Slot Machines Systems – Four Players Try To Fake Out the RNG

First of all, let me apologize for the lack of posts recently – family business always takes precedence. While in Florida, I was able to get a few hours away and visit the Seminole Hotel & Casino in Immokolee.

Seminole Casino, Immokalee

Seminole Casino Hotel Immokalee is a Native American Casino in Immokalee, Florida and is open daily 24 hours. The casino’s 75,600 square foot gaming space features 1,300 gaming machines and forty-four table and poker games. The property has four restaurants and a hotel with ninety-nine rooms. It is one of six casinos operated in Florida by the Seminoles.

This post isn’t about that particular casino, but explains that the myths and superstions of slit players are universal.

Mr. Cashman Slot Machine

Mr. Cashman Slot Machine by Aristocrat

On this afternoon, I was mindlessly playing slots.  The man next to me was playing a slot manufactured by the Australian company “Aristocrat.” If you play the top set of buttons on these slots, you can actually play play a tune.  So this man would do this – every time, ad nauseum.  I couldn’t stand it any more and asked him, “why do you do that?”  He said, “I usually get lucky and win when I do – of course it’s not scientific, or anything…”. (No kidding!)

A second young man sat down after he left.  His secret, so he told me, was to stop the reels because he could stop them on winning combinations.  Genius!  Why didn’t I ever think of that?  Oh yeah, I did…….and immediately thought it was rediculous.

After he left, another gentlemen sat at the same machine.  Every time he won’t sizeable amount, he would apply the following ritual: cash out, take his players card out, put cash in (or another Ticket) put his card back in and start playing.  So I asked him, “why do you do that?” He said, “after a big win, the casino compensates for the win by going cold.  So I fake out the machine, clearing its memory of my play.”

One last interesting slot player had a simple strategy – beat the slot machine.  No, not by winning, but by physically beating the machine.  This gentlemen not only tried to “clear the machines memory,” when that didn’t work, he decided go all cage fighter on it striking buttons, screen, etc. mercilessly, I guess to clear its memory by giving it a concussion. For obvious  reasons, I didn’t ask this guy any questions.

The moral of this post is that slot machines don’t have a memory, they don’t breath, they don’t think.  Slot machines are not capable of reacting to the player.  The random number generator  treats every push of the button, or every pull of the lever, as an individual event, not connected to any previous or future event.  Each play is a single event all by itself, and the star of each event us the Random Number Generator.

John Grochowski - the Casino Answer Man

John Grochowski – the Casino Answer Man

The following day I was reading my gambling alerts and noticed the Casino Answer Man, John Grochowski posted a similar article called “Fooling the RNG.” John sums it up better than I. He says, “You can’t fool the RNG because the RNG doesn’t know how much you’ve bet. All it does is generate random numbers. Different programs then take those numbers and map them onto reels or reel images to show you the outcome. Other programming then takes the result, compares it to your bet size and pays you the appropriate amount……Any outcome can come at any time, and it’s futile trying to time bigger bets for payoff times as in the prime the pump or the step methods. It’s just as futile to try to fool the RNG by betting big early.”

Simply put, understanding the RNG is science, math, and acceptance in what it is – a machine. Betting systems just don’t work on machines.



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