“Nothing Endures But Change” in New England

“Nothing Endures But Change” in New England. In 2014, there were five casinos. Mohegan Sun had just built its Sky Hotel. Foxwoods had just gained one as MGM parted ways. Twin River Casino in Rhode Island had just purchased Newport Grand and was starting to expand with hotel plans and table games.

“Nothing endures but change.”

Twin River as Lincoln Park before Major Expansion

In 2014:

  • Connecticut casinos were dominant,
  • Twin River Casino and Newport Grand were under separate ownership
  • Massachusetts was still spinning its wheels after approving the Expanded Gaming Act in 2011.

“Nothing Endures But Change” in Rhode Island

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Rhode Island had to expand its gaming industry to stay relevant. Specifically Twin River Worldwide Holdings.

WAKE UP RHODY CASINOS! Twin River & Newport Grand – it’s time to expand and examine your options!

NETimeGambling, 2014

Back in 2014, the long-expected fall in revenue from Rhode Island casinos was in play and continued through 2015 and further. Twin River Worldwide Holdings expanded throughout the country between 2018-2021 and approved New England’s first legal sports betting.

In 2021, legal sports betting is for real in Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Connecticut and Massachusetts are on the verge of adding it as well.

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Nothing Endures But Change in the Gambling Industry

So much has happened since 2014. Gambling growth has provided interesting storylines. It seemed hope and cynicism went hand in hand in New England’s rolling hills early in the process. New England offers nine casinos now in four states.

In the midst of the biggest change the gambling industry has probably seen, we seem to be going nowhere fast. The pandemic has changed what our casino favorites are, hopefully for a short duration.

Things change quickly in the casino industry. Your favorite slot machine won’t always be at your favorite casino. In addition, your favorite casino may not continue as your favorite casino, either.

The point is nothing stays the same. Whether it’s due to expansion or pandemics, nothing stays the same. So the underlying message here is to enjoy your experiences and keep the memories.

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For me, walking into Newport Grand, with its VLTs and Jai Alai Fronton, was a great memory. However, it was just as enjoyable to drink from the iPourit wall of beer and wine for the first time at Tiverton Casino, which took Newport’s place.

Here are other things I miss at New England’s casinos that are no more:

  • Fidelia’s – a 24/7 coffee shop at Mohegan Sun
  • Fado Irish Pub – Twin River Casino.
  • The old Poker Room below the main floor at Foxwoods
Poker Room in N.E. at Foxwoods, since moved

What are your memories at New England casinos?… what comes to mind, what makes you smile?

Take your time; I can wait… (Kenny G plays in the background)

The point is, during this pandemic, enjoy the memories of the New England Expansion over the past five years. And embrace the new possibilities that are sure to come. We won’t be in this forever. But until then, enjoy your gambling memories. And when you have the chance, make more, because “Nothing Endures But Change” in New England.

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