Losing Streaks at the Casino, Part 2 From the Lighter Side

quote-in-the-casino-the-cardinal-rule-is-to-keep-them-playing-and-to-keep-them-coming-back-robert-de-niro-78-43-55More about losing streaks, with a little humor to lighten that losing feeling.  It is just part of the game.  And if you think it’s completely your lack of luck (which I don’t believe in) just consider that house edge math is doing it’s job – only it’s you that it affects this time.

imagesBut it affects mostly everybody most of the time – no matter what your friends or spouse tell you.

Fact is, we could all say the following statement truthfully, “I ALWAYS WIN AT THE CASINO – at least once before, the house edge gets me.” Have you ever heard someone just say “I ALWAYS WIN AT THE CASINO” and stop right there! …..you can just fill in the rest in your head.  We all know the truth in gambling.  So here’s a few more thoughts on losing:  

images (2)Bill Burton of All About Casino Gambling says, “Sometimes a player will get to the point where they just don’t care how much money they have lost. A player may be down a few hundred dollars and then figure “What the heck does another hundred matter?” It will matter a lot the next day to most players but at the time they will just throw good money after bad.”images (3)

An article in Blackjack Forum Online by Orange County KO – Extended losing streaks can be disappointing, debilitating, and downright depressing, no matter how sure you are that you were playing with an advantage. With experience, the inevitable swings become more tolerable and expected.  

images (1)By Pennie Yocum, from Bookmark Me!

printSurviving a losing streak is one of the most difficult situations any gambler can experience and hopefully overcome. The biggest problem with any losing streak is the gambler does not know when it will end, but knows that it will end. Losing streaks take a toll on the gambler’s stake and also on their confidence. It is this double dose of negativity that makes a losing streak so hard to deal with.  Gambling cycles are like all components in life. Losing sessions can follow winning gaming sessions. No trend will stay in play forever, however the losing streaks are a part of gambling and must be addressed by each player. It will happen to each player. Knowing what to do and doing it is the answer to this negative side of gambling.

Well said, Pennie, well said.

That’s all for now.


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