Slots Players, Check Out “Las Vegas Low Roller” on YouTube

Las Vegas Low Roller Slot videos

Las Vegas Low Roller Slot videos

Thanks to Miguel, our Rhode Island correspondent, an interesting channel has  been discovered on YouTube.

It’s called Las Vegas Low Roller. Hundreds of videos showing slot machine plays, many of which are big pays, jackpots or even hand pays.  What’s interesting is his commentary while playing-much like you and me, ecstatic or frustrated.  But it’s entertaining to watch.

Big wins are his specialty!

Big wins are his specialty!

He calls himself a low stakes Vegas local who records his slot play on a weekly basis.

Another feature is the explanation of  each bonus.  Many players don’t understand a game,no will shy away.  Here is your chance to see the game before playing it with an explanation.

One other feature is his series called LV vs NA – Las Vega vs. Native American – where he plays the same slot in Las Vegas and then in a tribal casino in Southern California.  We all know this proves nothing concerning where is the luckiest casino, but, the virtual competition is different, adding maybe a little bit of suspense to the video.

Here is one of his videos as an example.  Click Here for the link to watch China Mystery, a favorite machine in all New England Casinos.

Have fun, and maybe you’ll find some of the same slot success soon,mix not already!



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