Slot Machine Players – Some Reminders

Senior-Citizen-Discounts-vegasIt seems any time I visit a casino, and I play slots, I will get stuck next to the “Superstitious Talker.”  You know who I’m talking about (you may be one of them). They are the person who thinks playing slot machines is a social game where you just tell your life’s story, or your latest story, to the person next to you – like they, we, or I am supposed to care.  They also impart their unsolicited, unproven, unscientific, “UNREAL” notions of how slots work.

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On my latest trip, I had received the following one-way unbelievable information I obviously couldn’t live without (keep in mind to receive this info, I didn’t do anything to signal I wanted to “chat”):

Guy #1 – Had to keep playing slots another 1/2 hour before he could bring his wife a coffee.  She likes to sleep in, you know!

Lady #1 – It’s good to be positive – the machine can feel the positive vibrations (as she caresses it like a pet cat)

Guy #2 – (playing max bet) I’m playing the same machine next to him. I’m playing $1.00.  According to him, those machines only payout on lower bets, because he hadn’t hit, yet.  Wow lucky me!  Then he hit’s three large bonuses – almost in a row – for about $700! The machine must had been confused for a minute.

Finally, Lady #2 – (next to lady one)  After I tried to explain the random number generator, (by the way, stay away from the temptation to enlighten people with factual information – they really don’t want to hear that either) I was informed that being positive IS important – even God would want us to win sometimes.

Oh, my…….not going there.

Slot Machine 3So, mind your manners. Be sensitive to your neighbors to your right and left. Consider these helpful tips for being a polite gambler and keeping the peace.

  • If you aren’t actually playing, stay out of the way.
  • Be friendly, but don’t expect everyone to want to converse – if they wanted a social event, they’d probably be at the craps table.
  • Don’t give advice and don’t give your nonfactual feelings on how slots work. Someday, someone is going to tell you how stupid you really sound.
  • Being friendly & positive can only help your day – every day – whether playing slots or washing the dishes. It sends out positive vibes to the universe and everything feel better.  IT JUST DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH SLOT MACHINES PAYING OFF BETTER.

So today, I rant…….Tomorrow I review how to make your slot experience as good as possible with scientific knowledge and advice from the experts.

I will also be covering the Father’s Day Promotions for the upcoming weekend this week.  Stay tuned.

That’s all the ranting for now.






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