Spin Poker – Video Poker Strategy w/ Slot Machine Fun

One of my favorite visits to Las Vegas included a 2 hour session of SPIN POKER at Main Street Station during VIMFP. Playing Double Double Poker at a bar top spin poker machine, I hit numerous quads     (4-of-a-kind), with some of the best craft beer (made on the premises) by my side. MSS also has a quad promotion – every time you get a 4-of-a-kind, you are given a scratch off ticket, usually worth $1 – $5 on top of your payoff.  MSS remains one of the best video poker casinos in all of Las Vegas.  

According to John Grochowski, “Spin Poker was designed in the days that nine-payline games were the cutting edge in video slots. There was some hope that Spin Poker would become a crossover game, giving an attractive look to players making a move from video slots. It hasn’t really worked that way, instead settling into a small niche among video poker players.”

SPIN POKER – Is it a slot machine or video poker?

Spin Poker is a cross between a Triple Play video poker game and a five-reel video slot game. It brings the ‘feel” and “excitement” of playing a slot machine to a video poker game.

John Robinson, from Casino City, says, “Spin Poker is unusual for video poker machines in that it has a slot-like spinning display.” download

Michael Shackelford, from the Wizard of Odds, says the rules of playing are as follows:

  1. The game is played on a video screen. There are 15 positions in a matrix of 5 columns and 3 rows.
  2. After making a bet the player will get five cards from a 52-card deck (except for decks that include jokers) on the middle row.
  3. The player may keep and discard as he wishes, as in regular video poker.
  4. Any cards the player holds will be replicated on the top and bottom row as well, in the same column.
  5. After the player presses the “deal” button the empty squares will be filled in from the remaining 47 cards in the deck. No card in the will appear more than once in the draw.
  6. The player will be paid according to the poker value of each active pay line.

As in Triple Play VP, on the deal, you chose the cards to hold. These cards are then used for all lines bet.

How many lines should I play?

When you play Spin Poker, you get to choose how many lines and how many coins you want to wager per line. There are a maximum of nine lines in Spin Poker.  In all video poker, my suggestion is play max for the best Royal Flush payoff, or reduce your denomination.

Are the odds different from regular VP, since it looks like a slot machine?

Spin poker plays like any video poker machine.  A 8/5 JOB on Spin Poker will have exactly the same odds as 8/5 single line VP.

How does it effect my bankroll? 

Since there are nine lines in the matrix that pay off instead of a single line, playing max will cost 9x that of a single line VP machine, or 45 credits instead of 5. Because of that, being a $.25 video poker player, I will look for a nickel denomination. It’s still hefty at $2.25 per hand, but the difference in the game from single line VP can be an exiting change.

Any drawbacks about the game?

The one drawback that I see is that the spinning reels are distracting and slow. Even if you’re betting on only one hand, you have to wait for the reels to spin and all the cards to stop before your bet is settled. Your hands per hour will decrease, and on a game such as 10-6 Double Double Bonus where payback plus player rewards take you into profitable territory, that can be an annoyance.  However, you can always “double-click” the deal button for a faster draw.

Are they variations, or other VP games mixed with it?  Yes.

Deluxe - 20 lines.

Deluxe – 20 lines.

Three reels of Spin Poker Fun.

Three reels of Spin Poker Fun.

Spin Poker Deluxe expands the game further to 20 lines, even more like the matrix of a slot machine.  Spin Poker with Dream Card is available.  But the most popular variation seems to be the Super Times Pay Spin Poker  machine.

The latest is Triple Spin Poker, similar to Triple play, with three reels instead of just one.


Most of New England’s casinos offer Spin Poker.  Try it sometime – it can be a lot of fun.





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