Mohegan Sun New Marketing Plan For Palmer Community

This new idea in marketing is the kind of “think-out-of-the-box” initiative is the type of thing that could be the edge they need.

Mohegan announced Wednesday a new marketing program to benefit local businesses and tourist attractions throughout the region. Through this Player’s Club program, guests would be able to receive additional discounts and redemption opportunities at participating local businesses and destinations in Western and central Massachusetts.

“Our goal is to have hundreds and hundreds of participants over time,” Mohegan’s chief executive Mitchell G. Etess said. “We want to let people know that this is out there.”

As Mohegan has just unrolled this latest initiative, the company could not release names of participating businesses. Etess said they also hope that businesses contact them to be part of the program.

According to information from Mohegan, casinos typically have players club card programs which allow patrons to redeem rewards only at businesses inside the casino.

“The Mohegan Sun Player’s Club card program will provide millions of dollars in discounts and rewards every year, and guests will be able to redeem points outside our resort casino to benefit the entire region,” Etess stated. “This unique marketing program will enable us to further promote tourism and economic growth throughout Western and Central Mass. and directly drive business into the region.”

Joint promotional opportunities will be available, such as the inclusion of participating businesses in Mohegan Sun Massachusetts advertising campaigns, along with employee discounts.

The marketing program will be subject to approval by the Gaming Commission, which will award the lone Western Massachusetts casino license.

The town of Palmer and Mohegan are continuing discussions on the host community agreement, which Town Manager Charles T. Blanchard expects will be completed within a few weeks.

Pretty good idea for the inclusion of communities in and around the casino. This could give local businesses access to many visiting the casino. Ingenious!

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