Resources For Gambling Part Four – 3-Card Poker

Three Card Poker is becoming on of the most popular new table games. Players are discovering that Three Card Poker is not only easy to play but it is a lot of fun. One friend of mine switched to mostly three card poker from Blackjack for the “fun” aspect, the ease of play, and the less serious aspect of the players.

The game is played with a single deck of 52 cards. Three Card Poker is actually two games in one. There is the Play/Ante game where you are playing against the dealer to see who has the highest hand. There is also the Pair Plus game where you are wagering on whether or not you will be dealt a pair or better. In most casinos you can bet on either of the games but some casinos require you to make an Ante Bet in order to bet the Pair Plus portion of the game.

The strategy for the Ante portion of Three Card Poke is very simple. You should fold if you have a hand lower than Queen – 6 -4 and you should continue and make the Play bet if you hand is higher. Yup, that’s all you need to know.

As in all table games, there are rule variations, many times in the same casino. the best odds for the player include the following rules:

  • Play MUST EQUAL Ante
  • Dealer Plays With QUEEN High or Better – At some casinos dealers play with a King High or Better. The result is a much higher house advantage.
  • When Dealer Does Not Play:
  • Play Pays: PUSH
  • Ante Pays: 1 to 1
  • When Dealer Plays:
  • Play Pays: 1 to 1
  • Ante Pays: 1 to 1

Playing is fun, and practice is easy due to the ease of decision making. Here are some resources for trying three-card poker:

Wizard of Odds – Micheal Shackleford
As previously reported on other posts, this website is full of info on all games. Especially interesting is his FAQ on Three Card Poker. Click from my list of websites on the right to get there easily.
Also, checkout YouTube for Shackleford’s 6 minute video on how to play.

Bovada – Bovada is an online gambling site. But with two clicks, you can be playing a terrific simulator for free.

Poker Free+ by Nazum Addum seems to be a highly rated add for both iPhone or iPad. Very much like what you’d expect in the casino and easy to play.

How To Beat Three Card Poker by Avery Cardoza

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