Mass Casinos – NE Time Gambling vs Emily Rooney

I recently found a posting from an interesting site call Bostonian.Me – which describes itself as about “life in Boston, a tight-knit small town with great passion for sports and anything Irish.”  It’s what blogs should be – personal, informative, pleasant to the eyes.

In Larysa’s post,  she reports how Greater Boston hosted Emily Rooney and was joined by Jim Braude and Margery Eagan on Boston Public RadioRooney supplied her “Emily’s List,” I guess her weekly list of gripes, observations, predictions and ultimatums.

So, I thought I should put my two cents in, from the perspective of NETimeGambling.  Her predictions for the future in Massachusetts concerning casinos, complete with the real truth from “moi” is as follows


mstc river everet

Wynn’s Mystic River Area

ROONEY 1. It will take five years to start building an Everett casino — five years until [we see] the first shovel of dirt in Everett.

BIN  – AGREE.  It’s too bad Massachusetts Gaming Commission could only see Wynn’s money as the key to their decision.  Too bad they won’t see it’s effects for a long time.

ROONEY 2. The Springfield casino will go up sooner, but will go bankrupt first.

BIN- Yes & No.  Springfield will be up and running second after Plainridge gets opened.  MGM will be sure to be ahead of the timelines – that’s how they work.  But if their MLife rewards program is any indication of how smoothly it will work, it could be years to see MGM in full swing and connected to other MGM properties, like Las Vegas. 

ROONEY 3. The slots parlor in Plainville will do no better than the racetrack at Suffolk Downs.

Bin – AGREE.  This is obvious!  Suffolk Downs has two options – end operations this year, or be helped by the state on life support.  Either way, it will be a small blip, or none, on the gambling landscape in New England.

ROONEY 4. [Massachusetts] will permanently employ one-third of the promised 15,000 permanent new positions.

Bin – AGREE. Saturation in the East will limit those predictions of employment given to the Mass Gaming commission.  New York’s casinos will give MGM a run for it’s money & Twin River with table games will still be more relevant than Plainridge.

ROONEY 5. The surrounding communities are going to insist that the money they get for being a contiguous community is not enough to cover looming issues like alcohol problems, gambling crime, all of that stuff. 

Bin – AGREE.  Let’s face it, there’s alot of greed out there.  And while towns the same towns that didn’t want casinos in their backyard, will still except the tax relief and always feel they are entitled to more.

ROONEY 6. Dire predictions of increased crime, drug use, alcoholism, and gambling dependency will not come true.

Bin – YES & NO.  Reports indicate that Gambling Crime that is still thought of in the 60’s is not the same, but on a down turn due to better surveillance and security.  Increase in addictions is a state issue they need to be prepared for.  The crime that has seen an increase that businesses will need to be on the lookout for is embezzlement.

ROONEY 7. Gov. Patrick’s projection that it will boost revenue coffers by $200 to $500 million a year will fall seriously short.

Bin – AGREE.  Why?  Saturation of Gambling – pure & simple.

mass lotteryROONEY 8. Casinos will have no impact on the Massachusetts Lottery. None.

Bin – AGREE.  Not necessarily the same clientele

ROONEY 9. Mohegan Sun will come up with an aggressive road-trip plan to keep Massachusetts residents going there.

Bin – Disagree – to a point.  Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods will still continue try whatever they can do in slot offers, events, entertainment and diversification of other businesses and projects to improve their brand and reach out past Connecticut.  But, in America, we are now to the point that either casinos are Resort Destinations or they cater to locals.  In new England, the majority of the gambling population will have a casino within 90 minutes – for many much closer – making New England moving more towards the local market than ever before.

ROONEY 10. Traffic will not be a problem because no one will go.

Bin – False.  Traffic will always be a problem.  It’s a problem in the Boston area now – WITHOUT THE CASINOS!  And people will go, regardless it’s to see all the hub-bub, or brave a 1/2 hour of traffic instead of driving south to CT, southeast to Rhody, or north to Maine.


Hey, that was fun.  And remember to check out Boston.Me

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