Social Gaming Part 1 – “myVegas”

This was updated January 18th, 2016


Last week, I introduced the idea of social gaming becoming a bigger than life industry for many casinos and casino businesses.

Let’s remember the idea behind it is “pay to play.”  You pay for credits and play to accumulate more credits and/or rewards of some type – different from online gambling.

This post takes a look at myVegas. MGM apparently has a partnership with Facebook. Play free games on facebook, collect points that can be redeemed for comps at MGM locations in Vegas.  So, instead of playing hours at a casino raising your status or tier for better comps, anyone can play myVegas (as long as you have or sign up for a mLife card) and earn comps at home. If you are patient and play with what you have, or get on a daily bonus, you could eventually build up to earn some nifty comps.

Game play is focused around gathering “playable” slot chips from virtual Strip casinos and using those to play a variety of games which in turn spit out “Loyalty Points” which you can use to buy rewards. Again, all of this costing nothing to the player.  However, you can buy credits to keep playing, thus the “pay to play” feature of social gaming.

The rewards are endless with more seemingly being added everyday: free hotel rooms, room upgrades, show tickets, dining credits, special events, and bottle service are all available for the right amount of loyalty points.  The rewards points can be used at any of the Las Vegas properties that MGM owns.  And recently they have added their two properties in Mississippi – Beau Rivage & Gold Strike – both in Biloxi.  (More partners have been added, such as Allegiant Airlines, Stations Casinos, & Borgata to name a few.)

Buyer beware – addiction is a part of social gaming that the industry is “betting on.”  Some industry representives at the last Social Gaming Conference did suggest that addiction is part of the plan.. They explain that when video gaming first came out, like PacMan , gaming addictions became the talk.  Before that, pinball.  This is said to be the next generation. myVegas is part of that next generation of social gaming.

Is it bad?  I’m not the judge of human vices.  If played as in all gambling with insight, research, patience and good choices, the comps can be extremely helpful on your next Vegas vacation. My next vacation will include 3 free nights at Aria.  How did that happen? – Some buy-in, smart play, use of 2x points days and over a year of play.  With constant reductions in players club benefits in the casino industry, and the impossibility of maintaining a players club by the casual gambler, myVEGAS is a nice way to have a little fun and earn real benefits.

I have to warn you, it can take lots of time to build up the points. But isn’t it the same way at brick-and-mortar casinos, only with the addition of constant deposits of real cask

It can make a difference for the casual player and the mid-roller.  I’m just saying – KNOW YOUR LIMITS!

Part 2 will take a look at two slot machine manufacturers and their social gaming – Williams & IGT.

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