Is Foxwoods Rainmaker Casino Gimmick Appreciation or Desperation

The Rainmaker Casino at Foxwoods is going Back to the Future! Since I have been in the 55+ age group for a while, this announcement at Foxwoods made me chuckle. Casinos offer dining specials and “senior” days for 55+ at casinos, but an entire casino dedicated to 55+? Is Foxwoods Rainmaker Casino Gimmick, Appreciation, or Desperation

Is Foxwoods Rainmaker Casino Gimmick Appreciation or Desperation
The Rainmaker at Foxwoods Resort Casino – part of the original casino before many expansions.

What Is The 55+ Rainmaker Casino All About

Foxwoods will be the first and only casino in the country to set aside gaming space for patrons 55 and older. Here’s the resort’s description:

  • The safe, sanitized, and socially distanced Rainmaker Casino at Foxwoods is exclusively for guests 55 plus from 10 AM to midnight every weekend in November.
  • Listen to the best of the 80s while playing your favorite slot machine. A DJ will play the hits from 8 p.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Play using your Foxwoods Rewards Card to enjoy special Fox Perxs and giveaways right at the machine.
  • Enjoy complimentary beverages while you play and Happy Hour cocktails made with Boones Farm and kamikazes.
  • It’s time to let the Grown-ups Play
Is Foxwoods Rainmaker Casino Gimmick Appreciation or Desperation
The table games in the Rainmaker Casino are still not in operation.

Is It A Gimmick?

Of course, it is. Who wouldn’t like a casino dedicated to your own age group? As SNL’s Church Lady would say, “Isn’t That Special.” And Boones Farm? This excuse for wine was sold in convenience and grocery stores from 1961 on. Who says I want to relive those memories?

Yes, it’s a gimmick, “not that there’s anything wrong with that!” However, if it offers Perx, giveaways, and comped drinks, then let me in. And listening to Banarama, the Police and should I say Flock of Seagulls…without the hair-do…is just fine with me. Anything was better after that 70’s “Disco here, Disco there” era.

Suppose a gimmick like this brings in more people to this cavernous property, great. Especially during the day, you know, for those of us who are “early to bed, early to rise.” I hope they card guests. Watching bogus 40 year-olds turned away would be cool beans and totally awesome.

Does It Show Appreciation?

Appreciation of the over 55 crowds is sincere and radically tubular. Foxwoods is one of the oldest east coast casinos, opening as a casino in 1992. “The Wonder of It All” started the New England expansion, along with many seniors who have been there for it all. Foxwoods and the Mashantucket Pequots are grateful to those patrons who have made this journey with them as local customers.

Is Foxwoods Rainmaker Casino Gimmick Appreciation or Desperation
Foxwoods Bingo Hall 1986

“The safety of our loyal patrons has been our number one priority since reopening on June 1, and we are excited to offer them this exclusive experience where they can relax and play in a safe, frequently sanitized environment.”

Jason Guyot, Foxwoods’ interim chief executive officer & senior vice president of resort operations

Unfortunately, this promotion ends at the end of November. This hints at a “throw anything at the wall and see what sticks” philosophy. Anything that shows signs to increase revenue would likely continue.

Does It Show Desperation?

It does. Let’s make no mistake in realizing this is a business. It’s part of an industry with many furloughed and unemployed workers. Covid-19 restrictions have hit the casino industry as hard as any other in entertainment. And New England casinos, just like casinos nation-wide, are still trying to get enough people through the door to call those workers back and open more.

Is Foxwoods Rainmaker Casino Gimmick Appreciation or Desperation
The Massive Foxwoods Resort Casino

The resort continues to see positive feedback and adherence from guests and team members on its extensive safety measures. These protocols include temperature checks, mandatory face masks, plexiglass installations, and 24/7 sanitizing of the property. Foxwoods, like it’s neighbor Mohegan Sun, has maintained limiting the number of guests to 25% of the resort’s total capacity to allow for proper social distancing while on property.


Unfortunately, this grand effort has not translated into improved income. Revenue continues to decline while other areas in the country are seeing some recovery from pandemic effects.

SummaryIs Foxwoods Rainmaker Casino Gimmick, Appreciation, or Desperation

I say all three. Foxwoods has been an important revenue partner and one of the top employers for Connecticut. If it works, it will be one of those ideas that help the state finances and increase the Nutmeg State workforce.

If it helps, I’ll even spike my hair – or at least what’s left of it!



  1. Actually, with 55+, it surely gives a large expanse of time to cover. I’ve played in cover bands for over 40 years and my high school years had both Allman Bros. and Disco. So I think you’re right about the creator probably never seeing the 70s (or 80s), I think they are going for the broad range.

    Also, Boones Farm was a staple in the late sixties when 18 was the drinking age. When CT changed to 21, we crossed over to RI, still with 18 age limit. That would be 1974.

    Bogan thanks for your comment. My apologies for the late response. Your experience and perspective is always welcome here.


  2. What Millennial marketing person came up with 80s music and Boone’s Farm? That is Gen X. The Boomers should be getting 60s and 70s music and drinking Mai Thais and Harvey Wallbangers.

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