NETimeGambling – Until We Meet Again

NETimeGambling - Until We Meet Again

We’ve been covering the New England Casino scene since 2012. has been a ten-year passion project for sharing my view of New England’s expanding casino landscape. With a new part-time job, it’s time to put aside all the work and time it takes to produce the NETG website, posts, and podcast. NETimeGambling – Until We Meet Again

So what will happen to the “brand?” Let me explain.

The Beginning

On September 29, 2012, I introduced my new blog The first post looked like this:

NETimeGambling - Until We Meet Again

Wow, NETG sure has grown over the years! And the gaming landscape has grown as well.

At the time of the first post:

  • The Massachusetts Gaming Law had passed
  • Oxford Casino opened as Maine’s second casino,
  • making six casinos in New England.
  • Rhode Island had two casinos, both separately owned, in Lincoln and Newport, and
  • Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun, and Hollywood Bangor were the only properties with hotels.

What To Expect

1. The Podcast

NETimeGambling - Until We Meet Again

I will be recording one last episode, which will stay in the online world of podcasts until I see fit to take it down. While trying my hand at recording a podcast, I now truly respect the work it takes to build a successful podcast, or vodcast, like “You Can Bet On That “or “Vegas Confessions.” The time it takes to edit an episode alone was mind-boggling, and the New England Casino and Gambling Podcast was only ten minutes long!

2. The Blog

I have enjoyed sharing all the news, promotions, trip reports, and gambling guides with you. NETG had nearly 1000 subscribers receiving each post in their email, not to mention our followers on Twitter and Facebook. If you are one of those loyal followers, I thank you with all my heart for your support.

But, the timely posts you have become accustomed to will be ending. A few articles will trickle out as we prepare the website for posterity.

That said, I hope to bump into my friends on Facebook Communities and meet up at the casinos. Give me a buzz, and I’ll meet you there if possible.

3. The Website

The website lives on. Next month, I will be tweaking all posts and pages, checking links, checking for relevance, and making the website sleek and clean for anyone’s perusal. We’re very proud of it and will maintain it occasionally.

Thank You

Saying “Thank You” can be very hard sometimes because I have so many to thank! But, so many have supported NETimeGambling in print, podcasts, comments, and behind the scenes; I’m sure someone significant would be left out. But three people significantly believed in this venture of mine, so I must recognize them now.

Michael Trager, of TravelZork fame, thank you for mentoring me and giving me experiences I would have never had. Your perspective continues to raise the bar for me.

Most importantly, my staff, better known as my family. My wife and son have humored me, traveled with me, and added so much support that I can’t imagine this project lasting ten years without them. So thank you, Bert, thank you, Miguel. Love you both.

NETimeGambling - Until We Meet Again
Miguel, Bin, and Bert

And thanks to all who have followed us through the years, too numerous to mention. I’ll end this post with my favorite poem. I hope to meet many of you now that I’m just a regular OGG (Old Guy Gambler.)

Some Favorite Experiences Over the Years at NETG

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