New Hampshire Adds a New…….Casino?

New HampshireNETime Gambling has not covered gambling in New Hampshire. Why, because getting casino gambling in the Granite State has been on again, off again since the blog was started some four years ago.  Who knew, under the radar, there was a secret in New Hampshire that most us didn’t know!

Well, we did, but on such a small scale that it seemed unimportant.  But, while lawmakers refuse to join the New England Casino Expansion race, gambling is still growing in the Granite State.

downloadA casino facility has just opened in Nashua. Jennifer Currier’ article on entitled “Gambling Expands in NH with New Nashua Casino” describes the opening, and how this new casino would be the 10th gambling property in New Hampshire.  The new Nashua, NH casino, The Boston Billiard Club & Casino, says it will include 15 poker tables alongside five pit games including roulette, blackjack, Mississippi Stud, Let it Ride and more (Doesn’t seem like a home poker to me) in accordance with the Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission.  Click on the link above for more info.

Hampton Falls Poker Room, New Hampshire

Hampton Falls Poker Room, New Hampshire

Previously, NETG posted it’s first look into New Hampshire’s poker rooms in Poker Update – Healthy in the Northeast, Including New Hampshire?.  At the time, it looked like similar operations to California’s Poker Rooms before Casino Gambling was allowed, only on a much smaller scale. But now offering Blackjack & Roulette as well?  How does this happen in a state without the legislature legalizing casino gambling?

According to, “charitable gaming in New Hampshire includes poker, bingo, Lucky 7, raffles, games of chance and card rooms. The only form of legal electronic bingo gaming is handheld electronic bingo cards. Bingo, and Lucky 7 have been legal in New Hampshire since 1949 and games of chance since 1977.”


When Rockingham Racing ended, a void was filled with more charitable casinos.

The New Hampshire Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission is responsible for the enforcement of applicable laws and regulations of charity games. In 2011, HB348 was signed into law by the governor. This legislation requires primary game operators conducting games of chance to use video monitoring in all areas where money is handled, including table games and the cash office. Also, language was included to make it a felony to defraud charities of any monies legally due from charitable gaming.

Here’s the basics:

  • 55% of the revenue generated by these facilities goes to operating and management costs
  • 10% is paid back to the state
  • the remaining 35% gets donated to local charities.
  • Players are limited to any single of $4. Poker is a bit more complicated, with a $5 cap per hand, and each player cannot put more than $500 into the pot.
  • Players keep their winnings.
The new Nashua casino opens in 5 days.

The new Nashua casino opens in 5 days.

It seems gambling is alive in New Hampshire and growing.  But don’t think this will lead to legalized gambling and a casino or two.  The legislature understands that adding legalized casinos with all the fixings would compromise the Charity Gambling Law in NH, with many needy charities loosing out to the new legislature, most likely due to casinos demanding that the law in changed or stopped in the interest of the brick-and-mortar casinos.

So, maybe New Hampshire is content just the way it is – for now.

That’s all for now.



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