MGM Springfield Opens to Delight and Concern – Updated

In the summer of 2020, some industry experts wondered if MGM Springfield would ever open again. I thought the future looked dim, at least under the MGM brand. First, MGM Springfield Opens to Delight and Concern for a good showing of Platinum and Noir Rewards players. Many Springfield players and residents love their MGM Springfield and couldn’t wait any longer. This post is an update of the last year since it reopened.

MGM Springfield Opens to Delight and Concern

Reopening Expectations

Massachusetts followed other New England casino protocols, such as mandatory mask coverings and lots of plexiglass petitions.

MGM Springfield’s hotel and spa remained closed at first. Beverage Service on the casino floor was a more significant concern among gamblers. To promote keeping masks on, guests couldn’t move around the casino floor with a drink. Only those actively playing were served a beverage.

Food and Gambling Options

MGM Springfield Opens to Delight and Concern
Tap at MGM Springfield will be open.

More food options need to open. Chandler Steakhouse, Walburghers, and some spots in the South Market are open, but check times. Tap Sports Pub is open, but only at 4:00 pm on weekdays. Top Golf and Costa remain closed.

On the casino floor, poker, roulette, craps were unavailable, and novelty table games, such as four-card poker.

Lower Guest Capacity, Smaller Staff

Massachusetts Gaming Commission reported MGM Springfield had 2,004 active employees as of Dec. 31 (1,479 full-time employees and 525 part-time workers). However, when they reopened, a smaller staff operated at a third of its staffing, roughly 600 employees.

When MGM opened in Springfield, it was smaller than expected. And now, occupancy at the casino is limited to a quarter of its regular capacity. If it wasn’t small enough before, MGM Springfield’s total occupancy will go from 7,400 to as low as 1,870.

In 2021, MGM Resorts sold MGM Springfield to its real estate trust, leasing the property and running it as before. However, this change is not expected to impact the casino resort’s day-to-day operations.

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A Different Approach to Opening

MGM Springfield Opens to Delight and Concern
Beautiful and spacious 2nd floor has meeting areas.

We all agree that the capacity will be too small to profit. MGM Springfield needs more space and gaming. Access to the MassMutualCenter for conferences and small conventions could present free space to build a casino extension upstairs. (Please note, this first appeared at TravelZork with my report  Should MGM Springfield Even Bother (re)Opening? published on Jun. 20, 2020)

I proposed that the second floor offer some gaming, as with Encore Boston Harbor. MGM’s second floor consists of 34,000 square feet. By keeping the largest multi-room, the 10,600-square-foot Aria Ballroom, the other areas could give at least another 15,000 sq. ft. for high limit or table games. In addition, the 2nd-floor casino would take over the “Terrace” area, which overlooks Armory Square, the city’s iconic 19th-century U.S. National Guard Armory.

Instead, MGM turned Commonwealth Lounge, the Poker Room, and the High Limit table games area into rooms filled with slot machines.


These days, a good percentage of the casino floor was reset into carousels, opening up many more machines for play. All games have returned except Poker and Pai Gai poker. Visitation and revenue are up, and MGM Springfield is looking forward to the summer of 2021.



  1. You said it, Bin Bin! MGM needs to follow-up on their promises, or someone else should be running the show. As an epidemiologist, I couldn’t be more worried to see drinking taking place indoors, because it is a great way to transmit virus. Outdoors is so much better. I wish they would find ways of doing things outdoors and just dealing with weather and other issues. Thanks for the update and great article!

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