Marquee Rewards at Plainridge Park and Hollywood Bangor

You might have been wondering where we have been with only two posts in the last 7 days.  Well, you’ll find out tomorrow.  But today we start a series about the Player’s Rewards Clubs in New England’s Casinos.  Today we look at Penn National which owns two of the seven.

Marquee Rewards connects to Penn National casinos across the country

Casino Players Clubs were born as “Slot Clubs” in Atlantic City in the early 1980’s when the casinos there were trying to find a way to keep players from hopping from one casino to the next. By offering a reward for their loyalty they were able to keep the player coming back.

As we approach casino saturation in the Northeast, NETimegambling is on a quest to find your players club. First we look at The Penn National’s Marquee Rewards.


Level three of Five in the Marquee Rewards Program of Penn National
The club is free, (as most are) Marquee Comps dollars can be used for dining, shopping, and hotel stays at participating Marquee Rewards locations.
No CashBack but Does Include Free Slot Play Offers
You can receive special offers and invitations to promotions, sweepstakes, events, free SlotPlay or VLTPlay based on your level of play.
Tier points are accumulated and tier status awarded on a fixed six-month basis, January 1 through June 30 and July 1 through December 31.
There are five levels – Marquee, Celebrity, Producer, Exec. Producer and Icon.The higher the level, the more benefits are offered. To see those benefits, click here.


Marquee Rewards can be earned at 20 casinos in 12 states. A new connection for the future is Penn’s acquisition of M Resort and the Tropicana in Las Vegas. Hopefully, all properties will soon be completely connected, offering New Englanders a connection to comps in Nevada.

Recently, an announcement was made that Penn National will be purchasing Pinnacle Gaming. Pinnacle operates sixteen casino properties, located in Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, and a horse track in Texas. If the purchase were to take place, that would provide more connections through Marquee Rewards.

They are connected to Carnival cruise lines, where free cruises for highest levels and even 30% off for second level Celebrity players are offered.

Preferred Parking, personal host, and VIP lounge access is offered to Exec Producer & Icon Levels.


Marquee Comps are earned at variable rates depending on game type, game denomination and level of play, so it’s very difficult to get information on coin in for either Plainridge Park or Hollywood, Bangor. Penn Casinos tend to be “won’t tell, so don’t ask.”
Casinos tend to be small racinos, where sports betting wagers don’t count towards any Marquee Rewards.
Table games are usually not included in the players club, while some are. Ask at guest services to see if your table play is included in Marquee Rewards.

Most are smaller casinos and racinos. Most Video Poker paytables are far from full paper. Some, like Plainridge Park, don’t have table games. And most have few dining amenities, hotel options, and entertainment options, except for Nevada.  Most tend to be destination casinos.

The Final Word

Marquee Rewards is rumored to offer a lower than normal % in in points returned for use. A good Rewards club will return above 30% from your play – Penn’s Marquee is rumored to offer a little above 20%.

But no matter what the percentage offered, it is always better to play with your players card in! – It’s like a rebate after buying an appliance. The appliance isn’t free, but a little off the top always helps.

This week we will look at other Rewards Clubs in New England, including a look at the future – MLife at MGM Springfield and Wynn’s Red Card at the future gem of New England, Wynn Boston Harbor.

Stay tuned!



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