MGM Springfield Releases New Details with Local Flavor

Main Street, Red Rose Pizza in the far left corner. In between is Howard Street to the Cinema, Bowling, and Event area

A very positive article was published by Jim Kinney in MassLive, concerning local interests represented by MGM Springfield. It seems MGM has some very keen interest in our unique New England heritage.

Part of the original plan was to include a bowling alley. Today’s post mentioned it’s not just bowling lanes, but something dear to New England’s keglers – candle pin bowling.

Candle pin bowling uses three small bowling balls, with none of the “dead wood” removed. A score of 120 is equal to 180 in ten-pin.

Most people outside of New England have never bowled candle pins, or even knew they existed! According to Mr. Kinney’s post, Alex Dixon, general manager of MGM, was quoted saying, “If it’s what your local community wants, it just doesn’t make sense not to include those things.” Bravo, someone is listening.

Preserving and uplifting the city is a crucial part in the casino’s presence. A movie theater and ice skating rink is also planned, and what is more winter fun in New England than ice skating.

The French Congregational Church.

For historic preservation, MGM Springfield even moved the French Congregational Church, known since 1919 as the First Spiritualist Church, is a historic High Victorian Gothic structure that sat on the complex site.

Other points of interest include:

  • “MGM hopes to open the first through the eighth floor of 95 State St. for its offices in January. This will be the first permanent space MGM will occupy at the site”
  • “The ninth through 11th floors will be the site of MGM Springfield’s table games school for dealers run cooperatively with Springfield Technical Community College and Holyoke Community College”
  • “Al Griggs, vice chairman of Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture, asked about having locally grown foods at MGM. Dixon said yes, that’s the plan, saying that incorporating locally grown food not only helps farmers but it improves quality in the restaurants and helps MGM meet its environmental sustainability goals.”

MGM has vowed to consider Springfield’s history and architecture in building this casino / resort.  Along with keeping that promise, they are looking for those things that makes it different from previous ventures over the years – the feel of New England.




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