Know The Online Casino Software Before Playing

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Many of us have taken online casinos for granted these days. This also includes tons of people who have shifted from playing at land-based casinos. All online casinos use software with a special interface to make the gaming process more interactive and to entice new gamers.  It’s important to Know The Online Casino Software behind The Popular Online Casinos Games You Play.

It is easy to detect a NetEnt casino (NetEntertainment Casino). It includes the casino’s name along with logo for any game that loads on your screen. There are many other casino software like Microgaming, Vegas, Betsoft, Playtech, RTG, WagerLogic,  etc.

Know The Online Casino Software Before Playing – Top Casino Gaming Software

The following are some of the many good casino software available:

NetEnt Casino

NETENT casino online

NetEnt is a software for online casinos. It is one of the most popular one and used by several casinos. In fact, it was one of the first software for the purpose of online casinos. NetEnt casinos games provide an assured payout percentage varying from 94% to 98.5%. In addition, they are approved by the UK gambling commission as well as Malta Gaming Authority.


Betsoft online casino

Betsoft is also very popular software for online slot games. Many online casinos around the world use it. Betsoft offers many other features like a 3D feel and a cinematic gaming experience. Several special features is the reason why it has grown in popularity. It has a very good movie like interface that ensures good visual experience while playing games. All their games are compatible on several platforms and offer intuitive navigation.

Real Time Gaming (RTG):

Real Time Gaming Online

RTG stress on high-speed gameplay and at the same time offers a user-friendly interface. It’s easy to navigate around the menu and select the appropriate game. RTG is a highly sophisticated software with real time effects. Casino gamers can choose from one of the many formats of playing, this includes either downloading a client or alternatively using an online client.


Playtech online casino

This is one of the most unique casino software. Playtech has several advanced features including high-quality graphics, improved playability and ensures a more Vegas-style experience. This is one of the few, if not the only, software that also supports live dealers within an online casino over the web, with the assistance of webcams.



Microgaming was also one of the first to offer online casino games. This software will usually include several other features like bonuses and other benefits. The additional features offered include game statistics a good game interface for game strategy.

Features available in Online Casino Games

Online casinos offer a great many features including the ability to include a live poker game with the help of a web camera. They also utilize several other special graphic features like 3D animations and high-quality graphics to increase the entertainment value and improve gameplay experience.  There is an option of using multiple platforms like a computer, laptop as well as on mobile devices. A NetEnt casino usually supports mobile gaming that implements their software NetEnt Touch games.

Benefits of Online Casino

There are many advantages of opting to gamble at an online casino which uses many different types of software. List here are a few of the major benefits:

  • All online games have a very high level of graphic detail.
  • The interface of online games is very intuitive and navigation is easy to grasp.
  • Playing games in online casino ensures you are protected from fraud and are able to maintain your privacy as well.

Thus, there are many online casinos that offer very good gaming experience. They can be similar to that of a real casino along with several other features as mentioned in this article. Playing online also means you have the freedom of playing games from anywhere, at any time of the day.

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NETG Disclaimer – Please note: As there is no federal law against playing online, simply placing wagers online is legal. However, a wager must NOT be placed on a site located in the United States. Therefore, gambling on websites located in areas like Australia, the Caribbean, and Latin America is legal.




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