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It was great to Return to Encore Boston Harbor. After three years and Covid, we finally made it back. But, this time, it wasn’t so seamlessly awesome.


We arrived around 6:00 pm on a Wednesday. Valet for guests staying over is free, and quickly, we were in line checking in. It didn’t take long, accompanied by the usual professionalism and helpfulness of the staff. We asked for quiet, and that’s what we received.

Return to Encore Boston Harbor

If you ever can stay at Encore Boston Harbor, do it. The basic rooms are big and have a touch of finesse that only WynnCorp knows how to do. It is my favorite New England Casino Hotel.

DiningReturn to Encore Boston Harbor

Our first choice was Night Shift Brewing. Unfortunately, Wednesdays are the ONLY day it’s closed.

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Our second choice was On Deck, serving Classic American sports bar favorites and comfort food. But, a 40-minute wait was too long – we were too hungry. So it came down to Shake Shack or Frank and Nicks, both located in the sports bar, soon-to-be sportsbook.

We chose Frank and Nicks. Two hot paninis must mean hot grinder, sub, or hero because that’s all they were. Bread made on premises daily was good but overbearing. The meatball “panini” was a step above Subway, and the sausage and green pepper were good. But $16 each for a sub-sub is way too much.

By the way, we drink water. We asked for tap water. Unbeknownst to the owner, who asked the waitress what we had to drink, we heard him say, “Too cheap to buy a bottle of water?” Tacky, Nick. Very “un-Wynn-like.”


I like this big casino, full of vibes and energy. Short on luck, in my small sampled experience. Nonetheless, it’s a classy casino.

Casino, Lower floor

A few quick notes

  • Pai Gow poker starts at $50, and seats are available weekly. Hello, anyone out there?
  • Playing video poker at the center sports bar? I found out the hard way that drinks aren’t comped. I found out the hard way – $8.50 for a Heineken 0.
  • The bar in the sportsbook next to Shake Shack includes all-new IGT bar tops with the new curved screen. No idea about comped drinks. I assume it’s the same.
  • The taco truck is in the beer garden but doesn’t look to return to the casino floor in the fall. More Dynasty stadium is going in its place.


Encore Boston Harbor, including the expense, is still the most Vegas-like of all New England properties. There’s something about the entire property that is welcoming and classy. I didn’t win, but I’ll stay there again. Those rooms keep calling me back.