Slot Players Strategies…And I Thought I Had Seen & Heard It All

Plainridge Park Casino

Lots of Slots! Lots if myths!

Visiting the casino can certainly be entertaining when least expecting it.  Who needs a specific place in the casino to people watch – just sit, play, and watch the people around you.

Territorial - "I am playing all these Machines!"

Playing “the slots” tends to bring out the strangest behavior ever witnessed in public by humans beings.  Maybe these electronic boxes DO have some form of artificial intelligence.  Maybe they DO just sit there trying to figure out how to outsmart us.  Maybe there are just hundreds of little electronic agents working for the casino, aware of your every pattern and strategy.

slot machine

“Hey player, I’m watching you!”

images (3)Or maybe we are just insanely paranoid when it comes to metal encased computers designed to provide entertainment over a screen when we press a button or pull a lever.  We never see the same behaviors at a soda machine, unless a soda doesn’t drop in for the taking.

The fact of not knowing the result, but feeling entitled to receive something special with the financial risk is what causing these human quirks.  Maybe that’s why we talk to them, approach them with confidence, “Kharma, and a loving caress. Or when they are bad, we spank them, slapping them with the power of a Mike Tyson jab, since those machines must have a heart and feelings – something more evolved than the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz.

But on this day, I saw and heard something intriguing and utterly beyond the realm of understanding.   And it made me chuckle all the way home…..
SlotsAs I was making my way toward the parking garage, I walked by one of my old-time favorite slot machines made by Aristocrat Gaming – MR. CASHMAN Betting Zoo and MR. CASHMAN Evil Eyes.  I saw this woman playing both side by side.  She had a peculiar method that I will describe.  The fact that this method has not been turned into a book or a movie (how about “iSlotBot?) is just amazing to me.

After watching her, I noticed that experience and practice was behind her technique, and she was amazingly quick and efficient :

  • Step 1: play both machines 3 or 4 times, alternating between machines.
  • Step 2: Stop, and quickly cash out both machines (obviously this technique would not have been possible before TITO)

    Ticket In, Ticket Out! TITO

    Ticket In, Ticket Out! TITO

  • Step3: (and this the crucial part) put cash out slip from machine#1 into machine #2 and cash out slip from machine #2 into machine #1.
  • Step 4: Be sure to switch players cards (using one of your cards in each machine).  However, this step seemed to not be as important to this intricate process since it was sometimes omitted.

I couldn’t help myself, so I asked “Could you tell me why you do all these things that you are doing?”

Without missing a switch of the players cards she replied “I am confusing the chip in the machine.”

Yes, that’s right, she was “confusing the chip in the machine.”

At this point I abruptly stopped my inquiry. I had been here before, trying to enlighten a slot player about the true workings of the machine. I mumbled something about Random Number Generator and player’s club data as I walked away, but she was too intent on the process of confusing the slot machine to pause,   break stride, and listen.  If she paused for a brief moment, the machine might awake from its confused stupor and refuse to pay her for all of her gambling trickery.

Science? Logic? All nonsense, I guess.  RNG? 6392– a myth the casino wants us to believe?
Did I tell you I chuckled all the way home?  Now, the next time the person next to me caresses their penny-slot, I won’t think they’re crazy. I had just met

Or maybe believing in the science and math of the RNG is just a way the casino confuses us!  Yeah, that’s it……Next time, I’ll try the new way to win at slots – I’ll just “confuse the chip in the machine.”

Now, if I could only find out about the correct sequence of downloadhitting all the buttons before I press play…….



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