Rewards Club Questions & Answers – Updated!

Marquee Rewards connects to Penn National casinos across the country

Marquee Rewards connects to Penn National casinos across the country

Over the years, the casinos have experimented with many types of promotions to get you through the door. Free spins, free slot play, scratch cards, slot tournaments, table game tournaments, senior specials, cheap buffet……you name it, and they’ve tried it. Many promotions are fun and can be used to improve the players advantage – or at least close the gap.

One of the best ongoing promotions that most casinos offer is a rewards card.  All seven New England casinos offer them.  Each casino has a different slant to their club’s worth.  Here are some important questions, from personal experience, you need to ask to get the best “bang for the buck:”

1)  What can I redeem reward points for?
Many rewards clubs allow you to use your players club points for dining at their restaurants, or shopping.  Some offer using your points for free slot play, but usually for half the price. (ex., 50 points = $25 slot play).  Many casinos allow you to redeem points for entertainment, as in buying tickets for a concert.

Mohegan Sun Arena

Mohegan Sun Arena

2)  Do they expire?  If so, when?
This is important to know.  Some rewards club points don’t ever expire.  Other clubs points expire after 13 months or even 6.  There are so many ways to use them, it’s a shame if a player let them expire – especially when it takes so much money in to earn them.  Which leads to my next question…

3)  How much “money in” equals one point?
Points accumulate at different % or rates at each casino.  Knowing how much $$ it takes to earn one point helps when looking for the best player advantage at different casinos. Ask the rewards staff.  If they don’t know, ask a host or do your homework.  Some websites give you answers, such as VPFree2 imagein our links section. It’s the players responsibility to find out these facts.  Beware that some casinos can have different rates on different slot machines according to their expected payout % – and that info they just don’t like to share!

4)  How many points equals one dollar?
Be sure you know this answer – some clubs approach points like they were lira (ex, 1000 points = $1).  And be aware that when using your points, some casino restaurants and stores may cost you 2x the points.  For example, at Borgata in Atlantic City, all stores and restaurants on the casino floor is 1 to 1.  But if you go downstairs to their food court, it will cost you $10 in points for a $5 burger.  BUYER BEWARE!

5)  Do different games accumulate points at different rates?
The answer is yes, but it’s good to know the difference, as stated in question #3. It usually takes twice the coin in on video poker to equal coin in on slots.

Poor VP Pay outs in many MGM properties. Jacks or better at 7/5.

Video Poker will accumulate points slower than slots.

If you play table games, be sure to use your card!  Be sure you ask before playing.

6)  Is it part of a larger “mega-club?”  (Such as Caesar’s Total Rewards, or MGM’s “M Life”)  Knowing you can earn at the AC Harrah’s and use them at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is a good thing.  You can use your Marquee Rewards points at both Penn National properties (PlainridgePark & HollywoodBangor), for example.

7) Know what  constitutes a gambling day.  Know when the day starts.  Some start at 6:00am while others start at midnight.  And be aware if using perks from your rewards card means a gambling day to your “Daily Theoretical.”  A host at Mohegan Sun told me using Momentum Dining Perks meant a gambling day!  That’s a ZERO DAILY THEORETICAL!

For more information concerning Average Daily Theoretical, click HERE:

Finally, Casino Rewards clubs offer different levels, according to your play.  The three things casinos take into consideration for tier levels and comps are average bet amount, time spent, and game played.  Usually, the casino looks at the average play for your last number of visits.  That number of visits varies per casino – for example, comparing the CT casinos again, Foxwoods averages your last three visits, Mohegan Sun your last 6 visits.  So beware of that $10 free slot play offer.  If it isn’t parlayed into a longer stay, you may be bringing your level down by a visit for free play, eating and then leaving! (remember, these are all based on personal experience – I guess we learn from our mistakes!

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