Presidents & Poker – Happy Presidents Day


Presidents playing Poker

Did you know that many American Presidents have also loved a good game of poker?

Martin Harris in his post for PokerStarsNews, covered the many presidents who enjoyed a good card game, saying “Poker is a great reveal of character, a truism that applies to Presidents as well as to lesser men.”

Did you know:

  • Before becoming the country’s first president, George Washington gambled at cards, keeping close records of wins and losses on a page in a ledger book titled “Cards and Other Play.”
  • Theodore Roosevelt used poker as a way to gain entry into social circles while moving up through the ranks to the vice presidency.
  • No president had a special dedication to poker the nation’s 29th president — Warren G. Harding. Harding hosted poker games twice a week with members of his administration, earning them the nickname the “Poker Cabinet.”
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt  brought back the poker-playing tradition during his administration with low-stakes games several times a week, often nickel-ante stud.

But the most studious poker-playing president of all was Richard Nixon. He became proficient at poker while serving in the Navy during WWII, earning perhaps as much as $10,000 which he used to help fund his first Congressional campaign. So taken with poker, Nixon even turned down dinner with famous flyer Charles Lindbergh as he was hosting a game that night.

The entire article can be found at “US Presidents Who Played Poker.”



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