Mohegan Sun Perks for the Low-Roller

Here’s a quick overview of the Mohegan Sun Rewards Club, Momentum. There are many advantages to this rewards club, and not all specifically for the more prominent players. First, let’s look at Mohegan Sun Perks for the Low-Roller.

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Mohegan Sun's Momentum Players Club
Mohegan Sun’s Momentum Players Club

As with all Rewards Clubs, players who use their Momentum card when playing earn Momentum Dollars to spend on dining, shopping, hotel stays, spa treatments, partner benefits, etc. In addition, Mohegan Sun Perks through Momentum also rewards your level of play with Free Slot Play, Match Play, or other rewards according to your level of play.

Interesting Note – According to the Mohegan tribe, they chose “Momentum” for its rewards program because it “draws upon the Momentum that has continuously advanced the Mohegan Nation to realize great achievements.” 

Here are the basics:

  • It is a six-month qualifying program (most others use a year-long period.)
  • Cashless gaming is available with slots automatically opening a Play+ account and linking your Momentum Card. Funds can be loaded through bank transfer or at the slots. (This feature is not yet available for table games._
  • Momentum Dollars are earned by gaming and are spendable at shops or restaurants. One Momentum Dollar is equivalent to one dollar.
  • Momentum Dollars can be redeemed (not earned) at most other Mohegan-managed properties, dollar for dollar.
  • Momentum Dollar accelerators are a built-in benefit for Ignite at 10% faster, Leap members at 15% faster, Ascend members at 20% faster and Soar members at a 25% faster rate than Core members.
  • Status Points are earned through gaming and determine your card level. Status Points, unlike Momentum Dollars, are earned at the same rate throughout every card level.
  • Choice Credits are complimentary credits given to each level above Core each month. Choice Credits can be used for VIP Lounge access, hotel stays, suite upgrades, golf, scooter rentals, and Arena show tickets.

Why are Mohegan Perks for the Low-Roller Such a Bonus?

Of course, a player’s favorite casino is a personal perspective. It’s usually tied to where you win the most and how close it is. This quick comparison will show that the low-roller has it better than most in Uncasville, CT. In a recent episode of The New England Casino and Gambling Podcast, Justin Haapala and I discussed why Mohegan Sun Perks for the Low-Roller are a key to the tribe’s success in Connecticut.

Briefly, we decided that the 2nd level, Ignite, is easily attainable for most patrons. While it seems challenging to accrue status points at any Mohegan-managed properties, the numerous 3X point status multiplier days enable Core Level members to reach Level II – Ignite and even Leap, Level III (out of five).

All About the NumbersMohegan Perks for the Low-Roller

Other rewards clubs in New England offer rewards accelerators as well. But, the additional perks for the low-roller are enticing as part of the overall package. For example, each month offers at least two 3X status multiplier days in the six-month qualifying period – that’s at least 12 chances to multiply your status points.

According to, to earn loyalty tier points on a slot machine at Mohegan Sun, players must cycle through $167.00 (coin-in) dollars = 1 status point with slots. “vpFREE2” indicates approximately $390 (short-pay VP) – $550 (coin-in) dollars = one status point.

The Bottom Line – Your Expectations

If you want to skip the following math, here’s the bottom line. I used made-up numbers based on actual player averages and those above from and “vpFREE2.” Of course, casinos can change these formulas at any time.

  • Slot Players – Eight four-hour sessions, playing slots at $.75, and playing on 3X Status points Days, should earn over 500 points in 6 months, thus making Ignite. (This is a very conservative expectation)
  • Video Poker Players – 150 Status points in four four-hour sessions earn Ignite; eight four-hour sessions earn Leap.

Here’s The Math – If You Dare!

Using the figures above (and using “approximate math”):

  • Slot Machines
    • At a $.75 bet (average player, conservative guess)
      • playing every 5 seconds, or 12 wagers per minute
      • which equals $540 recycled each hour.
      • If playing for four hours with these numbers, this player would earn approximately 13 – 15 points per hour.
      • On Triple Status Point Days, that could easily be 45 points per session
    • At $1.00/bet or more,
      • It would jump to 60 points per session on Triple Status Point Days.

Players need to earn 400 points in six months. According to the formula above, eight sessions should earn over 500 points, making Ignite.

Mohegan Sun Slots
Mohegan Sun Slots

It’s more challenging for Video Poker players. If you are playing low-pay games (8/5 JOB, 9/5 DDB, etc.), you can earn 1/3 fewer points than slot players.

However, the average bet would most likely be $1.25. So, figure (depending on the game’s paytable, denomination, and if single or multiline) most average VP players play 400 hands per hour, or 1600 hands in a four-hour session:

  • That would be approximately $500 recycled in an hour; or $2000 in a four-hour session.
  • When choosing the low end of 400 dollars, equalling one status point, a four-hour video poker session would typically earn approximately 50 status points or 150 on Triple Status Point Days
  • 150 Status points in four sessions earn Ignite – eight four-hour sessions earn Leap.

NOTE – You can’t underestimate the importance of Status Point Multiplier Days.

The Complete Package – Ignite & Leap Levels

It’s the complete package that makes Mohegan Sun interesting for the Low-Roller. Choice Credits is an excellent addition for Ignite and Leap members. Where else can a second-level rewards card give members access to the VIP lounge? With choice credits, players can exchange some for a little extra slot play or get access to Sachem Lounge Monday – Thursday. Leap, the third-level card, gets 200 Choice Credits per month.

Inside one of three VIP lounges at Mohegan Sun
Sachem VIP lounge – right behind the High Limit area in Sky Casino at Mohegan Sun

Parking and Hotels

There is Reserved Parking In Indian Summer Garage for Ignite and Leap members. Are you staying overnight? – Complimentary Hotel Rooms are available in Earth & Sky Towers (based on your play, the day, and special casino events). Your resort fee is waived For Complimentary Rooms, and the Leap status has its own Priority Hotel Check-in at Front Desk.


Level two and three status, Ignite and Leap, provide 2 Complimentary Greens Fees Each Month, golf cart not included, Preferred Golf Guest Rate, and 10% Discount at Pautipaug Pub & Grille. Additionally, Leap has 4 Complimentary Greens Fees Each Month.


Regarding entertainment, Mohegan Sun has a unique venue with, the Mohegan Sun Arena. Ignite and Leap members can receive Complimentary Tickets for Arena Entertainment (based on play) and Complimentary Connecticut Sun Basketball Tickets.


In my opinion, Mohegan Sun gives the best overall “bang for the buck” in New England – especially for low-roller slot players. Please listen to Podcast Episode #72 as Justin and I explore it further.