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Recreational gambling – frequent gambling trips with the intention to enjoy the casino visit with the hope of coming out ahead.

Today we introduce an interesting article about Recreational Gambling.  While there has been some connection to problem gambling, recreational gambling can be fun without the problem.

A little about our author – The Inveterate Gambler has had a keen interest in casino games and the casino industry for more decades that he likes to remember. Craps, Blackjack and some Pai Gow Poker are his games of choice. He also enjoys playing in the home poker game were wild cards and luck overcome skill. He has no interest in slots and if there were no table games he would never set foot inside a casino. He is an expert on the Atlantic City scene. Like Batman, Superman, The Green Hornet, and a host of his other comic book heroes, The Inveterate Gambler must keep his true identity secret.  He wrote this article for TravelZork,  a group of writers that possess an individual, personal, and passionate touch that brings the best travel and Vegas information and resources to the web and beyond.

“Recreational Gambling – A Fun Way to Spend Money”


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