Safety in Casino Parking Garages – 8 Suggestions

Safety in Casino Parking Garages

Safety in Casino Parking Garages is the first critical step to a successful trip to the casino. Planning your paring experience is essential, even though you can’t wait to park and get gambling. And, so many people leave the casino unaware of their surroundings.  Remember, wherever you park, you just have to be aware.  People walking through the parking lot don’t pay as much attention as they used to. Heavens Forbid! that we should put our devices away and look up!  So, when parking in a casino parking garage, treat it as a day of Holiday shopping filled with busy travelers and a few people with bad intentions.

This post is not to make you paranoid.  There haven’t been a hike in casino parking garage crimes.  But it’s good to be careful.  Here are some suggestions and reminders:

1) Be choosy where you park – finding a populated area is usually not a problem (but a good idea) in a casino parking garage.  Make sure it’s well-lit. Ie suggest you park away from corner parking spaces so some overanxious gambler or inebriated grandmother doesn’t smack your ride with their vehicle as they’re navigating the loops/ turns in these  huge concrete caves. Safety in Casino Parking Garages suggests you plan your parking concerning all of these above and leaving time.

2) Put money, devices, credit cards out of site before you get out of the car.  And take a quick look around before getting out of the car.  One thing you will see in  Casino Parking Garages are people in their cars taking a break, sleeping, or even checking out who is coming and going.

Safety in Casino Parking Garages
Some older garages, like the El Cortez in Las Vegas, can be poorly lit and make you feel a little nervous!

3) Lock & Stow – Many parking-lot thefts occur because drivers neglect to perform the simplest task: locking the car and closing the windows. Don’t allow your car to be an easy target for thieves. Hide valuables such as GPS devices, cell phones, laptops, and ­iPods. Trunks are great places to hide things of value. Safety in Casino Parking Garages includes keeping things out of sight for any potential break-ins.

4) Stay Focused – Instead of checking e-mail or making calls, look to your front, side, and rear when walking to and from the casino. Make your call or text once you get in the car.  Being aware of your surroundings lessens your chances of becoming a victim, both going in & coming out.

5) Be certain to WRITE DOWN the floor level and accessory indicators (eg 3 A, B, or C, etc.) as you leave the parked vehicle or take a ticket of what floor you have parked on. It’s very easy to forget specifically where you parked when you return from the casino-hotel, partially because some of these garages are monstrous in size; look over your shoulder at some visual landmarks such as the general direction.

Safety in Casino Parking Garages
casino security

One way my wife and I have fun remembering is having a short “saying” to help remember. Since we both play video poker, we like to use things like “quad floor” for 4, or “two pair” for 2. Try movie titles – we prefer “Three Amigos” for floor 3.

6) If you win anything that is substantial in the casino, you must know someone has seen it.  Casino security will always be happy to escort you to your car and see you off to be sure you’re safe as you leave.  Don’t feel guilty for asking and don’t hesitate if you are concerned.  It’s their job to make sure you’re safe.

7) Don’t “dilly-dally” – yes, you know, wandering around, even if you don’t know where your car is.  You might as well yell “I’m Lost, Come and Get Me!” ( sarcasm, don’t yell that, really). Have your car key in hand, lock the doors immediately and drive off.

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8) Optional Idea – Valet Parking is much safer (especially at night), plus you’ll feel like a VIP. This approach is well worth a $2-$5 tip vs. a potential problem or worry.  If you are arriving with a large bankroll, use valet. Safer getting in and safer getting out.

Safety in Casino Parking GaragesSo, before I give anyone any cause to be paranoid when parking their car, just use basic  common sense. Be aware and careful out there.

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