Slot and Video Poker Jackpots – There is No Man Behind the Curtain


Slot and Video Poker Jackpots – There is No Man Behind the Curtain is a rewrite of an older post.  It was a time of great frustration. While writing this post in 2014, friends of mine often shared misunderstandings about gambling jackpots. For the most part, I found these musings rather irritating. (I’m less apt to fall into a ranting tizzy these days.) At the time, I was preparing to direct the middle school production of “The Wizard of Oz.” The week after I had a brief casino visit.  Here’s how my visit went.

Slot and Video Poker Jackpots

The Story

I sat down at a Video Poker machine and the person next to me said, “I wouldn’t play that if I were you, the last person left with over $1000 profit. He hit a royal, and then it kept on being hot for over an hour!”

I stood up and left, but not  because of what he said. I prefer not to play next to obnoxious people who can’t keep their less than knowledgeable opinions to themselves.

So I went to play slots.  As I’m about to sit down. the lady on the next machine says, “that one (slot) is due to hit.  I’ve been playing here for over an hour and at least a dozen people have poured money into that machine.  It’s due…”

The Moral of the Story

I like empty casinos. It’s quiet, with plenty of open tables & machines.  In addition, there is no unsolicited advice!

Here are the facts. There are no slot machines or video poker machines due to hit.  that does not include the separate progressive slots that can approach a positive EV.  “Slot machine harvesting” is a post for another day.

“Hot” or “Cold” machines are a human perception based on a small sampling of time and based on nothing scientific or mathematic. Remember, every bet is a single entity in time.  It’s not based on the previous action.

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Back to Broadway. The Great and Powerful Oz was a mistake in human judgement, a perception of what the Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Dorothy WANTED to believe.  Thank goodness one of the leads had the common sense to dig deeper for the truth – TOTO SAVES THE DAY!

Hearing gambling myths, hunches, feelings, and miss-guided “facts” are better kept to one’s self.  There is no magic.  Casinos don’t change the machines payback % all the time. They don’t have to, because of one scientific, mathematical fact – house advantage is designed from the factory by the  Random Number Generator (RNG).   Every pull of the handle, every push of the button, is an event in life that does not depend on what happened before.

So, there is no man behind the curtain, there is no magic.  Slots and video poker are not “due,” “tight” or “loose.” The RNG dictates everything the randomness in every push of the button.

Final Thoughts – Slot and Video Poker Jackpots 

As much as you try to stop the reels on the bonus, or time that draw button to finish that Royal Flush, it doesn’t matter.  Yes, that’s right, it doesn’t matter. Once you push the button, whatever you see on the screen or where ever the reels stop, you have no control over it.  If you touch the screen for the fun of it then, accepting the science of the Random Number Generator, then have a great time.  But, if you don’t accept the math and prefer the myth, please don’t share your views.  Many of don’t care to hear it!

Accept the math, and not the myth, That’s the truth to gamble with!

Thank you, Toto!



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