Rhode Island Casinos are Reopening

Yes, Rhode Island Casinos are Reopening, Gov. Gina Raimondo announced Thursday as part of phase one.  Both Twin River & Tiverton Hotel and Casinos are expected to open June 8th.

Rhode Island Casinos are Reopening
Twin River Casino Hotel

On May 21, Raimondo said she was “disappointed and surprised” the  CT casinos will reopen, saying there was no way Rhode Island’s casinos could reopen June 1. “At the end of the day, it’s a big risk,” she said. It seems one week must make a huge difference.

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Here is important information you will need to know before you get in the car.

Rhode Island Casinos are Reopening  By Invitation Only

Twin River and Tiverton casinos will open on a limited basis on Monday, June 8 at 10am. Entry to the casino will be by invitation plus one guest only. If invited, bring your:

  1. invitation
  2. your driver’s license (or valid photo identification) and
  3. Players Club card.

Please do not visit the casino if you did not receive an invitation. Daily hours of operation will be 10:00 am – midnight.  Property-wide cleaning will occur from midnight to the following morning each and every day.

Closed For Now

Rhode Island Casinos are Reopening
Inside the Twin River Casino Sports Book

The Sportsbook, Hotel, Fitness Center, Table Games, Racebook, Event Center, Valet and Restaurants will remain closed. The food court will be open with limited seating capacity. Limited bar service in disposable cups is available.

As You Pull In

When you arrive, all of the parking lots will be open as will all of the casino entrances. Self-park is your only option. Important Note – park near the entrance to your favorite casino room. You will be given a color-coded wrist band signaling the gaming room you have been assigned to. Essentially, they created three mini casinos. You are restricted to that casino which corresponds to that color wristband. According to Twin River, this is to reduce congestion and foster social distancing.

Once Inside

Face mask Please!

  • Face masks are mandatory for all guests and staff. Moreover, the casinos will provide you with a mask if you do not have one.
  • When you enter, security staff will take your temperature with thermal cameras or temporal thermometer. Any guest or team member with a temperature above 100.4 degrees will not be allowed entry on that day.
  • Additional hand sanitizers are placed at entry and exits, the casino floor and elevator landings. In addition, both Twin River and Tiverton have placed sanitizing wipes throughout the property. This will allow guests to clean common areas before touching, such as seating.
  • Guests must practice social distancing by staying six to ten feet away from guests outside of their party. Furthermore, the same is true while standing in lines, using elevators, kiosks, or ATMs.

Rhode Island Casinos are Reopening With New Signage

Both Rhode Island Casinos have lots of new signage strategically placed throughout the property. These will help guide you concerning social distancing protocols, in the event a line is forming, and the location of  the sanitizers provided.

Rhode Island Casinos are Reopening

The More Staff on the Floor, The Merrier – And Cleaner

Twin River created the “Clean Team” on the casino floor. Their job is to continuously clean every nook and cranny of the casino floor. In addition, they are there to assist you with one-on-one guidance. While visiting, don’t hesitate to call on them with questions and concerns.

non smoking sign

Bads News for Some, Great News for Most

Rhode Island Casinos are Reopening smoke-free. They created outdoor areas at each entrance to accommodate smokers. I repeat – no smoking in any area of the casino. This also means as of today, all casinos in New England are Smoke-Free.  Massachusetts and Maine casinos are already smokeless.

Gaming Offered

For now, gambling will only include it seems only slot machines (six-feet apart), stadium gaming, and virtual table games. The latter will havre limited seating capacity. As previously mentioned, Both casinos will not be offering live dealer table games.

The Draw

Phase Two may see less restrictions. But Gov. Gina Raimondo is carefully watching Las Vegas as they open as well. Subsequently, changes or additional restrictions may pop up after Las Vegas data in available.

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