MGM Springfield Finding Its Identity

Little by little, MGM Springfield is becoming aware it’s not in Las Vegas. It’s a niche all its own. Not good for a staycation, but classy enough for a stayover. Too small to compete with Encore, Mohegan Sun, & Foxwoods but still brings gambling and amenities to be included in the conversation. In my humble opinion, MGM Springfield Is Finding Its Identity. After a brief visit last week, I noticed some promising improvement.

MGM Springfield Finding Its Identity
MGM Springfield

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Dining – Finding Its Identity

They have always had that MGM staple of a great steakhouse with the Chandler. When it opened, MGM brought in celebrity chefs like Michael Mina and his version of Italian cuisine with Cal Mare.

It has changed since Covid. Now, it’s more reasonably priced with the same tasteful ambiance. Costa offers a touch of MGM style with some take-out opportunities to give Springfield’s favorite Red Rose Pizzaria more competition. It’s open at limited times – mostly on weekends, but with an uptick this summer, that could change.

From “Bah-stin”

Speaking of eateries, we decided to try Wahlburgers. It’s not inside the property, but a tiny walk through the Armory area on a nice day or straight out the back entrance down on a cold or rainy day, and you’re there! Either way, it takes you away from the noises of the casino for a more relaxing meal. It’s open MON – SUN from 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM, and you can use MGM points.

MGM Springfield Finding Its Identity
MGM Springfield is directly behind. The Regal Theater is straight down to the left, and Red Rose Pizza and MGM Hotel lobby entrance are next doors on the right (past the pictured building).

Inside, Wahlburgers is bright and new and screams Massachusetts. The “bah” is big enough to watch the “Sawx’, Bruins, Celts, and Pats. The menu is not big, but “tawk” about a quality “burgah,” and you’re in the “bawlpahk.”

I know that’s an eastern Massachusetts accent, which is not necessarily spoken that much in Springfield. The point is, I know why Foxwoods is jumping on the Wahlburger’s wagon and dumping that dark and dingy Fudruckers. We loved our visit.


“Carnivores & vegetarians are welcome.” Bert & I decided on burgers. My Fiesta had heat with two deliciously tender burger patties. Bert’s Chorizo Jam burger was awesome with chorizo jam underneath patties, sauce, avocado, and more. I had to finish it with their Root Beer Float – ABC Root beer and vanilla ice cream, just like A&W used to make! (Am I dating myself?)

MGM Springfield Finding Its Identity With New Options

We could not try MGM Springfield’s newest coffee spot – The Roasted Been. It’s a tad expensive, like a Starbucks. Besides a good hot cup of coffee and a warm breakfast sandwich (and more breakfast items were a definite need), lunch is also available, as well as fresh pastries. Here’s the MENU.

Also, the newest addition to the South Market is Macho Taco with Mexican “street-style food obsessions.”

Gaming Shows Subtle Improvements

Let’s go through this quickly. Video poker payables show improvement, and as you walk into the poker room, there is a quiet area with more video poker options. Very good use of space. MGM Springfield is changing over the Bartop machines to the latest IGT All-Star III, a great improvement over the Bartop games left when MGM opened. Just check the payables. For example, you can play Super Triple Play at 5 cents, but the paytable is 6/5. Stay with $.25 and above – at least it’s 8/5.

More slots have disappeared, creating more space and a comfortable feeling in many areas of the casino floor. New slot themes are appearing quickly, and slot players should be happy with the inventory.

One last suggestion. In 2023, Tuesdays have been point multiplier days. While I still think status multipliers are better from the player’s standpoint, this is a decent offer for the recreational gambler. Since you can turn your points into Free Slot Play at 2:1 (100 points = $50 Free Slot Play), This promotion multiplier can make it seem like an even exchange.

The Hotel – The “Stay Well” Room Experience

Miguel stayed over a few days before Bert, and I drove up. So, the NETG staff all visited within a few days. Here is Miguel’s report:

“When I was looking for a night away at MGM Springfield, I noticed that my comp offer included the Stay Well Springfield King – so I knew that was the room I needed to check out.  I’ve been a fan of the rooms at MGM Springfield since day 1, and a highlight is always the shower!  I’ve seen the “Stay Well” labels in the elevators, so now it was my turn to find out.

When I walked in, I could instantly notice the fresh and clean-smelling air from the air purification system in the room.  The decor and layout of the room were identical to what I’m accustomed to in the other rooms. However, I got to enjoy the upgraded bed experience of the “Stay Well room.” 

  • Softer sheets – check. 
  • Upgraded mattress – check. 
  • Full soft pillows – check. 

This was a far superior bedding/pillow experience than many hotels I’ve experienced.  We’ve all had that hotel pillow that seems to have about an inch of filling that you have to get just right to feel supported – not so in the Stay Well rooms.  These pillows were soft, full, and easy to rest on.

MGM Springfield Finding Its Identity
Standard Double Bed Room at MGM Springfield

Anything Else?

Other items to accompany the sleep experience are a white noise machine and a dawn simulation alarm clock.  I used the white noise machine to help me drift off and not notice the sounds of being in a hotel.  Since I was tired when I got up to the room, I didn’t take the time to figure out the dawn simulation clock.  But I’m sure it’s a nice touch.

The last of the experiences which I was curious about was the enhanced shower with the vitamin C infuser, which also reduces chlorine.  I can’t say I noticed anything with this portion of the Stay Well room, but the shower was still amazing!

All in – I’d gladly reserve a Stay Well room again if the offer was available.  Would I pay an upgrade or premium for the room over a standard MGM Springfield room – probably not.  

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Final Thoughts – MGM Springfield Finding Its Identity

Minors On The Gaming Floor

The Investigations and Enforcement Bureau of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission issued a $45,000 fine to MGM Springfield following instances of underage access to the gaming floor. These incidents occurred from June through December 2022, with MGM Springfield reporting many incidents and cooperating with the commission.

MGM Springfield Finding Its Identity
The additional railing around the casino floor.

They have taken additional measures with Security Stands and more railings to minimize casino floor access. Kudos!

More For the Community

This Hotel/Casino is back to offering diverse amenities and entertainment for the local community.

MGM Springfield Finding Its Identity
Bowling in TAP


I still say MGM Springfield is not a “Resort.” It is neither like the CT tribal casinos nor like Encore Boston Harbor. But it seems to be carving its own niche in New England, unlike that of the other eight New England Casinos.

Promotions still need improvement. It would be nice if the pool were enclosed during the winter months. Other things could be upgraded, but I’m happy to see upgrades so far.