Wind in the Sky Casino, or the Sports Book area renovated.


The day was a long but exciting one. And I’m happy that I was the first Stadium Crapsn shooter at Mohegan Sun.

It was a day to remember.