Foxwoods $1 Blackjack & Ticket-Redemption Machines Beware


Foxwoods – The Wonder Of It All

He’s a little post concerning a couple of things at Foxwoods.  You need to know about these things so you won’t be surprised, or have it dampen your success trip.

$1 Blackjack – I was so excited to know Foxwoods offered $1 Blackjack tables.  th (25)What a great way to pass the time, at a low cost.  Shoe is cut early (just past half), but BJ pay 3:2 (normal BJ payoff) and you can double on any two cards.  Not bad…..but then I found out one thing they don’t tell you in their advertisement.

It’s a commissioned game!  In other words, you must pay 25-cents to play any hand, every hand.  Some might say that’s not bad, but think that quarter is 25% off your dollar bet, increasing the house advantage.  And if you’re playing$3-$5 per hand, it still adds to the minimal house advantage even with perfect basic strategy.  Now, I don’t play perfect, but close.  $20 lasted 10 minutes.

thWhy the commission?  Probably because it costs the casino money just to put a dealer at the $1 minimum table.  And for those of you who actually tip the dealer – well, think how much the tips add up to on a $1 table.  That’s why $5 tables are becoming so rare – it costs the casinos money.  (Even though it’s good business for all the right reasons!)


Redemption Machines- Ticket In! Money out!

Redemption Machines – If you play slots, video keno, video poker, or anything that you would end up with a TITO ticket (Ticket In, Ticket Out) with change, you need to go to the cashier.  The Ticket Redemption machines at Foxwoods have been converted to cash only – and they don’t round up.  So all of your change will be kept.  Let’s say you want to redeem your ticket of $23.85 at a Redemption machine – you get $23, but not the $.85 cents.  If you want it all, you must go to the cashier.

Thanks for playing!

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