MGM Springfield’s New VIP Lounge – A Competitive Inconsistency

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After a year of patrons asking for a lounge for high-level players, MGM Springfield finally added one.  The space once partially occupied by Starbucks, was turned into the MGM Springfield’s New VIP Lounge for MLife players. It is also intended to increase that attraction of high-rollers, which has been disappointing during the first year. MGM Springfield has listened to it’s guests, making changes along the way.

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Rewards Club Lounges

“Thank you for your level of play.” That’s what casino rewards clubs say – or are supposed to say. The rules for entrance into the VIP Lounges differ as much as the lounges themselves. The amenities inside include some or many of the following: free drinks including top shelf brands, signature cocktails, food – from snacks to upscale entrees and everything in between. Television(s), media connection, bar and/or beverage service.  Some even include reserved table games, such as the Aspire Lounge at Mohegan Sun.

MGM Springfield’s New VIP Lounge – Nice Start

MGM VIP Lounge
Inside MGM VIP Lounge

MGM has a great knack at keeping true to the Springfield, MA. “industrial chic” theme. Examples include an antique propeller behind the food area, a chandelier of books open facing down (very creative) & food stations are on the perimeter.

Book Chandelier
The Book Chandelier

This is completely accessible with a ramp, no stairs. The inside of the lounge is very comfortable and one of the nicest looking lounges I’ve seen. It includes free water & beverages to accompany meat & cheese platters, tiny desserts, and even some mixes of nuts, M&M’s and Gummy Bears. One Kiosk is dedicated for those inside, assorted tables and  chairs, comfy couches and two large TV’s make this a relaxing place away from the sounds of the casino.  Of course, like all casinos in Massachusetts, this area is non-smoking.

MGM Springfield’s New VIP Lounge – Misguided Intentions

“We are continuously looking for ways to improve the guest experience at MGM Springfield. This exclusive new enhancement for our most loyal and discerning guests will further our growth strategy as the market leader in luxury leisure travel,” said Michael Mathis, President of MGM Springfield.

My question is, has Mr. Mathis visited other casino VIP lounges? There are many concerns that MLife members at MGM Springfield will have.

First and seemingly most discussed is the decision of only allowing Platinum & Noir levels of MLife available for entry. In a comparison that will be repeated again in this post, Amphora Lounge at Borgata allows Gold members into this premier lounge on the East Coast. However, we all know that Borgata marches to it’s own beat. Springfield’s lounge is roughly 1/10th the size. Clearly a lounge as small as that, if open to Gold members, would always be too crowded to be entertain, feed, quench and provide relaxation and quiet.

MGM Springfield’s New VIP Lounge – Amenities

The food  provided does not match the MGM expected quality. I would hope they change offerings to add a warm item to the miniature buffet. The desserts are small – I mean tiny!  A square of tiramisu was a 3/4″ square, and a taste of chocolate mousse equalled one lick of lollipop. My prosciutto still had the string on, buried inside, which was surprising – and very chewy before I knew what it was. No sit-down bar inside suggests beverage service only.  Hopefully that will include orders of high quality liquor not found anywhere on the floor, since the hotel lobby bar opens late afternoon.

Food options at MGM VIP Lounge
Food options at MGM VIP Lounge

An interesting question is “will this lounge offer breakfast?” At a property that is so remiss of breakfast options, big players would enjoy and expect that.  The lounge opens at 7:00AM every day, and to be honest, a continental breakfast is not going to cut it for whales who are used to visiting other VIP Lounges.

MGM Springfield’s New VIP Lounge – Comparisons

As mentioned, these VIP Lounges differ many ways across the board. This amenity for high level players one criteria used to determine the difference between good and great casinos. MGM’s VIP Lounge at Springfield does come up short and seems inconsistent as a competitive option. Let’s compare some lounges at other properties.

Amphora Lounge – Borgata.  We start here because Borgata is also an MGM property. I would call Amphora glamorous. The food options rival some casino buffets, and drinks include fabulous signature cocktails. Access to Amphora Lounge for player and guest is $12.50 Express Comps per person per visit. The one drawback is that Brunch, Lunch and Dinner are the only offerings – no Breakfast. Amphora is available for Gold levels and up. However, this lounge is the size of a large restaurant can easily entertain many members.  Matter of fact it seems Amphora is one of the few MGM VIP Lounges to offer entrance at Gold, with most at Platinum or even just for Noir. For more info about MGM VIP lounges in Las Vegas, read Mlife VIP Lounge.

New England VIP Lounges

Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods offer the best and most lounges in New England’s casinos. Mohegan Sun allows entry with 3rd level (Leap) out of 5 tier levels, and Foxwoods offers entry at Platinum – 3rd of 4 tiers. All offer cold and hot entrees, top shelf drinks and bars. They are comfortably large and allow smoking. One at Mohegan Sun is Asian themed and offers more of an Asian cuisine. Mohegan Sun lounges use choice credits Leap & Ascend levels, Soar admitted anytime.

Twin River Casino also has a VIP Lounge. The times it is open makes it a non-competitive option with the other surrounding casinos.


While the MGM Springfield Casino and Hotel has taken a positive step with their new stylish VIP Lounge, it lacks the size, amenities, and tier level consideration to really compete with CT’s casinos, Diamond (Laurel) Lounges at Atlantic City’s CET (Eldorado) properties, or even MGM’s own Amphora lounge at Borgata.

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