My Three Favorite Casinos and Why

If you were asked, “what are your three favorite casinos,” what would they be?  And what would you base your answer on? Well, here are my three favorite casinos and why divided into three categories. I’m picking one favorite from New England, one outside New England, and one in Las Vegas.

Criteria For My Three Favorite Casinos and Why

Here are some considerations for your decisions:

  • How well does the casino reward your play in comps?
  • Is it the casino you win at? 
  • Is it where I have the most fun?
  • How close is its proximity to your home?
  • How’s the atmosphere? Smoking / non-smoking?
  • Does it have favorable gambling conditions?

There are probably many more. In fact, for most of us, it’s a combination of all of the above.

Favorite #1 – New England, Mohegan Sun

Mohegan Sun in the snow.

The reasons I like Mohegan Sun are simple. The combination of comps, promotions, and proximity make it my perfect locals joint. I can play as a mid-roller and reach Momentum level three (Leap). Bert and I get to see great concerts (comped), enjoy the VIP lounges, and play great video poker, extremely important to me. And it’s less than twenty minutes away.

Because we visit Mohegan Sun the most of any casino, we enjoy Mohegan Sun’s many outstanding dining options. Whether it’s a fabulous meal at Jordan’s Steakhouse, a casual burger at Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace, or take out at the local favorite Pasta Vita, it fits our expectations. It’s a buffet, modeled after the “M” Resort in Las Vegas, is the best in New England.

Gourmet Take-out at Mohegan Sun

Favorite #2 – Outside New England, Borgata Atlantic City

The “Borg” is just the best Atlantic City has to offer. It’s classy. It has the best VIP Lounge with Amphora and awesome dining options. The video poker is fantastic with full pay JOB. And while it keeps up with the latest slots, it has many old favorite machines. Besides that, it’s a large casino floor with good table game rules.

We love its buffet for breakfast. Another favorite is Bread and Butter, which offers fantastic breakfast options, sandwiches, and more. And talk about fine dining. Michael Mina, Bobby Flay, and Wolfgang Puck are just a few top chefs with great restaurants at Borgata.

The Borgata complex. Water Club is to the right.

Finally, two things put Borgata over the top for us. First, the Water Club, the newest hotel tower with its own “adult pool,” bar, and lobby, has luxurious basic rooms.

The icing on the cake? FlyBorgata. A small 30+ seat plane brings you there on a Friday and then takes you home three days late. Not driving through New York City from Connecticut to get there has definitely spoiled us.

Favorite #3 – Viva Las Vegas! But not really IN Las Vegas……… Red Rock Casino Hotel

Our favorite Las Vegas property isn’t in Las Vegas at all. It’s in Summerlin, thirty minutes away, northwest of the Strip. We started staying there since its inception in 2006 as only the second casino in Summerlin. Red Rock Resort has everything, including an exceptional pool area. Great gaming, great video poker, newest slots, and it has a locals flavor. Let’s call that an upscale locals flavor. And, even though we visit once a year, there’s always a room waiting for us.

Red Rock Resort Casino Hotel, the Flagship of Stations Casinos

A Call For Action – My Three Favorite Casinos and Why

What are your favorite three casinos? We’d love to hear about it, whether you live in New England, Mississippi, or Chicagoland. Please send us your list through our comments section. We hope to hear from you soon!

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