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Are you one of those that plan for the date set ahead of time, planning your Derby party,  making it as special as the Super Bowl? Or are you like me…. not aware until it’s the weekend of the event?

I must admit, horse racing is not my favorite form of gambling. But the Kentucky Derby is so much more. It’s one of the most famed horse races in the world, aptly named “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.” It’s step one of the famed Triple Crown in horse racing. For the state of Kentucky, The Derby draws an average of 150,000 visitors each year, including residents, out-of-towners, celebrities, presidents, and even members of royal families.

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 So, here are a few facts for you beginners out there like me:

1) The first Kentucky Derby race occurred in 1875

2) The Mint Julep is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. It is an iced drink consisting of bourbon, mint, and a sweet syrup and is traditionally served in a commemorative Kentucky Derby glass.

3) The Kentucky Derby is host to some of the longest standing racetrack traditions in the U.S. Each year, you will find fans sipping Mint Juleps (drink made from whiskey, mint and sugar) and eating burgoo (a meat stew) at the racetrack. Women appear in lavish outfits with big, elegant hats. The University of Louisville marching band plays Stephen Foster’s “My Old Kentucky Home” as the horses are paraded before the grandstands.

4) This is actually a 2-week festival – The annual two-week series of events held in Louisville beginning with Thunder Over Louisville and leading up to the Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby Betting Rules
Depending on where and how you place your bets on the Kentucky Derby, the rules may vary a bit. Having said that, most times all bets must be made at least a few minutes before the race begins. This is why it’s important to start doing your research about the 2018 Kentucky Derby now while you still have time. Knowing the specific rules for betting on the Kentucky Derby is important, so choosing how you are going to place your bets is also something you should do as soon as possible.

Types of Kentucky Derby Bets Available

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Win – This is a bet for a single horse to win.

Place – This is a bet for a single horse to finish first or second.

Show – A bet the horse will place in the top three.

Across the Board (Win, Place & Show) – This is similar to a show bet, but if your horse wins second or first, the payout is much larger.

Exacta – This is a bet for the first and second places – in the exact order.

Exacta Box – This is like the exacta bet, except that the winners can be in any order.

Trifecta – This bet is for the top three finishers in a specific order.

Trifecta Box – Similar to the trifecta except the winners can be in any order.

Superfecta – This is the toughest bet but one with the biggest payout. It chooses the top four finishers in exact order.

Superfecta Box – This is the same as a superfecta except the order of the top four horses picked does not matter.

As you can see, there are quite a few options when it comes to horse races like the Kentucky Derby. Knowing the options and payouts is important for coming up with a good betting strategy to follow.

That’s all for now. Look for more coverage of this year’s Derby this week, including Kentucky Derby Celebrations at your New England Casinos.



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