Night Shift Brewing Is The Best Kept Secret At Encore

Maybe comparisons of a local watering hole to “Cheers” have been overdone. But one brewpub in Everett is an exceptional experience. Night Shift Brewing Is The Best Kept Secret At Encore!

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Night Shift Brewing is the Best Kept Secret at Encore

Last Thursday night, Bert & I stayed over at Encore Boston Harbor. As with the previous staycations, it was a quick but fabulous get-a-away. However, we wanted to try something new, so we agreed to meet at Night Shift Brewing Kitchen & Tap. Before going to the casino floor to try our luck, we stopped and spoke to Mike, an employee of Night Shift. We had a great discussion about beer – good beer – and decided that we must come back.

As things sometimes go in the casino, my bankroll soared and then came back down, and I stopped at even, which I consider a win anytime at the casino. Bert beat me there. As I entered, three employees greeted me, told me where she was and had a menu waiting for me at the bar. It was as if they were our friends already.

Night Shift Brewing is the Best Kept Secret at Encore
The view from the bar.

The Atmosphere

People like a pub with a great atmosphere, terrific drinks and food, and a spot where “everybody knows your name.” Concerning Night Shift, it’s check, check, and check for all.

Everyone was friendly and looked forward to spending time with you. As is typical with Wynn resorts, service and hospitality count at Night Shift, and the staff’s attention was outstanding.

Also, you can buy your favorite beer or any drink they offer and bring it to the casino floor.

The BeerNight Shift Brewing is Encore’s Best Kept Secret!

Night Shift Brewing is the Best Kept Secret at Encore
Beer, anyone?

The craft beer list includes more than 20 beers on tap and an extensive selection of canned beers and seltzers. Nine of Night Shift’s brews on tap are popular IPA styles; one is available on the casino floor. In addition, the other sixteen taps have an excellent array of quality favorites for delicious new brewers on the market. Four suggestions would include tried and authentic New England classics such as the Wachusett “Blueberry Ale,” Sam Adams Seasonal, Fiddle Head’s IPA, and a tremendous new Cider IPA from Down East Cider Co. called “Cider Donut.” They even offer a quality NA from the king of non-alcoholic beer in Stamford, CT., “Run Wild” by Athletic Brewing.

Add hot onion rings, pork belly banh mi, or steak tips, and you have a winner. See the food menu below:

Night Shift Brewing is the Best Kept Secret at Encore
Food Menu

About Night Shift Brewing Kitchen & Tap

You will find elevated interpretations of classic pub fare. Kyle Bradish is the executive chef. Also, this venue will offer an extensive list of Everett-based Night Shift Brewing’s locally crafted beers.

Night Shift Brewing has roots in a small kitchen on Josephine Ave in Somerville, MA. In 2007, Co-Founders Rob, Mike, and Michael began homebrewing at night, making beers for friends and family that they hoped were more interesting and flavorful than the commercial options on shelves. 

In 2012, the trio moved their hobby to a small Everett warehouse and launched the business. They relied on a “craft better” mindset and their passionate community of loyal customers to quickly grow their staff, production, and distribution in the local market. 

Other locations include:

Night Shift Brewing is the Best Kept Secret at Encore
The original brewpub in Everett.

For more information, click here.


Simple. Night Shift Brewing IS the Best Kept Secret at Encore and is now a part of our Encore experience every time. Any questions?

Bert & Binbin