“novelle” Offers Night Life, Dining, and More

novelle at Mohegan Sun Resort – It’s a “chic” dining experience. But, it’s also a premium night club.  Having a special night with friends or part of a celebration? novelle has two areas for the excitement to occur.  Not only that,  it can be that secluded, intimate private salons for your small group of gamblers with that high limit touch. Yes, Novelle offers Night Life, Dining, and a whole lot more.

novelle is Mohegan Sun’s newest venue that shifts seamlessly from chic dining atmosphere to thrilling nightlife experience. Offering dinner & late night dining, craft cocktails, VIP bottle service & public and private table games, novelle has everything you need to turn the night into your story.

Novelle – Where is it?

This upscale lounge plus is approximately 15,000-square-feet located in the previous “Sticks & Stones” restaurant space. You will find it n the Casino of the Sky between next the renovated Starbucks and SoloToro. The Sky Casino and the adjacent retail concourse could be called Nigh Club Row” with 5 night life options from EDM to Country.  Mohegan Sun has a total of eight night club/lounges. But novelle never charges a cover!

What Makes It So Different? – The NightLife


Center bar at novelle

Center bar at novelle

novelle serves small plates and entrées, perfect for sharing. Dining is available Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 5:00pm – Midnight.  The menu showcases a variety of cuisines and flavors – including dishes such as Roasted Beet Salad, Seared Sesame Tuna & Steak Frites novelle. Check out the DINNER MENU  by clicking on the link.

Inside Is Glamour

Long bar at novell entrance

Long bar at novell entrance

Designed by Peter Niemitz, New England’s premier restaurant and nightlife architect, novelle showcases a modern, speakeasy-style interior with chic, sophisticated vibes and glamourous materials using color pallets of gold, champagne and black. The entrance of novelle features an impressive statement bar, followed by a larger central bar that opens up into the main interior space which is filled with flexible lounge areas and a dance floor. Additional highlights of novelle include a 24 dining and bottle service VIP tables offering , a state-of-the-art sound system with DJ booth prepared to host the industry’s top artists, and accelerated drink service with hand-crafted cocktails at two beautiful, full-service bars offering a classic, yet modern beverages.


A look inside one pf the private gaming salons

A look inside one of the private gaming salons

“novelle” has a raised mezzanine inside for public gaming with four Blackjack tables and two Roulette tables with double seats for couples. Also available are four private rooms, or salons, offering the ability for guests to rent a room for a large or small group, with custom catering and lower table limits

Opened June 20 With Flair and Celebrities

It was a Red Carpet Extravaganza at Mohegan Sun’s opening of novelle.

The opening spanned three days welcoming more than a dozen celebrities, featuring special performances by rapper Juice WRLD on Thursday and Ludacris on Friday. On Saturday, June 22, Khloe Kardashian, Ciara, DJ Cassidy hosted novelle’s official launch party. Celebrity guests included Melissa and Joe Gorga, Dorinda Medley from Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City and New Jersey, America’s favorite reality TV stars Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph. Boston Red Sox greats Johnny Damon and Roger Clemons also appeared to celebrate.

More Links & Dress Code

DRESS CODE – Dress to impress! Upscale casual dress encouraged. No athletic wear, boots or baggy clothing. Fashionable sneakers ok. Entry subject to management approval.

Here are links to check out before you go:

Events Calendar

Bottle Menu

Check it out and let us know how it was – I’m afraid it might be past my bed-time. ……Just kidding about the bedtime thing.




Being a Casino Host Has It’s Down Side


Eli Segall of the Las Vegas Sun wrote a great article a few years ago. This article is very entertaining and told from the perspective of an actual host, protected by anonymity. Being a casino host sounds like a job that should be fun and include a high level charm, decadence, and celebrity touch.  According to Mr. Segall, it seems more like being a high paid adult baby-sitter. Being a Casino Host Has It’s Down Side. Below are some of the characteristics of the clientele casino hosts “take care of:”

About High Rollers

The people hosts serve, such as High Rollers, tend to gamble more and more as they continue to lose. In my opinion, it’s due to the arrogance and denial of house advantage boxed together with a pretty bow with directions to GA. It’s too bad a hosts still have to take care of their gambling problem since their job depends on it.

Many of these whales also have a sense of entitlement unrivaled by a group of middle school students. Everyone  wants what they think is coming to them….and more!

Bad Tippers Acting Badly

The people hosts serve don’t tip very well. First of all, I understood that tipping a host was inappropriate from the casino’s point of view, but I stand corrected. Cash, as well as gifts, are acceptable. Some have actually asked for their cash tip back, due to bullet #1 – wow!

The people hosts serve act badly, many times violently, towards dealers, pit bosses, security and yes, hosts. Usually hosts get told by their clients bad manners by the phone instead of in person, and then the host has to make it all better. It’s like baby-sitting, but with adults.


After reading the article, I can say glamour is not the reason to be a host. It’s hard work to deal with unruly, entitled adults. I have so much more respect and understanding for hosts.Maybe we all should try realizing the host you randomly contact may have other people he/she is taking care of – probably a whale behaving badly.

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That’s all for now.


Face Up Pai Gow Poker

During my last visit to Las Vegas, I had my first chances to play Face Up Pai Gow Poker while staying at Red Rock Casino Resort and Treasure Island.  I first heard about it on the best recreational gaming podcast, You Can Bet on That.  If you haven’t heard of Mark & Dr. Mike, you are missing out.  I suggest you binge listen for three days and learn something from these two funny and informative guys.

Dr. Mike & Mark

Dr. Mike & Mark at VIMFP with alive podcast

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I have learned to love Pai Gow Poker for many reasons. Low house edge, slow pace, many pushed hands and a chance to relax.  With a high minimum such as $15, $20 or mostly $25, it’s usually found in Asian game areas, or better yet, high limit rooms. Hard Rock Atlantic City has Pai Gow Poker in the nicest  Asian Game area I have played in.

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Face up Pai Gow Poker – Differences from Original Game

My first experience was at Red Rock Casino Resort in Summerlain.  We haven learned to love driving all around Las Vegas and surrounding locals such as Summerlain, Henderson, and North Vegas. Red Rock is always a visit on every visit to Sin City.

Red Rock Resort Casino

Red Rock Resort Casino Hotel, the Gem of Stations Casinos

The wonderful thing about playing at any Pai Gow table is that showing your hand for help is no big deal.  Dealers, pit bosses and players can help divide your hand into high and low hands. This particular time, a friendly gentleman and an outstanding dealer Dave, helped me with strategy differences.

There are four big differences in Face Up Pai Gow Poker according to the Wizard of Odds:

  • Dealer cards dealt face up.
  • No 5% commission.
  • Dealer ace-high pai gow is an automatic push.
  • No player banking

NETG Analysis of face up Pai Gow Poker

I loved it.  First, the lack of commission is a breath of fresh air. Working with those quarters is a pain in the you know what. No player banking doesn’t bother me, since I never sit with a high enough bankroll to bank the hand. Besides, I usually pull my bets back when a player banks – call me a “little-stitious.”

The dealer push on all ace-high pai gow can be annoying, but that’s how they get the house edge- that and the side bet.

The best rule as you can imagine is the dealers card “face-up.”  This will occasionally alter basic strategy to the player’s benefit. Here is a first look video from owners Shuffle Master:

HOW basic strategy can be changed for player’s benefit

The dealer deals cards to players, then takes their dealt hand and immediately shows hand, according to house rules – a set way of making the high and low hands by the casino. Basic strategy can now change due to the house rule setting.  If dealer shows AH, 8S, 8D, 3H, 3C, 8C and 10D.  The house rules dictate for the dealer’s two hands to be HIGH HAND – two pairs, LOW HAND – Ace /10

Now, the player has been dealt two pair also – 5’d and 2’s, with a A/4 for the low hand. Basic strategy would expect the player to keep two pair in HIGH HAND, A/4 in LOW HAND. Basic strategy would cause the player to lose. But, by seeing the dealer’s cards, the strategy is changed to player keeping 5’s in HIGH HAND, 2’s in LOW HAND causing a push instead of a loss.

Pai Gow Poker Table. The key is how you set up your hand.


I’m waiting to see Face Up Pai Gow Poker pop up in New England casinos. as of now, the closest game is in Borgata, AC as of August, 2019.  I liked it.  If you play Pai Gow Poker, try it if you have a chance.

That’s all for now.  Remember, when gambling, “embrace the math, not the myth.”