Maine Casinos, Your Future is Now


Mist – a small club at Mohegan Sun, Slightly larger than Sound Stage at Hollywood Casino in Bangor, Maine

It is definitely a trend in Las Vegas, which means when casino gambling gets full-blown in New England by 2018, casinos may need to rely on it more and gambling less.

What is the “IT” trending? – Entertainment, bars, dance clubs, drinking and food.

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LAVO Nightclub, Las Vegas

The latest surveys show more people visit Las Vegas of late due to the overall experience, not as much gambling.  Besides, if you look around, almost anyone in the US can drive two hours or much less to gamble.  Now, gamblers are looking for a more varied, entertaining experience with expanded amenities to spend their money on besides gambling – a fun time. (Why else would you find people playing 6:5 blackjack at the “Party Pit” instead of the 3:2 standard blackjack that pays higher?)

It has taken awhile, but ground was finally broken a few weeks ago for a new four-and-a-half story hotel and restaurant across the street where the remnants of an old barn on farmland is now being cleared away to make room for a Hampton Inn. th (58)The Hampton Inn will take about a year to build. It will cost $12 million and employ more than 50 people If they fill the hotel like I think they will, the next step will be to make the casino larger and add food/entertainment ventures.


1 Hour 45 minute drive from Portland ME to Boston MA

A group of veterans came together to call on lawmakers to support a new casino in southern Maine that would help veterans’ services. Under the proposed bill, a 16 percent tax would be levied on certain games and the revenue would go to veterans services. A portion of the proceeds would also go to support harness racing.  While the harness racing industry needs help, Maine doesn’t need another casino in the south to compete with the Boston Mass license. While I respect the veterans and feel badly for the disarray that some veteran support groups have fallen into, it will take away from Oxford and it won’t be able to compete with the stronger, larger Boston Casino coming in 2018. Basically, it will not succeed! My suggestion, Oxford should become bigger and better. more people staying over, more revenue. The hotel is key.

Hollywood Casino Hotel in Bangor, Maine

Hollywood Casino Hotel in Bangor, Maine

Maybe, Penn Gaming will finally sink some money into Hollywood Casino, Hotel & Raceway.  Bangor, Maine is great little town, with a casino already showing wear. Build around a great hotel at the site and expand the casino & entertainment venue. The addition of the celebrity Grill is a great example.  But they need more to get people in. I think Bangor is just waiting for a nightclub that will entertain the residents during those long, cold winter nights. And with so many great beer brewers in Maine, introduce a Maine brewer, like Sea Dog Brewing right down the street, or Allagash or  Sebago.  Twin River in Rhode Island did it with Shipyard Brewing (Maine Brewer), and Mohegan Sun introduced CT’s own Thomas Hooker brewery in it’s Racebook.

It’s all about the impending competition.  Maine needs to attract and keep it’s own patrons with its unique brands.

Oh, Oxford – you may have to add and update those four stop lights you have in town.

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