Mornings In the Casino Are Best for Me

Mornings In the Casino Are Best for Me

Here’s an update on one of my first posts. I wanted to reflect on why I generally enjoy mornings for gambling or at casinos. It was true then, and it’s true now. I can hear Linus singing “Happiness” at the end of the first Peanuts Casino animation coming soon. “Mornings In the Casino Are the Best for Me.”

Serenity in an Empty Casino๐Ÿ˜Š

Arriving at MGM Springfield for an early morning session.
  • First and foremost – There’s nobody there! I’m talking at 6:00 am. Hopping to any machine, playing a little BJ, and hitting a whole row of Video Poker is the best. And the quiet is just surreal. The few people there either just got up or are looking for breakfast somewhere – or asleep on a machine!
  • Beverage service – nothing like black coffee and all the water you want – and not having to wait long to get it.
  • Smoke – you can feel the last remnant of it being cleared before the weekend crowds appear. It’s the crispest air you’ll find at a casino (if anyone can refer to casino air as crisp?) (And with most casinos changing to non-smoking during this COVID-19 pandemic, almost every casino floor is like this.)
  • Cleanliness – Machines are wiped down, and there aren’t as many machines to sit down where ashes and drink glasses are not picked up.
  • If it’s a local casino, I get to play and leave before the buses and weekend crowds arrive, and I still have the rest of the day to myself.
  • Two additions from our friend Mike T. from the AITG Facebook group – 1) No machine hogs, and 2) not many machine slappers…..if any!

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Viva Las Vegas in the Morning

Morning on the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas is fantastic in the morning as well. There’s a crispness to the desert air outside. Inside the casino, it’s much of the above. But there are additional perks to mornings in Las Vegas.

  • It’s also a great time for visitors to watch the few people waking up or finally going to bed. Ah, that walk of shame and the business girls parading after their night shift.
  • The action is still going but still not busy.
  • A healthy walk outside in the morning to start your day. We usually visit in July and August, and it gets hot! 
  • A walk down Las Vegas Boulevard without “mosiers,” huskers, and timeshare hawkers is peaceful in the cool of the morning.
  • The late night usually morphs into the early morning and morning. The tables are always happening in the morning. Positions are available. Set the alarm and start your gambling day at 3:00 am. Just ask Michael Trager at TravelZork!
In The Morning

Serenity now

Yes. Keep Calm and Gamble in the morning. That’s all for now.