New Year Gambling Resolutions

Let’s face it, 2021 was better than 2020, but that doesn’t say much. Renewal – a fresh start; this is why we make resolutions for the new year. We might not keep them for the whole year, but it could be a change for the good to incorporate into your gambling. Did you pick a New Year’s resolution for 2022? Check below – maybe it’s time to add one if you didn’t, or consider another. Let’s take a look at the possibilities for New Year’s Gambling Resolutions For 2022

General Resolutions

Keep to My Bankroll.

Keeping to your bankroll is still the #1 consideration for New Year’s Gambling Resolutions For 2022. First, only take the bankroll you can afford. Second, play with money budgeted for gambling, not life necessities. Third, create win/loss limits and stick to them! Finally, delete “Cash Advance” and “ATM” from your gambling vocabulary.

Don’t Be a Bothersome Gambler To Others

Please don’t push your personality on others expecting other players or dealers to stop their flow to answer your questions. Asking for some advice is one thing, but don’t be a pain in the #$% to the guests, dealers, and staff. Instead, do your homework and learn the games.

And don’t give unsolicited advice. Let players play. Showing you’re a self-professed expert doesn’t help make friends; it’s just annoying.

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Learn the Best Strategy For The Games I Play

A little homework goes a long way to cut the house edge. First, learn your game’s basic strategy, rules, bets, and etiquette. Then, no matter your game of choice, buy a good book, get some practice software, and prepare yourself. If you have to ask a stranger about the game or machine, chances are you shouldn’t be playing it.

Try a NEW “New Year” Gambling Resolution For 2022

Learn a New Game Or Revisit an Old One

New Game? Last year I tried Mississippi Stud. Approach any new game with research and practice, then try it in the casino.

I’m going the “revisit” route this year. I’m planning on sprucing up my 3 Card Poker strategy, so I’m prepared for Cruise Line Casinos. But before I do, I will practice at the Wizard of Odds website. So whether you add or revisit an old game in your repertoire, I suggest you do the same.

Keeping Your Winnings

12 New Year Gambling Resolutions For 2021
The GambleBox.

Your winnings are just that – YOUR Winnings. On any sizable win, try to keep half. Please put it in your pocket, or use one of those pocket safes—plan for your next session.

Remember, casino chips represent real money. And playing with the “house money” when you win is a fallacy. Once you’ve won it, whether it’s casino chips or a TITO ticket, it’s real money and yours!

Also, use loss limits. Decide the dollar amount you want to stop at that machine or table, whether you plan to continue at the casino or go home.

Log My Play

Log your gambling. Keep track of time spent, casinos visited, promotions used, and money won/lost. Patterns of losing play, or machines played, indicate that modifications are needed.

New Year Gambling Resolutions For 2022
A Simple Casino Log for Wins & Losses

Gambling Resolutions Final Considerations

Don’t Chase My Losses and Play With Money I Can Lose

Never play past your bankroll to overcome losses. Easier said than done, especially if, at first, you had success. A losing streak might mean it’s time to stop, assess, take a break, or even leave.

Go Easy On The Booze

Don’t let alcohol make your judgment fuzzy. If you want a drink while playing, that’s your business. Have a good time, but keep a clear head, too.

Whether you’re looking to cut out alcohol for life or just for a night, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your ability to be healthy, active, and at your best to enjoy great beer. Non-alcoholic beer isn’t like your grandparents’ O’Douls! (No malice towards O’Douls) Quality craft non-alcoholic beer is on the rise. In New England, ask for anything from Athletic Brewing Company in Stratford, CT. Even Mohegan Sun has begun to offer an exceptional ABC non-alcoholic IPA.

New Year Gambling Resolutions For 2022
Athletic Brewing’s non-alcoholic IPA is offered at Mohegan Sun.

Keep My Perspective On The Enjoyment Of the Experience

Most of us will lose more than we win at any game. Players are best off treating losses as the price of admission for a day’s recreational gambling – a win or breaking even is a plus.

Be Aware of My Average Daily Theoretical and Rewards Club Offers

Remember, all reward clubs have different rules. Read the fine print, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Take advantage of Players Club promotions. Be aware of when your points expire or when your tier status ends.

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Make recreational gambling fun, consider your fellow gamblers, and gamble more efficiently! Embrace the Math, not the Myth.